Gaea's Cradle


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Rare

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Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each creature you control.

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Gaea's Cradle Discussion

anonymous326 on Helps with elbes

1 day ago

Some good lands that you could add to the deck that aren't extremely expensive would be Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Oran-Rief, the Vastwood, and Pendelhaven.

Some other potential additions could be Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip which is basically a cheap version of Gaea's Cradle. You could add Beast Within for removal. Caged Sun is good for Ramp and also gives +1/+1. Harmonize for card draw. Overwhelming Stampede and Beastmaster Ascension for big buffs.

Some cards that may not be necessary could be Kamahl's Druidic Vow because there are only 4 legendary permanents that it can hit. It is definitely not a bad card by any means especially for ramp. Another would be Joraga Invocation because you probably don't necessarily want your creatures to be blocked if your are buffing them.

Last_Laugh on Animar

1 week ago

Ok the first thing Im noticing here is 34 non-creature spells. That's an absurdly high count for Animar and you want half that TOPS (I run 12 myself).

There should be 0 mana rocks (sol ring is debatable... I don't run it) and 0 Cultivate type cards here (Crop Rotation is ok if you have Gaea's Cradle tier lands to look up). Your mana fixing comes from mana dorks or creatures that search up lands, so just keep those and drop the rest. Vizier of the Menagerie should replace Chromatic Lantern. Also look into Cloud of Faeries and Peregrine Drake (Palinchron too if you can afford it).

Doubling Season should be Hardened Scales... you can do a LOT with the 4 mana you save and the effect is relevant earlier here.

You also need some draw power. Primordial Sage, Garruk's Packleader, Tishana, Voice of Thunder, and Glimpse of Nature are all good options here.

I could go on still but I'm just posting a link to my list for ideas. Animar, Gaea's Hemorrhoid

BolasAgent on Sedris, the Combo King (EDH) !Critique, Please!

1 week ago

Your manabase is truly awful.

Manabase issues:

  1. You have too many lands that ETB tapped.
  2. You manabase color consistency is spotty at best.
  3. You have too many utility lands that don't provide colored mana (this is likely the root cause for #2).
  4. You are missing some key artifact ramp/color fixing.
  5. You are running some very questionable choices: Examples: Crypt of Agadeem you only have 7 black creatures total (not counting commander) Save this for a mono-black deck & Glacial Chasm my guess is you are using this to hold off attacks until you can combo off. The issue is this card combos best with Solemnity, but you can't run white.

Potential Fixes:

  • 1,2,3: Drop a bunch of the ETB lands and utility lands bring in Fetchlands and Duals (OG Duals, Shocklands (Ravnica blocks), Tango Lands(Battle for Zendikar) and Bi-cycle lands (Amonkett)). Choose what works for your budget.
  • 4. Add Chromatic Lantern it will help with color fixing, stops Blood Moon attacks and makes non-mana producing lands into mana producing lands. I would also suggest Mana Vault and Voltaic Key. These will help you mana ramp and keep pace with Ramp decks which have access to green mana. Also missing is Crucible of Worlds. It help you recover from mass land destruction and ensure you hit your land drops if you are running fetchlands. Other artifacts to consider are: Mox Opal, Chrome Mox, Grim Monolith, Rakdos Signet, Dimir Signet, Izzet Signet, Lion's Eye Diamond Again, choose what works for your budget.
  • 5. Remove your questionable choices and run Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers instead. Urborg will make all your lands swamps, which will solve any black mana issues and make all non-mana lands into mana producing lands. And it combos amazingly with Cabal Coffers. It is way better than the Crypt of Agadeem. I also suggest running Maze of Ith instead of Mystifying Maze. Maze of Ith doesn't cost mana to activate and will deter attacks or at least nullify their best non-shroud, non-hexproof creature. Mystifying Maze will just encourage certain attacks since it can trigger ETB effects for your opponents. Which can be more valuable then shrinking your life total.

Other Issues and Potential Fixes:

  1. Graveyard Hate/Enchantment Removal. You added Pithing Needle to deal with certain artifacts but have ignored enchantment based graveyard hate. And I don't see any real enchantment removal. The only card that could hit an enchantment seems to be Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker. Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace, and Ashes of the Abhorrent just straight up ruin your day. Grixis is weak to this permanent type, but blue has your best answers. I would add Cyclonic Rift which is the best 1 sided boardwipe in EDH and will help you recover from an oppressive board state or seal your position as the Victor. I would also suggest adding Venser, Shaper Savant. He can delay a spell from hitting the table or bounce back a troublesome permanent. He combos well with Riptide Laboratory.
  2. Troublesome Lands. I don't see any way for you to deal with lands that could ruin your day. Opponents running huge mana lands like Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum or Cabal Coffers or other trouble some lands like Scavenger Grounds. You have nothing for targeted removal of these threats Look to Strip Mine or Wasteland or similar lands.
  3. Missing Combo Pieces. Teferi's Veil combos with Sedris, just be mindful of the leaves battlefield clause from Sedris as they are still the same permanent still when they phase back in. And both Sneak Attack and Whip of Erebos combo with it and have high synergy with your deck. (same leaves battlefield clause applies to the whipped creatures) Also think about running Embalmer's Tools
  4. Quality Creatures. A lot of your creatures don't make sense or are just low on value. I would look back towards your original thought about ETB based creatures for the majority of your creatures to abuse. Combustible GearhulkNoxious Gearhulk,Molten Primordial,Sepulchral Primordial,Trinket Mage,Trophy Mage,Sidisi, Undead Vizier,Zealous Conscripts,Massacre Wurm,Sphinx of Uthuun. And then a few other key enabler creatures like: Deadeye Navigator which helps remove the leaves clause from creatures you cheated back from the graveyard and River Kelpie which will help you draw
  5. Better Tutors. You should be running better tutors in general and better tutors for your graveyard. Like: Entomb,Buried Alive,Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Final Parting, Dark Petition, Merchant Scroll, Mystical Tutor, Fabricate, Personal Tutor
  6. Better Looting/Rummaging. Like: Faithless Looting,Frantic Search,Dack Fayden,Windfall,Ancient Excavation,Cathartic Reunion, Careful Study
  7. Better Counterspells. Like: Mana Drain,Force of Will,Disallow,Forbid
  8. Cantrips. Getting to your best cards is key to being able to play your game. Brainstorm, Ponder,Preordain,Thought Scour
  9. Recursion. Some options open to you are: Snapcaster Mage, Yawgmoth's Will, Time Spiral, Past in Flames, Mizzix's Mastery,Magus of the Will, Crucible of Worlds

Clyde_Bankston on Jodah's Everstorm EDH

2 weeks ago

First off, I'm sorry to say but your mana is a bit our of wack an not remotely with your colour pie. Basically multiply, say, 18%(your red) times the amount of land. That's the amount that should have red or whatever. the pie chart shows you the card colour percentages for your deck.

Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, and to a lesser extent Gaea's Cradle(though probably not in this deck) could help add more accesability to your lands. Fetch lands are also ber important because in 5 colour decks it's not uncommon to be out of one specific colour. Also, most 5 colour decks have no basic lands, which is easily done, It's just a thought.

Atm you don't have a board wipe like Cyclonic Rift, Wrath of God, or Vandalblast. It's pretty standard in spell-type decks.

The much dreaded storm mechanic would be great here imo just because 1/3 of the cards in your deck are instants/sorceries. Even if there were only 4-5 of them, it would slightly improve your chances of success.

I don't understand why Tatyova, Benthic Druid is in your deck, it doesn't seem to synergise well. I think that Jace, the Mind Sculptor would be better because you can hate on somebody or brainstorm every turn.

Beacon of Tomorrows and Expropriate you can obviously cheat. This makes them strictly better than Time Warp for you.

Narset, Enlightened Master would be interesting here, although it may mess a couple of things up. It does cheat mana costs, though. It's just a thought.

VETJasper on Om nom Trample

2 weeks ago

Replacing a fog with Glacial Chasm and adding a Crop Rotation in somewhere would give you a lot of options for 1 mana. At worst it'll be a Gaea's Cradle tutor.

And if you don't like Glacial Chasm have you considered Constant Mists? It seems mostly better than Moment's Peace to me. Especially in a deck like this that aims to put a lot of land on board.

SynergyBuild on Slimeyfeet v1.5

3 weeks ago

I love deserted temple, you know with Gaea's Cradle, enough tokens, and Rings of Brighthearth they go infinite!

jordybear2002 on ManaQueen

3 weeks ago

Hello there! So I would LOVE to help you out! Ok so as you have read the MOST and I mean ABSOLUTE MOST lands you can have is 40 and higher that is just not needed. In slivers or just making slivers form your sliver queen try getting cards like when a creature enters the battlefield and things like that and be careful of cards that so when you cast a creature spell instead of when a creature enters the battlefield. Artifacts - Keep Ashnod's Altar Chromatic Lantern Gilded Lotus Sol Ring Lands - Keep Canopy Vista Command Tower Dark Depths Flagstones of Trokair Gaea's Cradle Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Pillar of the Paruns Thespian's Stage VesuvaInstants - Enlightened Tutor Vampiric TutorSorceries - Channel the Suns Commune with Nature Demonic Tutor Restore Sylvan Scrying Time of Need Vindicate Creatures - Auriok Champion Courser of Kruphix Essence Warden Hangarback Walker Joiner Adept Linvala, Keeper of Silence Soul's Attendant Soul Warden Urborg ElfEnchantments - Defense of the Heart Exquisite Blood gravepact Land Tax Sanguine Blood Tranquil Grove Ok so those are the cards that I would keep for starters. Cards like Azusa, Lost but Seeking Exploration and Explore will definitely help you out with your land. Plus cards like Authority of the Consuls Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Ghostly Prison help you out early game to get ahead of everybody. Also I know what I said about the whole creatures entering the battlefield and all that but actually Zendikar Resurgent will be a HUGE help for mana and card draw if you got creature which is my assumption. Also Protean Hulk Tishana, Voice of Thunder and Seal of the Guildpact just for extra support. And plus if you want some just plain fun do Sheoldred, Whispering One, Equilibrium, Rhystic Study, and Unexpected Results. Hope this helps!!!!!

Scathain on Yisan, the Toolbox Lord

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions.

Gaea's Cradle is of course way out of my budget, though it is indeed a great card. Seedborn Muse is also much more expensive than I would normally use for the deck, but it might be worth it anyways, as it would allow Yisan to do silly things, and Yisan can of course find Seedborn Muse if he is allowed to live that long.

Temur Sabertooth would be a good way to reset Yisan (in the event he maxes out on verse counters, probably due to some combo with Seedborn muse, Patron of the Orochi, or some such), as well as a nice way to deal with removal and board wipes, so I'll definitely have to consider it.

I'd been debating the merits of things like Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves for a while, actually. On the one hand, they make my mana fluctuate due to board wipes (and I try to build around board wipes a fair bit), I would almost never search for them with Yisan, and I run enough 1 and 2 drops that a good chunk of the time I would want to cast something else. On the other hand, they could accelerate my deck by a full turn if they were in my opening hand, which would be nice. I think I'll add one or two of them if I can find a way to do so while still put in all the answers I need without dropping more than a land or two.

Wild Growth would provide the ramp without the board wipe vulnerability, though I worry about the land it is enchanted to being destroyed or my own Bane of Progress killing it (since I tend to search for Bane of Progress as my 6 drop fairly often), so I will probably skip it.

As for Marwyn, the Nurturer, I only run 11 elves in the deck, of which half of those rarely see play, many tend to enter before or instead of Marwyn, and a couple tend to die pretty quickly, so it wouldn't be real useful without Primal Surge, and if I manage to actually resolve Primal Surge, mana really won't be a problem and I should win anyways unless there is a board wipe.

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