Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Masters Edition IV Rare
Masters Edition II Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare
Limited Edition Alpha Rare

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Land — Plains Island

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

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Tundra Discussion

zephramtripp on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago



Sweep - Return any number of Islands and/or Plains you control to their owners hand. For each Island returned this way, draw a card. For each Plains returned this way, gain life equal to the number of cards in your hand.

I'm not sure how to cost this. If I cost it at three, on turn three you could theoretically return three Tundras to your hand to draw three cards and gain 36 life for three mana, which seems pretty good if you don't care about having too many lands in play. At five it seems slightly overcosted. I don't know. Perhaps the Plains effect should be fixed life gain, rather than equal to cards in hand, but I don't think that's to interesting. Maybe I remove the blue and it just becomes a straight up life gain effect?

Make a green card with Sweep.

Ulberth on Atraxa Control

1 month ago

Previous version

Land (30)
1xAcademy Ruins
1xAncient Den
1xBojuka Bog
1xCommand Tower
1xFlooded Strand
1xInkmoth Nexus
1xMarsh Flats
1xMisty Rainforest
1xMurmuring Bosk
1xPolluted Delta
1xSeat of the Synod
1xStrip Mine
1xTree of Tales
1xTropical Island
1xUnderground Sea
1xUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1xVault of Whispers
1xVerdant Catacombs
1xWooded Foothills

Instant (11)
1xAnguished Unmaking
1xCyclonic Rift
1xEnlightened Tutor
1xMystical Tutor
1xPath to Exile
1xPistus Strike
1xSwords to Plowshares
1xTainted Strike
1xUtter End
1xVampiric Tutor
1xVirulent Wound

Sorcery (8)
1xAustere Command
1xDemonic Tutor
1xLife from the Loam
1xMerciless Eviction
1xSeasons Past
1xYawgmoth's Will

Creature (24)
1xBlighted Agent
1xClever Impersonator
1xCore Prowler
1xCorpse Cur
1xCrystalline Crawler
1xEternal Witness
1xGilded Drake
1xGrand Architect
1xGyre Sage
1xHand of the Praetors
1xIchor Rats
1xMaulfist Revolutionary
1xNoble Hierarch
1xPhyrexian Crusader
1xScavenging Ooze
1xSkithiryx, the Blight Dragon
1xSnapcaster Mage
1xTorrential Gearhulk
1xTreasure Mage
1xTrinket Mage
1xTrophy Mage
1xViral Drake

Artifact (19)
1xAstral Cornucopia
1xCauldron of Souls
1xChromatic Lantern
1xContagion Engine
1xCrucible of Worlds
1xDecimator Web
1xEverflowing Chalice
1xExpedition Map
1xGrafted Exoskeleton
1xInspiring Statuary
1xLightning Greaves
1xMana Crypt
1xMana Vault
1xParadox Engine
1xSol Ring
1xSwiftfoot Boots
1xThrone of Geth
1xTormod's Crypt
1xVoltaic Key

Enchantment (7)
1xCorrupted Conscience
1xGlistening Oil
1xMirari's Wake
1xPrismatic Omen
1xPrivileged Position
1xSylvan Library

Matrixxx999 on Somebody stop me!

1 month ago

Well, I counted nine targets for fetchlands:

  1. Godless Shrine
  2. Hallowed Fountain
  3. Island
  4. Plains
  5. Scrubland
  6. Swamp
  7. Tundra
  8. Underground Sea
  9. Watery Grave

But to be honest, I can only recall a couple of games in which all the fetchlands were used.

I also had a lot of games in which Chromatic Lantern was on the battlefield. So all the lands (including fetchlands) were helpful.

Ozzie-111 on Ephara Does Some Stuff

2 months ago

I truly appreciate the input! It's part budget, but mostly just what I already own. The Tundra is just a proxy, and was put in as a sort of inside joke. I will definitely look through my collection for the cards you suggested, and when I'm able to afford it, possibly pick them up. Again, the feedback is very much appreciated, thank you!

smackjack on I want to cut white ...

2 months ago

Tipping the scale

Legacy* smackjack

SCORE: 289 | 342 COMMENTS | 41961 VIEWS | IN 61 FOLDERS

I think i want to cut white and make this a U/R deck, but how could i replace the 4 Swords to Plowshares? Cutting white would free up 3 Tundra to sell or use in a different deck, but i dont want the deck to suffer power.

How do i deal with creatures in U/R?

MagicalHacker on In light of the recent ...

3 months ago

In light of the recent MTGO Commander Banlist announcement, I thought to ask everyone what the banlist would look like if they made it.

The following proposed banlist is my opinion of what the banlist should look like. You will see 3 criteria for what makes a card unfit for the format, and a list of what cards could be banned based on them:

Proposed banlist Show

Sir_Jinx on Bant Landstill Control

3 months ago

Just so you know Tundra just dropped by about 80 bucks soo now would be a good time to pick them up also I suggest Noble Hierarch for ramp and True-Name Nemesis because right now you're creature base is by far the weakest part of the deck right now

LordBalthamos on Bant Mechanized Clues

3 months ago

I don't know your budget, but here are some lands you can consider swapping out for...- Savannah- Tropical Island- Tundra

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