Massacre Wurm


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Mythic Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia (MBP) Mythic Rare

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Massacre Wurm

Creature — Wurm

When Massacre Wurm enters the battlefield, creatures your opponents control get -2/-2 until end of turn.

Whenever a creature an opponent controls is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, that player loses 2 life.

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Massacre Wurm Discussion

elgosu1337 on Muldrotha's Madhouse

20 hours ago
  1. You might be running too few ramp spells which is why the deck feels slow. Without infinite combo wins it's hard to play Sultai. You could try MLD-ish strategies like Natural Affinity into Massacre Wurm or Living Plane into Doomwake Giant. Maybe lock opponents out with Notion Thief and Teferi's Puzzle Box or other wheels (which are great for Muldrotha anyway). You might need to cut some of the smaller value creatures and cards for bigger, more impactful ones like Sepulchral Primordial.

  2. Toxic Deluge and Damnation are both good. Phyrexian Scriptures is tempting as an additional Nevinyrral's that doesn't kill Muldrotha. Profaner of the Dead might be helpful as a lock. You should have a Force of Will and Pact of Negation for the Rite of Replication.

  3. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur makes for a great reanimation target. If you're having trouble with creatures, recurring Merciless Executioner and Fleshbag Marauder could help. This is a good chance to get in Sidisi and more ramp.

Squirrel_of_War on Death Pits of Nel Toth

2 days ago

@ZendikariWol Thanks, that helps a lot. I'll respond in order of your comment.

-Greater Good is an excellent card but not amazing in here so I will consider cutting it and possibly replace it with Sadistic Hypnotist since I would like to have a 'free' sac outlet in place of it.

-Massacre Wurm is amazing and with a few ways to double his triggered ability he is even better so he has to stay. That artwork too!

-Shriekmaw is in there because he can get rid of stuff and get me an experience counter. He is a bit narrow but I count it as 2 CMC and I'm trying to reduce my curve. I will definitely consider cutting it though.

-Rune-Scarred Demon is so great, I always cheat him in and he wins me the game if I'm recurring him every turn or doubling his ETB ability. Can't cut it.

-Deathrite Shaman was recently added and I'm not 100% sold on him yet. I like that it's grave hate and I'm anticipating Muldrotha, the Gravetide is going to be a huge presence after Dominaria comes out. I may Swap him for Agent of Erebos depending how the meta changes.

-Walking Ballista is only in there because I recently added in Protean Hulk and Ballista allows for me to infinite combo win. that whole group of 5 cards is just on a trial period for the time being so Ballista may end up coming out of the deck. (see most recent update)

-Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest is in as a combo piece, he lets persist creatures return to the battlefield indefinitely. He is also good for going wide but that is rarely my strategy. He is staying for the time being.

-Grave Titan is 10/10 on 3 bodies for 6 CMC. He is on par with Wurmcoil Engine (which used to be in here). He is staying for now.

-Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed is a super star, he gets ANY black card so I can play cards like Entomb, Damnation, Living Death, even Contamination, more than one time. The self sac is a bonus.

I see your reasoning behind running more cards that don't require sacrifice to do things. My reason behind having cards that can self sacrifice is I want to be able to get value from the creatures without relying on a sac outlet. In my meta a sac outlet will usually not last long because they know it will end badly for them if it stays on the battlefield. Another reason is I decided to go with an ETB theme, Panharmonicon and Strionic Resonator make them even better. Depending on how stupid my board state gets I sometime have quadruple triggers for every ETB.

Where on earth is Reclamation Sage? I opted to go with Manglehorn since there are some lighning fast decks in my meta that rely heavily on artifact ramp and another arch nemesis I have is Memnarch.

I'm going to break the deck down and see if I will include some of your suggestions. The ones I'm currently considering are:

-Vindictive Lich - literally bought this card a week ago with the intention of putting it in but couldn't decide what to replace.

-Wurmcoil Engine - was in here before might be in here again.

-Deathreap Ritual - love this card just took it out a while back but maybe I'll put it back in since it's so goo with Strionic Resonator.

-Archfiend of Depravity - I tried it out briefly, if the art was better I'd put it in immediately. Still might though.

-Thragtusk - great card but I'm not a fan of the artwork.

Thanks again for the comments and the +1! Keep an eye out for the updated list in a day or two.

ZendikariWol on Death Pits of Nel Toth

2 days ago

It's nice to see someone who is so gracious in accepting new ideas. Time to sound like an ass now I guess...

First off, I don't know how many cards you usually draw off of Greater Good, but it seems like you'd usually discard more than you draw. Perhaps that's intentional dredging but still likely a loss of card advantage.

And once again, I'm not sure how many creatures you kill with Massacre Wurm, but it can't be that many? Is your meta full of tiny things?

I've never felt Shriekmaw hits enough things. If you do then keep it, but it's worth considering.

Rune-Scarred Demon is not a bad tutor, by any means. However at 7 mana, you should probably go 1 more and try for Razaketh, the Foulblooded. Give 'em the good 'ol razzle dazzle. That or just a really good source of card draw or draw control.

Maybe Deathrite Shaman doesn't do enough compared to Viridian Emissary, Primal Druid, or even Veteran Explorer (if you feel like having the table on your side).

How much are you usually casting Walking Ballista for? Is it enough?

Given how long your creatures stay around, how much do those +1 counters from Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest do?

And how many swings does Grave Titan get in?

Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed is maybe not as good as Baloth Null. More on why a little lower down.

Okay. My reasoning behind this comment. Aristocrats decks like this have an advantage for one key reason: every spell is several spells. If your creatures enter the battlefield or die and trigger an ability in doing so, that is one spell. Normally whatever you gain from sacrificing them is another. However, if they do nothing when they enter and sacrifice themselves, then really you have only cast one spell.

It benefits you more to trigger one effect when the creature enters or dies, one or two triggers from other creatures when any creature dies, amd another from sacrificing it yourself.

For example, you cast a Baloth Null. It enters the battlefield and you rummage in your grave a bit. You sacrifice it to Viscera Seer and scry. Then you have a Deathreap Ritual out so you draw into whatever you scried for.

Assume you have the same board. You cast Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed and sacrifice him. You get one thing back from the grave and draw a card from Deathreap Ritual at end of turn. It's really not as great.

Having creatures that freely sacrifice themselves is good, but cuts one spell out of it.

chadsansing on Griselbrand + Death's Shadow = (Strange) Combo

2 days ago

What seems most important here is to cheat a Griselbrand, Kokusho, or Crawler into play as soon as possible without playing a straight reanimator deck. We know Legacy reanimator decks can go off on turn 1 or 2, so how do we do that on a budget? I'm not sure, but here's an idea:

Start with 0-drop creatures; say 4 Ornithopter and 4 Memnite or, even better, 4 Phyrexian Walker and 4 Shield Sphere. Add some targeted discard spells that you can use on yourself, including Raven's Crime. Aim for a turn 1 that goes something like this:

  • Play a swamp.
  • Play a 0-drop creature.
  • Play a dark ritual.
  • Play a 1-drop discard spell, targeting yourself, and pitch a big critter.
  • Use the other 2 B mana to play something like Animate Dead or Soul Exchange, sacrificing the 0-drop to return the big creature into play.

You try to jam this on the play and wait a turn or two until your opponent taps out on the draw, knowing that competitive blue match-ups will suck.

What do you think? I think you could re-tool your sorceries and some of your creatures to get the 0-drops and a few 1-of big critters in (like Platinum Emperion or Massacre Wurm or Grave Titan) that help you buy time and eat removal. A Gurmag Angler would be dope here, as well. I wouldn't sweat the Ghast mana/extort if you go for budget reanimator. Ghast and Artist are the creatures I'd cut.

Potential/recommended spells:

I kind of like the idea of an unknown reanimator list. If you want to stick the current game plan, I'd play Disfigure and Dismember over Go for the Throat. Maybe sideboard it along with Doom Blade for big-mana match-ups and Darkblast which you could use on your upkeep and again after dredge/draw to snipe a Delver or Deathrite Shaman.

lilgiantrobot on Tree Fungus Among Us

1 week ago

The Life and Limb/Sporemound in your saproling list goes infinite. You just need some way to end the loop. Evolutionary Leap is a great way to get rid of 'mound, since you can use it for value with any of your tokens anyway.

For other wincons, Nature's Revolt/Natural Affinity/Kamahl, Fist of Krosa aren't completely on theme but open up win cons with Netherborn Phalanx/Massacre Wurm/a million other black effects.

saturn999 on Great Gravetide!

1 week ago

and, just from personal experience i don't know why but 37 lands is usually the sweet spot for me. may not be for you. if you want more etb effects try adding creatures who have them that would create more synergy with the rest of your deck. Grave Titan, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Massacre Wurm, Phyrexian Metamorph is nice giving you an option to copy your's or your opponent's creatures maybe? and, these are synergistic with our Panharmonicon. i don't play other colors so i can't really suggest anything out of black. although, i think the leviathans and krakens have some crazy etb effects that your opponents wont like!

ErnieSpratt on Wasitora GoodStuff

3 weeks ago

@ Cybersix

If I had Oracle of Mul Daya, I'd probably put one in instead of the Frog monster. I originally planned to also play Ramunap Excavator, but that guy kind of doesn't do anything without his frog bro or a Stripmine (which I probably should include in the list If im being honest). So Gitrog is just another slow piece of ramp + Card draw for now.

The other thing is that I usually am "That Blue Player" of my group. And this deck is something that I came up with to whip out when the dudes get sick of my shit )

On the same note, I find that Sheoldred and Gravepact are kind of too oppressive, and boring. So I prefer something funkier and less common in those slots, like Puppeteer Clique, Underworld Cerberus, Kaervek the Merciless, Olivia Voldaren, Massacre Wurm to name a few that I want to experiment with.

Drimilyon on Toshiro UmezawAH MY GOD I'M DEAD

3 weeks ago

The main thing I see here is not having big finishers. Sure, kill your opponent's creatures but then what? You need something to end the game. You have some good creatures there. I think you should take out Nightveil Specter (if you play against a different color you can't cast anything) and Rakdos Cackler for Vampire Nighthawk and Skinrender (he can also act as a removal).

Having 2-4 bombs that actually win the match is the important part. I'd take out Toshiro Umezawa. He needs to have a creature die, which means you probably used a removal, and if you want to cast another one you can just cast it from your hand instead of playing with your graveyard, that's not what the decks does... Good bombs like Grave Titan, Overseer of the Damned, Massacre Wurm (Works well with your removals) and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet can REALLY change the game.

Also, get yourself some ways to draw cards. You get more removals, and you cycle through the deck to reach the cards you need. A bomb, a special removal, idk, something. Erebos, God of the Dead can cycle nicely and she's a big creature. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is also great. Never mind the thing about humans, he buffs your creatures and gives them Undying which is really good. Bonus - creatures with ETB (enter the battlefield) effects can work well with it because they do their effect twice. Skinrender which I mentioned earlier can be used as a removal twice in a match, or just used to weaken enemy bombs.

You could swap Hero's Downfall for Vraska's Contempt. 1 more mana but takes care of indestructible and gains you some life.I don't think Bojuka Bog fits this deck, I'd take it out for Cabal Coffers but if you're on budget, just another Swamp.

Now when I think of it... Having so many removals in one deck can be cool, so nvm my earlier comment hahaGood luck with this deck man, it looks REALLY cool and has great ponential!

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