Dragonskull Summit


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) None
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare

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Dragonskull Summit


Dragonskull Summit enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Swamp or a Mountain.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Dragonskull Summit Discussion

tspalding on Alesha, Who Smiles at Your Death

4 days ago

A few thoughts that you may want to consider. Some will have to be weighed against budget but I think they all bring the deck a little more of an edge. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death has to be a fast deck to be effective as she will quickly get burned out if things move too slowly for you.

Faster dual lands that don't come into play tapped give you an edge early game that is not to be underestimated. They are a little pricey but if you can grab them they will certainly up the pace. The pain lands Sulfurous Springs, Karplusan Forest, Caves of Koilos The filter lands Graven Cairns, Rugged Prairie, Fetid Heath The check lands Dragonskull Summit, Isolated Chapel, Clifftop Retreat Also Talisman of Indulgence is an pretty damn good budget mana rock in your colours.

Just a couple more card draw options Read the Bones and Painful Truths are both better than Cathartic Reunion in my opinion. Usually I wouldn't advocate for higher cost cards but Mardu suffers from card advantage and I think its worth it not to lose those two cards....or have to, at the very least, worry about recurring them.

Break Through the Line is an interesting enhancer you may want to consider

As you have the recursion power Victimize, Entomb and Buried Alive are both potentially useful as well as Diabolic Intent to throw an extra tutor in there

I am not sure you need so many board wipes. Even so I think Day of Judgment might be one to consider replacing a more mana intensive card

Village Bell-Ringer would be a good addition to keep your defenses up as you'll probably want to be attacking all the time. You also could consider Selfless Spirit to bolster you creatures in combat. Hope of Ghirapur can shut down an opposing player pretty hard if you can recur it

Spinifex on Revel In The Flames! (Mardu Pyromancer)

5 days ago

2018/12/09: The mana base has gone budget, since I decided to sell off my 4 Blackcleave Cliffs while the price was very high. I replaced them with 3x Dragonskull Summit and a second Blood Crypt.

multimedia on zurgo needs your help

2 weeks ago

Hey, this is a good start for a budget Commander deck.

My advice before you add any other cards is to improve the manabase with budget dual lands. A 12x/12x/12x Basic land manabase is not good, it's too inconsistent which Basic lands you'll draw. As a result you'll get hands where you can't play any cards because you drew the wrong lands.

I don't recommend three/four/five color decks on a budget because manabases in Commander are typically the most expensive part of a deck and it's really crucial to have a playable manabase, but to get a playable manabase you have to be willing to spend, not a lot, but some. My advice even though you're playing three colors is to primarily play only two colors. Have 90% of the cards in the deck be these two colors and the third color can be use very sparingly, mostly just to cast Zurgo from the Command Zone.

Consider these lands:

Other budget cards that can help the manabase situation are mana rocks (Signets, Talismans and Rainbow rocks). These rocks can also add ramp; they do two things that's wanted here, help with mana color fixing and provide ramp.

Consider adding these rocks:

Good luck with your deck.


2 weeks ago

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help.

If control is giving you problems then a good reason to want to splash black is Thief of Sanity, The Eldest Reborn and Thought Erasure. Thief is one of the best anti-control cards for a mirror control match because he demands an answer by your opponent. He can give you card advantage using your opponents cards. When a card is exiled by Thief it stays exiled until you cast it. Even if he dies the cards you exiled with him are still able to be cast. If left alive Thief can essentially give you a second hand of cards to play from.

In control matchups Thief is best as a turn three play this means you'll want minimum 10 sources of black in the manabase to play him. This can be achieved with 4x Watery Grave, 3-4x Drowned Catacomb and 2-3x Dragonskull Summit. Another reason to splash black is Reborn. Thief/Erasure/counterspells can fuel it by putting a creature or Planeswalker into your opponent's graveyard. Last reason to splash black is Erasure or Duress. Either is a great tool for control because either can possibly make your opponent discard Teferi. Erasure is obviously more versatile since it can make your opponent discard a creature card. More Negate is also good against Control. If control is giving you a lot of problems consider 3-4x Negate?

The only reason to play Ego is because it can exile all Teferis or Carnage Tyrants. Exiling all Tyrants is good because if it's in a graveyard your Golgari opponent will just recur it with Find / Finality. Like Reborn it's an out to Tyrant. Overall however Ego is not a good card.

For your current deck consider main deck Syncopate and Lava Coil? I think both of these cards are better than Scatter and Strike right now in Standard. Both exile which is very much wanted because of Golgari and Izzet Drakes, two of the best decks in Standard.

Consider these changes:

  1. Add 3x Coil main deck cutting 3x Strike.
  2. Add 2x Syncopate main deck cutting 2x Scatter or 2x Field.

If splashing black consider these sideboard additions:

  • 3x Thief
  • 2x Erasure
  • 1x Reborn

New sideboard example:

  • 3x Thief
  • 3x Negate
  • 2x Erasure
  • 1x Reborn
  • 1x Ego
  • 1x Phoenix
  • 3x Cannonade
  • 1x Fight

hydrothermia on Rainbow Lich but cheap and modern since I am poor

3 weeks ago

Welcome to Tapped Out, @yarrsome!

Something with the same ability as Birds of Paradise will likely have a higher CMC(converted mana cost). Utopia Tree, Sylvan Caryatid and Drover of the Mighty would be a cheaper alternative and costs more. Chromatic Lantern or Joiner Adept can replace Gilded Lotus, allowing all your lands to produced wherever mana you need. I'd avoid all of the three color lands, unless you want to drop money on an Amulet of Vigor, other wise I'd go for check lands like Clifftop Retreat, Hinterland Harbor, Woodland Cemetery, Drowned Catacomb, Sunpetal Grove, Dragonskull Summit, Rootbound Crag, Glacial Fortress, Isolated Chapel and Sulfur Falls.

multimedia on Red Black Burn deck help

3 weeks ago

Hey, adding black to Mono-Red Aggro is not worth it right now because of the available playable lands.

Currently there's only Dragonskull Summit for Rakdos and it alone is not enough black sources to include any black cards. Goblin Chainwhirler is too important for Mono-Red Aggro to risk playing a bunch of Swamps which can conflict with casting Chainwhirler. Runaway Steam-Kin only gets a counter when casting red cards so you really want to play Rakdos black cards not just black cards. Making Steam-Kin worse to play black cards doesn't seem worth it.

Jan. 25th 2019 you can play Blood Crypt and Rakdos is a guild in the next Magic Standard set. It will have support with potential new burn cards. Ponder adding black to Mono-Red Aggro in Jan. My advice for now is stick with just mono-red and if you want more burn add Risk Factor, Experimental Frenzy, Arclight Phoenix, Tormenting Voice, Dismissive Pyromancer

kael243 on R/B Pirates

3 weeks ago

Thanks, Hexaflexagon! I actually forgot that Dragonskull Summit is Standard legal. lol

That being said, this is a great budget dual land option for my current deck given that dual lands are usually expensive.

Hexaflexagon on R/B Pirates

3 weeks ago

Dragonskull Summit is a good, budget option to replace your Evolving Wilds, as with this deck, you'll actually want to use your turn one mana. Also, if you get a Wilds on turns two or three with no other land in hand, then your deck wil be to slow. Just my two cents

Good Luck!

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