Dragonskull Summit


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) None
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare

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Dragonskull Summit


Dragonskull Summit enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Swamp or a Mountain.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Dragonskull Summit Discussion

StopShot on Oros the Revenger

3 days ago

@girlyvader If you're having troubles with consistency in your mana-base there are ways too improve it, however it's not always cheap to do so. Having all 3 OG dual lands and shock lands help out a lot, but to complete the package you'll definitely want to include the other 5 fetch-lands: Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Scalding Tarn, Windswept Heath and Wooded Foothills, as these can all search for your dual lands and provide greater consistency.

That said they are still rather expensive, but there are some cheaper inclusions that I would argue fit in just as well. Those cards being the match-lands: Isolated Chapel, Dragonskull Summit, and Clifftop Retreat as well as the filter lands: Graven Cairns, Fetid Heath, and Rugged Prairie. These lands are much cheaper and have done an excellent job color fixing my deck as well as reliably entering untapped. Furthermore Ash Barrens plays excellently with getting colored mana the turn you need it and Path of Ancestry while meant to be used in tribal decks reads exactly like a second Nomad Outpost that occasionally might let you scry off your commander. Both those two lands will greatly improve your access to colored mana.

Lastly if indestructible weenies are giving you grief I'd recommend in adding Slaughter the Strong. It won't remove all the creatures but it will remove armies and big creatures as well as by-pass indestructible as this wipe forces the creatures to be sacrificed. Toxic Deluge can also work in the same manner as well.

I normally run into all kinds of problematic situations in the various play-groups I've played in, so if something is giving you problems I might know of a few good solutions for it.

MurderForBrunch on Sarkhan's Dragon Den

1 week ago

Hi! I do like the deck quite a lot! I would however make a few... I was going to say suggestions, but I'll say observations instead. As you said, this "non-formula" decks tend to vary a lot with the local metagame.

I had something relatively similar in the previous standard, and it's changing quite a lot right now, but there's something I'm trying to improve, and that's the Control match-ups. I did go mostly RG, instead of Mono-Red, mostly for ramp, and I also played Draconic Disciple and Llanowar Elves. The problem I encountered multiple times is that at some point, at turn 4 or 5, they would wrath the board with Fumigate or something like that, and after dumping two mana dorks and a Dragon in play I had almost nothing.

That's not a problem for you in that, you don't have mana dorks. However, in the new version of the deck I'm brewing, I want to include Bone Dragon. It sort of gives you a late game play that can't be countered (if you bring it back from the yard) which seems great for the long grindy control matchups. You could easily include a playset of Dragonskull Summit and splash black for those if Control becomes a problem! :D

Metachemist on Nicol Bolas, the tribal

3 weeks ago

Okay let's talk some cheap, always a relative term in MtG, and easy swaps to help this deck get off to the races a bit quicker. Command Tower for any of your enter into play tapped with no bonuses lands is an easy fix.

Both of your Keystones could be swapped for either Cluestones or Signets. The signets act as a filter to help color fix and drop a turn faster. The Cluestones offer card draw which usually leads to card advantage.

Chromatic Lantern over Navigator's Compass offers a lot more benefits and with the reprint coming in Guilds of Ravnica, it's price is falling quite nicely.

Morphic Pool and Luxury Suite are straight up better than almost any of your tap lands, and fairly cheap to boot. With again reprints on the horizon the three shock lands Watery Grave Blood Crypt and Steam Vents are also all coming down as well. All of the check lands were also reprinted in Ixalan so Dragonskull Summit Drowned Catacomb and Sulfur Falls are all pretty cheap despite being used in Standard and will only get cheaper when they rotate out.

Cereal_Killer on draw/discard burn

3 weeks ago

For the format of the deck put casual, since it's not modern legal, but, I assume, you want to use as much modern cards as possible.

Then, I also assume that you don't want to spend a lot, so I'll try to propose low cost cards.

You have 16 things that do things when your opponent discards something, but only 10 cards that force your opponent to discard and 8 of them are easily destroyable creatures that also cost a bit too much mana for what you want them to do.

I'd suggest cards like Burning Inquiry, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, Despise, Raven's Crime to make your opponent discard

I'd also suggest cards like Dream Salvage if you want need to draw cards or Crypt Incursion if you want to gain something

Personally I don't like Vile Consumption. It works also on your creatures and does nothing if your opponent doesn't play creatures or has only big things (if I have a 5/5 I'd pay one life cause it will make you lose 5). Do you want something that lets you destroy some creatures? Use Fatal Push, Murderous Cut, Doom Blade, Lightning Bolt or stuff like that

Since you make your opponent discard and have only few cards in hand, you could add Shrieking Affliction nd Liliana's Caress

Last thing: 25 lands are too much. Just reduce them and add some shock lands (Watery Grave, Blood Crypt, Steam Vents), or check lands (Drowned Catacomb, Dragonskull Summit, Sulfur Falls). And, if they work well, you could also cut Thaumatic Compass  Flip

clayperce on Strip Mine, but it's Your Whole Field

1 month ago

Huge Ponza fan here, and this is a really interesting list!

I have three quick comments on your manabase:

  • Cinder Glade and Dragonskull Summit are extremely meh in Ponza, since they enter tapped on T1, when we need an untapped Green source most. Budget is always a consideration in Magic of course, but if there's any way you can upgrade them into Stomping Ground or really any Green Fetchland, it'll be well worth it.
  • With an Average CMC (as I type this) of 2.38, you can almost certainly get by with fewer Lands. The average competitive Ponza deck has an Ave CMC of ~2.7 and runs just 21 (along with the same dork/Sprawl package).
  • Along those lines: IMO, Field of Ruin has no place in a Blood Moon deck. Giving our opponents a Basic is exactly what we don't want to do :-)

Finally, if you're not already familiar with the PonzaMTG subreddit, I'd like to invite you to drop by and post your list there. We're an enthusiastic (some would say 'rabid') community, and I'm sure other folks would enjoy giving you some input as well!

Draw well, mate!

popocatepetl on Goblammo!

1 month ago

Really nice goblin deck :) I'd love to see what has become of it.

Gonna look into some of the cards you are playing for my own. Have you considered Lightning Crafter? Easily one of my favourite cards. I'm sure you have since then added Treasure Nabber and Goblin Trashmaster

Why not go for dual lands that are a bit quicker like Dragonskull Summit or Smoldering Marsh?


JohnnyBoyG on R/B Dragons

1 month ago

I'd definitely go up to 4 copies of Sarkhan, Fireblood. 6 mana on turn 4 wins you games. Glorybringer is a strong dragon that you should consider adding.

I'd cut Descent of the Dragons and Dragonmaster Outcast. Descent is only rarely good, since you're creatures will almost always be better than the 4/4s and your opponents will almost always be worse. I understand that Dragonmaster Outcast looks very powerful, but you don't start pumping out dragons until turn 8 or 9. Most games will be over by then. Also, your opponent will very likely kill it before then anyway.

Your manabase could be improved. Foreboding Ruins is a good dual you should run. Lavaclaw Reaches is probably better than your current etb tapped lands. You'll still want enough basics for Foreboding Ruins and Dragonskull Summit to be consistently active though.

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