Gaea's Cradle


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga Rare
Promo set for Gatherer Rare

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Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each creature you control.

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$218.67 Paper


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Gaea's Cradle Discussion

CaoJin on Mono Green Yisan Toolbox Assistance

1 day ago

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if I could get some feedback/assistance on a deck i'm building, I'll link the deck list below. This is my first time attempting a mono coloured deck (I know, i'm doing things the wrong way round lol) so any pointers you could give me regarding that mindset would be a bonus too!

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard Toolbox

I'm mainly looking for mid level powered cards (nothing ridiculously expensive like Gaea's Cradle regardless of how much i'd want it lol)

Any comments would be appreciated, look forwards to hearing your recommendations!

Thanks for your time!

Dark_Danda on The Number 1 Rhys Deck

2 days ago

Nice going buddy! I'm impressend and amused :)

Actually there really are some crazy shit 1 mana drops. Might I suggest some more?

Here we go:

Shit, I now realized that most of the cards are ramp cards while you have CMC 1. Okay, let's change plan then:

Hope this helps and feel free to check some of my volunteer 1 mana drops in: Rhys Redeemed: Infinite Enchantment Combo Control


ExiliusGallant on mana ramp needs help

3 days ago

Mana doublers should be there, you are missing all of them.Doubling Cube, Vernal Bloom, Mana Reflection.

Also, is not about lands but about mana so, step up your mana leave a couple land fetchers out.

I have always love the land combos like, Arbor Elf + Wild Growth/Utopia Sprawl, or maybe Voyaging Satyr + Gaea's Cradle ok maybe that one is expensive

Pal00ka on Zegana's Wetlands

6 days ago

Generally Tempt with Discovery is best when grabbing broken lands like Gaea's Cradle, Cabal Coffers, or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth but you don't have one but you're letting an opponent (potentially) get theirs. Might just be better to replace with a Ranger's Path, Nissa's Pilgrimage, or Search for Tomorrow.

Is there any other wincon besides Craterhoof? I like decks with multiple outs for diversity's sake, personally. If you generate plenty of mana and can get Kruphix out for a few turns why not a Blue Sun's Zenith for a mill win? Or add Laboratory Maniac for a win that way? Or the classic Helix Pinnacle route? Complementing your cloning effects is Mechanized Production for multiple of a helpful artifact but also a win if people cannot answer it.

Due to Zenana and company contributing to always having a fist of 7+ lands I like Sage of Ancient Lore  Flip, Overbeing of Myth, Aeon Chronicler, etc. as beatdown options who work nicely with Thassa, God of the Sea.

MrHighscore on Dehydrated Hydras

6 days ago

Notes for a revision, and some replies

There are some really good suggestions to the deck, but I know I am going to have a hard time cutting for them.







I should also make room for / consider


JaceTheSwagSculptor on Developing Consistency within League Restrictions

1 week ago

@chaosumbreon87: Well you got me there. That combo works without losing me points. Side effects of being at work and trying analyze deck lists at the same time lol.

I'll probably have to proxy things like Candelabra of Tawnos;Lion's Eye Diamond; City of Traitors; and Gaea's Cradle, but I'll test out the decks nonetheless.

I was also interested in Purphoros, God of the Forge as he seems to fit the restrictions in my league as well, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the deck on the EDH tier list. Do you have any insight on Purph?

zoodiackiller on Hekkin Bull Beatdown

1 week ago

SaltySpecula: and MoGoose831: Thanks for both of your inputs! I don't really purchase cards so budget is definitely not an issue. I mostly play it through Xmage.As for the fetch lands, I mostly play it for the speed and ability to fetch the duals. However, I am considering changing some of them to different non-basics. One I need to add is Gaea's Cradle, and potentially one or both Strip Mine and Wasteland because Pendrell gets on my nerves. I also never really like playing basics unless I need to when I'm playing on Xmage or proxy decks with my group of friends.

As for my choice in commander, I like using Marath for his utility in this deck, rather than playing combo like he usually is. I like the unpredictability of the deck, as I rarely play the same game with it (no creature tutors!).

SaltySpecula: I love your suggestions! I think Strionic Resonator and Panharmonicon are really good! Especially the latter. As for Amonkhet, I am very excited to add a couple of those cards to this deck, especially today's Samut, Voice of Dissent. Others I'm excited about is the one you mentioned, Champion of Rhonas and Combat Celebrant.

As for the Blasphemous Act, I think something to the effect of Anger of the Gods or Slagstorm would be a better fit so that my creatures can survive.

I think Warstorm Surge is way overpriced, and would be lower in the priority to cast list versus something like Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

Regarding lifegain stuff, I like the flavor of it, but I don't have enough cards for Patron and Archangel's Light to be relevant. Though I am looking for some good graveard recursion, I think Sword of Light and Shadow would do the trick. Especially for Gyre Sage or Mikaeus, the Lunarch. Those get targeted so fast.

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