Gaea's Cradle

Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each creature you control.

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Gaea's Cradle occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.05%

Green: 0.42%

Golgari: 0.19%

Gaea's Cradle Discussion

Shuko24 on Shielded by Stax: Siona cEDH

5 days ago

Kinda interesting not to see Crop Rotation

Is that a miss or somehow intentionally not included?

It seems to me that we really need that Gaea's Cradle to combo out in one turn with our relatively expensive tutors.

dingusdingo on You Are Now a Member ...

1 week ago

PhotogenicParasympathetic zzz please don't @ me so aggressively if you are a scrub.

Recurring Nightmare is a repeat value engine in a format that is almost entirely combo oriented at the competitive side of things. Notably, it requires a creature card in two zones to function. So when you're busy putting 1 creature on the field, 1 in the yard, and then paying 3 for Nightmare, anyone with a brain is just going to send Protean Hulk to the GY and Reanimate + sac/destroy it for a much faster and powerful combo. The card is slow and requires creatures on field and in GY to make it go. It probably wouldn't even make a splash in competitive EDH if it were unbanned, not even as reanimate effect #6 in a reanimate deck.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds allows for more explosive mana production much faster, and you can use that explosive mana to get access to more cards by playing creature spells. It also serves as an outlet to draw your deck with infinite mana with Temur Sabertooth. Consider if you get a Selvala versus a Rofellos onto the field turn 3. Rofellos is AT MOST making 3 mana (maybe 4 or 5 if you had a fat land tutor or something). With powerful options like Phyrexian Dreadnought available for the Selvala pilot, you can get much more than 3 with the added benefit of also getting repeat draw triggers. Once again, probably wouldn't make a splash in competitive. Selvala is a MUCH stronger commander, even with Rofellos benefit of 1 cheaper to cast.

Erayo is babyshit easy to play around if you can think your way outside of a box, and actually makes comboing easier. Imagine you're a pilot holding your Oracle + Consult combo. Every single person besides the owner of the Erayo gets their first counterspell handled by the Erayo. Burn a weak cantrip and rip the combo, and if you now don't have to worry about 2 of the other 3 players in your pod stopping you. Burn a weak cantrip then remove the Erayo if you aren't ready to combo. Erayo may gain a spot in some jank esper stax control build, but will not see competitive play in tier 1 decks if unbanned. Any player foolish enough to run Erayo as the commander will not have a competitive viable deck.

If you take the temperature of the competitive community, you will find the PE ban to be poorly received. At to cast, and presumably another to start the engine, you're not very mana efficient for a wincon. It also requires board presence in rocks or dorks which can be disassembled prior to or in response to the PE cast. Finally, you also need an outlet for all that mana, requiring yet ANOTHER card, either on field or in hand to utilize the mana/untaps. PE makes the competitive meta much less boring BECAUSE it allows certain decks to be competitive viable that otherwise can't hack it. Specifically, Hannah Dralnu Sisay and Arcum all move from being practically unplayable to at least fringe decks.

For the cards that I consider boring, notice how being boring isn't the only context used to evaluate the cards. Reread my comment. I pretty thoroughly explain reasoning for each card I would ban based on power level. Me subjectively thinking the combo is boring is an anecdote, not the meat of the argument. I consider all kinds of other cards in the format boring to see, but don't wish for their bans. For example, I find Dramatic Scepter to be another boring choice for winning, but have no wish for the combo to be banned, as the format is more interesting for its inclusion.

You really need to think in context of cards on board and resources available. When you compare the necessary components for Flash Protean Hulk to win and how resource intensive it is on your mana, compared to Paradox Engine, you will see that one of these is significantly stronger than the other. When you require permanents on board to win, and heavier mana investment, your win is going to be slower and easier to stop. When your win revolves around getting 2 cards in hand and spending 2 mana, or getting 2 cards in hand and spending 3 mana (Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation), that is MUCH harder to stop than when you let someone drop 3 mana rocks and their untap outlet then play PE then cast ANOTHER spell. Once you are able to evaluate combos and winning lines with this framework, the quality of your posts and decks is going to rise quickly.

While you claim I have clearly never played against these cards, its much easier to claim you have clearly never played a competitive pod in your life. Rofellos is a blip on the mono green radar and his non-bo with Gaea's Cradle and other non-basics makes him iffy at best, especially compared to Selvala and Marwen. Recurring Nightmare is too slow. Erayo is baby stax that takes time to activate and almost every deck that could possibly want to slot Erayo is going to slot Nether Void instead. Flash Hulk is a big degenerate combo that is hard to interact with, just as I said, and so is Fish Consult. Educate yourself on competitive before you feel the need to speak freely on it.

dingusdingo on Thane and Taxes

1 week ago

Interesting deck.

My first question is why no damage doubler effects? Furnace of Rath and similar work extremely well. Even though the opponent gets to decide what order the damage effects happen, you're still getting a big damage boost.

Second, have you considered going down to 33 or 32 lands? Your curve is pretty low and you aren't dumping your hand via artifact rocks or mana rituals. I think you could probably find one or two slots from land drops.

How have the planeswalkers been working out? The 4 CMC Chandra seems fine, but the other two seem expensive for not much effect.

Why are you running colorless creatures? The damage isn't amplified. Reality Smasher is expensive to cast at 5, and is effectively a vanilla 5/5 that keeps up card parity when it is removed. Smuggler's Copter gives card looting but requires creatures to make it work, creatures that could just be attacking and getting the +2 damage anyways. I can also see why you'd keep Phyrexian Revoker but Pithing Needle might outperform it here as its harder to remove and 2 damage a turn is negligible in EDH.

Some of your 3 and 4 CMC creatures you should reconsider for speed and effectiveness purposes. Thunderbreak Regent is a flying creature, but you aren't getting reliable triggers from it, most likely just one. Tectonic Giant offers card advantage and MASSIVE damage with Torbran. Inferno Titan is another powerhouse with Torbran as you can split the damage 3 ways and get 3 damage apiece. Mindsparker seems too niche and is a 3/2 first strike for against decks outside its color hate. Jaya Ballard, Task Mage seems nice but waiting for summoning sickness feels bad and having to pitch cards to it is a no from me. Taurean Mauler is certainly appealing and presents a threat later, but without trample you're losing out and would be better served by Hordeling Outburst for efficiency sake with Torbran. Finally, Dragonmaster Outcast takes way too long to turn on, and requires an upkeep step to do anything, making it prime target for opponents to remove. Its great when it works, but another token producer is going to outpace this. Specifically, Krenko, Mob Boss is going to run away with the game much faster especially if you have any random extra goblins floating around.

Alpine Moon is much more marginal than you think. Sure its shutting down Gaea's Cradle but your two other moon effects should be more than enough. Outpost Siege is a very marginal effect both ways, and I would recommend a cut for Impact Tremors if you are looking for more damage. Tectonic Reformation is -1 card advantage when you cast it, and no matter how many times you cycle it stays at -1 card advantage. It also becomes easier to cut if you go down to 32 or 33 lands. Experimental Frenzy seems useful when you've emptied your hand but seems marginal in the vast majority of circumstances. You aren't really running topdeck manipulation like Sensei's Divining Top or Scroll Rack to smooth this card out, and I sincerely think Thrill of Possibility is going to serve you better by making you have better turn 3's and turn 4's in your games.

Abzkaban on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

1 week ago


Check the mana base for the competitive list. While the list itself is outdated and desperately needs revisiting, I'd do something like that to really optimize the mana base especially if you're going for wins as soon as possible. Include every fetch and dual land you can as well as shocks and canopy lands. Gaea's Cradle would be a good addition, too, but I'm never affording that one any time soon. Lol

Mana Crypt and Ancient Tomb would be great additions to the list to speed it up a bit. I say go for it.

Heliod, Sun-Crowned has already been brought up. My reasoning for not including him is because he doesn't do enough with the rest of the deck to merit a slot. It's a great two-card combo, but I prefer the resiliency of having combo pieces be able to work with most anything else in the deck. We don't focus enough on life gain to make him worth it. That being said if you'd rather have him in there as a two card combo line, then feel free to try it out. In that case I would probably cut one of the counter sources for him. Bloodspore Thrinax would probably be my cut.

enpc on Saffi: Sac Back *cEDH Primer*

1 week ago

Overall the list looks good. A few improvements I would recommend however:

Deadpoo111 on Are Proxy Cards the New ...

1 week ago

Also, like, damn ToolisMaynard, lets calm down now. I mean, sure, proxies are a constant discussion but you don't have to rip into people for their opinions. I think SynergyBuild pretty much cleared up what he said in his second post and it doesn't really conform to the "elitist" comments above. He's also the least "elitist person on this site because of his extensive work with budget builds. Also, just because he's offline doesn't mean he can't come back to talk later in the argument. That's...that's not how arguments work.

Also, Gaea's Cradle isn't a necessary piece for competitive decks. If your meta runs a lot of cradles, run some land destruction.

TypicalTimmy on Are Proxy Cards the New ...

1 week ago

So this is what it's like, being an outsider to the conversation, when listening to me. Huh. Interesting. I know I can be quite harsh and stern with bold opinions, but reading what I write kind of has no effect on me, since I'm the one who wrote it.

This feels... enlightening. Especially with my recent rant on the difference between EDH and cEDH.

Glad I stumbled across this thread. Good self reflection on my occasional jackass-ness. And to be clear, that's me calling myself a jackass, not someone else :)

Sorry Tappedout. Sometimes I just let my one-sided emotions get the best of me! Lol

I'm generally okay with proxies, as long as you are showing some effort to obtain them. For example, if you have a deck that would cost you $3,500 or heck even a deck that's $300 and you're working part time on minimum wage, I perfectly understand proxying out the thing.

But you at least have to show effort. If you show up week after week after week with the same paper cutouts, man at that point you're just killing me. Save up and buy a card or two here and there, don't just use the proxied deck as though it were the real one.

Look, I get not everyone can afford an OG dual land, but at the same time at least show some effort. For example, maybe you have a proxied Mana Vault because you don't wanna drop $40 right now, or can't. Well, if a week or so later you show up with the real deal, that's great and understandable. Or, if you can let people know you're working on it.

I know, it's ignorant of me to assume and force people to spend money they may or may not have, but the way I see it is if you are least TRYING to build the deck, it's okay. But if you are just proxying out all of the high end cards so you can have the most "expensive" deck possible so you can "win", I mean... I don't want to say maybe Magic isn't for you... but maybe focus on a hobby more within your budget?

It genuinely comes off the wrong way if you are only doing it for the cheap benefits. Like reaping all of the rewards with none of the effort. Makes it feel fake, and almost insulting to those who put their hard earned time and money and soul into the game.

Like I said, I get it if you can't afford that Gaea's Cradle. But at least work toward buying some of the "cheaper" cards, okay?

And I perfectly 100% support proxying out something so you don't damage your Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Because believe it or not, there's a BIG difference between owning the card and protecting it, which includes using proxies so it isn't curled or bent during play, and proxying out the expensive cards so you can play without buying them.

So my stance on it is: If you want to use proxies to protect super expensive cards, I 100% support it if you have the card in question. Also, if you are using proxies while you save up, great! But at least make the effort to work toward owning it IRL.

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