Gaea's Cradle


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga Rare
Promo set for Gatherer Rare

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Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each creature you control.

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Gaea's Cradle Discussion

malloggio on Titania

16 hours ago

Unfortunately Gaea's Cradle is not legal in French Duel Commander.

Winterblast on 5 Color EDH Mana Base

2 days ago

I play 5 colour combo and even though I have all fetchlands, shocklands and duals available, I don't play all of them. Of course, you can play all 10 fetchlands, that's for sure. In my case my dominant colour is green, so I play all duals and shocklands with green. The second most important colour is White, followed by black and I play all the duals (not shocklands) that include White as well. I have left out UR because that combination is something I don't want to draw into at all and I'm still unsure if BR is justified.

Depending on the deck you might want to play stuff like Gaea's Cradle or Cavern of Souls, Gemstone Caverns and of course Command Tower because it's better than a dual when in play (even though not fetchable). You should leave some space for a few Basic lands, preferrably in the colour that helps you best in dealing with Blood Moon. And then it's pretty much over with the free Slots, because you will either have a shitload of mana dorks like Birds of Paradise, Noble Hierarch, Bloom Tender, Elves of Deep Shadow and whatever you Need, or you have a similar amounnt of artifacts, such as Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Lotus Petal, Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, Fellwar Stone,...or a combination of both. You don't want more than 33 lands if you run enough nonland mana sources.

Do yourself a favour and don't play lands that come into play tapped or even worse, the ravnica bounce lands...bringing a land tapped can be a free timewalk for your opponent and you don't want that to happen, do you?

thegigibeast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 days ago


FOr now I don't think there has been a lot of discussion about Daxos the Returned, so unfortunately we have no decklist available for him ATM, but I still have a few suggestions for you.

If I was to build this deck, I would try to include things like Glistening Oiland Phyresis. You could have fun sacrificing Glistening Oilto cards like Auratog, returning it to your hands to cast it multiple times a turn and stack on exerience counters. From there, you could simply create some huge tokens with your commander, give them infect and swing to take down a player in 1/2 swings.

Luckily for you, W/B has access to good enchantments, enchantment support, good tutors, removal... For a tier 3 deck you are not in a bad spot. For sure, all the black tutors allowed by your budget (Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, Grim Tutorare amongst the best) would be good. More specific tutors like Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor would be good as well.

You have a lot of enchantment support, and depending on the route you decide to go you might need different enchantments, but on top of my head I would for sure try things like Ghostly Prison, Worship, Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence, Chains of Mephistopheles, Moat, Island Sanctuary, Luminarch Ascension, Sphere of Safety...

Speaking of enchantment support, I would try Academy Rector, Mesa Enchantress and mann others.

For lands, you always have the white version of Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum. You could also include Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth+ Cabal Coffers, with lots of tutors you could get those reliably and you would never miss mana.

You also have access to enchantment creatures, they would also trigger your exerience counters. Some hatebears also would not be that bad, and I am thinking about Spirit of the Labyrinth.

And also don't forget removal (lots of options so I won't list them all here.)

Good luck and if your decklist seems optimized enough don't be afraid to come back here for a review and improvements!

thegigibeast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 days ago

I created the rules simply to prevent people from turning this (amazing) list into a battlefield about arguing that their commander is the best, wins in the playgroup... BLAH BLAH BLAH. You are fine with what you are doing posting this list, since you are not arguing about the placement, you are simply helping this resource by providing your input, because that is the idea of the list. Even more, it may be contradictory with the rules (I might have to reword them), because the only thing I do not want is people arguing about the placement of their commander too much, but we definitely need help from people playing a certain deck if we want to optimize it, so... I will se for that but so far I think discussions are going great here with the current rules.

So, about Ezuri, Claw of Progress. It is not the first time this commander in particular is talked about. I am sure if we look through the archived comments it has been brought up a lot of times. Before Protean Hulk's unbanning, we thought it was done, but now I definitely think we need to change things around. (and I have not worked on that list sonnet666 did)

As you said, Flash + Protean Hulk could assemble the main combo available to this specific commander, being Sage of Hours with enough space left to fetch one drops to fulfill the requirements, giving us infinite turns, winning the game. Blue can easily tutor for Flash, and green can easily tutor for Protean Hulk. Now we start having some fun. Even more, all the combo pieces you mentionned are good even outside combo. Flash might be good for a big ETB effect, Protean Hulksimply is a good tutor in the deck, and Sage of Hourscould win even without being tutored like that. And togheter they become a 2 cards combo (3 if we count commander but he always is available so easier to have). The best about it is that the combo also is a lot more compact, without the need of dead cards like Memory's Journey simply to get back the combo in case of exile. I would be greatly interested in seing your list, as I think it has the potential to be much stronger than what we actually have (sorry sonnet666). You did not provided a link Erastaroth_The_Duchess_of_Hell, and I would greatly like one.

I am not sure about the inclusion of Dramatic Reversal+ Isochron Scepter though. Sure, it could help you untap all your mana dorks and go infinite in that way but... What will you do with all that mana? Your commander, unlike Thrasios, Triton Herois not a sink, so we loose that access to drawing our deck with infinite mana and winning from there. Even more, Isochron Scepter would be shut down by a card I definitely think should be in the list, Null Rod. I know I don't have your decklist yet, but I am pretty sure Paradox Enginewould be superior in the current situtation (I may be wrong, I often am).

Definitely should be an hybrid between stax and combo. We have a lot of mana dorks, so why not using them to break parity? Winter Orb (+ Gaea's Cradle to break parity even more, with the package to tutor Cradle), Null Rod, maybe things like Rising Waters, Back to Basicsif we can manage to have enough basics in the deck, usual stax like Trinisphere would be good (past the few first turn we no longer rely on casting dorks so it would be good), Thorn of Amethyst, Sphere of Resistance... The deck is running blue, so we have access to artifact tutors, which should make it easy to play the stax game with those artifacts, similar to what a mono-green Yisan, the Wanderer Bardwould be doing, but much better in our case because we actually have access to artifact tutors.

tldr; I think your idea is great, and I can't wait to see the decklist and help you out the best I can!

creepingcosmos on Embalm eternalize modular gold

6 days ago

I feel like Gaea's Cradle would work well with Parallel Evolution and personally I like this deck but I'd run Child of Alara as commander.

DoctorMckay on infinate sacking

1 week ago

Imo Sinkhole can be cut and Demonic Tutor can be replaced.

About Sinkhole: You can argue that a Glacial Chasm or a Gaea's Cradle are good targets but, I think adding some powerful draw or recursivity engines might be more useful. Yawgmoth's Will/Magus of the Wheel, for example. (ALL HAIL YAWGMOTH) Let the opponents do what they want but you will do your stuff faster than theirs.

About Diabolic Tutor: Beseech the Queen is better. In an average game you won't activate Diabolic Tutor until turn 3 or 4. By then you have about 3-4 lands in play. Also, Beseech the Queen can be cast for the same cost of Diabolic Tutor, for or for white mana only. Flexibility is always a good thing. Also, you could run Grim Tutor, I mean, your are playing Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim.

I've just become aware of it, you are running Karmic Guide and Ashnod's Altar but not Reveillark?! I mean, those 3 create an infinite combo of mana. With Altar of Dementia instead of Ashnod's Altar you can mill everyone to 0. Karmic Guide and Reveillark enable pretty nasty combos and are a wincon, pls, run both.

Viscera Seer is a good pick too. It works really well with the combo.

PD: Question, what enchantment/artifact hate or spot removals are you running?

PD2: Have you considered running razaketh, the foulblooded ?

sonnet666 on List of Partner Pairs by Tier

1 week ago

Opps, forgot a couple:

These two generally go in the same deck.

Also, I should mention since this is the Partner Pairs List: Almost none of the partner commanders go infinite with anything. Kydele makes Infinite mana with the two I just mentioned, but that's about it.

That, plus their wide color identities, mean that all the commander combinations on this list are likely to be using general combos. Especially Thrasios, since he's an outlet for Infinite Mana.

cujo253 on First elves edh

2 weeks ago

My oh my, good old elves tribal. Elvish Mystic Fyndhorn Elves Heritage Druid Evolutionary Leap Craterhoof Behemoth Elvish Visionary Immaculate Magistrate Imperious Perfect Yeva, Nature's Herald Reclamation Sage Skullclamp Glimpse of Nature Harmonize Shamanic Revelation Dryad Arbor Green Sun's Zenith Beast Within are all moderately (I think) options to better streamline if elf tribal is what you're going for. Also, depending on your budget, Sylvan Library is an auto include in almost any green deck, Mana Reflection and Song of the Dryads are also good.AND! If your wallet and sanity are truly beyond all recall, Gaea's Cradle.

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