Rhystic Study


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander's Arsenal Common
Prophecy Common

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Rhystic Study


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays .

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Rhystic Study Discussion

jackattack9834 on Mizzix

22 hours ago

Rhystic Study would be a nice addition/substitution for mystic remora, and I'd take lightning 1. greaves off your sideboard. Does a great job of protecting your commander unless your playing a sacrifice heavy deck.Gitaxian Probe is an easy include especially if your main win con is storm related

GeminiSpartanX on Commander Nope of Nopehaven. Pop: Nope

1 day ago

No problem! Also, I prefer Syncopate or Broken Ambitions over Clash of Wills since they're strictly better. I also think Elixir of Immortality is slightly better than Quest for Ancient Secrets, unless you add a Thassa, God of the Sea to the deck and need the devotion. Negate hits a lot in EDH, so I think it's worth running. Disdainful Stroke, Arcane Denial, Swan Song, Deprive, and plain old Counterspell might also be good here over some of your higher-costed options that don't draw you more cards. Speaking of drawing cards, Rhystic Study and Consecrated Sphinx are normally good options in a blue deck, although those cards can be somewhat pricey.

Forceofnature1 on Atraxa crazy counters and friends

2 days ago

Hey this is a nice start! Pillowforting is fun, especially with planeswalkers. Looking at your deck I can't help but wonder where the "gas" is that is going to accelerate you to the win/con?

You have 4 great colors and tutors galore in each of them, but you aren't using any. Granted maybe tutoring to a combo doesn't seem "fair" but at least tutor for some answers! If you aren't going to tutor you need to work on your card draw. You do not have very much card draw at all. If you are pillowforting then Rhystic Study is an auto-include and so is Jace Beleren or "buddy jace" as he can help the table and you at the same time.

Feel free to check out my Atraxa build for some ideas. It's still in the works but I built it to be very competitive and it is quite fun.

almoghh on Breya Reanimator

2 days ago

Thanks for the comment PookandPie! I'll definitely take out Prismatic Geoscope for 1 of the signets...
I agree with Rhystic Study too, it's good card draw.
I think Thopter Foundry is an ok sac outlet, but I'm not too sure about Sword of the Meek here...without the combo it's a pretty "do nothing" card in my deck. I'll have to think about it.
What do you think I can take out? The deck has about 102 cards as of now :)Anyway, I appreciate the time to look through my deck and help me, thanks!

PookandPie on Breya Reanimator

3 days ago

You're already running Krark-Clan Ironworks, so another easy combo you could include would be Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek. Foundry is a decent sac outlet, and would let you bin your better artifacts so they don't get exiled by removal, and Sword is just generally great with Breya. Put Foundry, Sword, and Ironworks together and you gain infinite tokens and life. Foundry and Sword, by themselves, are actually quite good, and would facilitate Mechanized Production wins even if you can't cast Breya.

Rhystic Study is probably better card draw than Staff of Nin or Key to the City. Even if your opponent taxes themselves to keep you from drawing, that's still extremely valuable since you slow them down significantly.

I'm not sure Prismatic Geoscope is worth it. You only have 3 nonbasic lands with basic land types in this deck: Sacred Foundry, Godless Shrine, and Sunken Hollow. Honestly, in order for Geoscope to consistently outperform Gilded Lotus, you really need to run the full set of Blood Crypt, Hallowed Fountain, Steam Vents, Watery Grave, in addition to Foundry and Shrine, and even then, much of the time people require fetch lands in order to achieve the full four colors of mana off of Geoscope. Geoscope may better serve you as Etherium Sculptor or something, in all honesty.

hoardofnotions on Baral, Who Says No

4 days ago

Looks like an interesting deck! Some of the cards that I don't think are pulling their weight includeSpellbook, Condescend, Ertai's Meddling, Serum Visions, Horribly Awry, Hedron Alignment, Damping Engine and Ransack

  1. Your list doesn't have Peregrine Drake or Deadeye Navigator in it right now. Though if you wanted that combo you could do the pauper version with Peregrine Drake/Great Whale, Archaeomancer/Mnemonic Wall and Ghostly Flicker/Displace/Illusionist's Stratagem.

  2. Winterblast has some great suggestions as well! I really like the Isochron Scepter idea

  3. Lullmage Mentor seems tailor made for this deck!

  4. card draw!!! Rhystic Study, Preordain, Dragonlord's Prerogative, Opportunity

  5. some other cool cards to add are more counterspell creatures like Glen Elendra Archmage, Draining Whelk or Soratami Savant and self bounce stuff like Crystal Shard and Erratic Portal

  6. you could also swap Phyrexian Ingester for Duplicant for mana cost reasons

Hope i could suggest some off the wall cards for you to think about, have fun being the control player!!

LiquidMagic on [Primer] Riku Pod

6 days ago

Cards I'm not playing

Cards I want but cost money

Good cards that I've cut for better ones

  • Progenitor Mimic has been in and out of the deck a lot. I've found that Duplicant is usually better, since it's actually removal as well as a clone, at the same cmc.
  • Mimic Vat is strong, but not really on theme with the deck and didn't really fit anywhere once I broke the deck down into categories
  • Hull Breach is good enough that I'll probably end up playing it at some later point in time. 4 kills for 4 mana with Riku out.
  • Terastodon got cut for a Natural Order package. Ironically, the two would go really well together, but I've found that Avenger of Zendikar is good enough off of Natural Order.
  • Body Double was nice, since it's a clone that even worked on an empty board, and could also be Podded into to create two four drops to pull off a Kiki-Conscripts combo the next turn. It's not in the deck anymore because I needed to cut something and I figured there was a reason why Rise From the Grave wasn't seeing play.
  • Archaeomancer was great as another way to pull off infinite turns, but it's enough worse than Eternal Witness that it got the ax in the process of streamlining the deck.
  • Tolaria West is out because it's a tapland and none of my other lands are good enough that they're worth paying 3 mana for.
  • Strionic Resonator I've found to be a bit win-more, but it's still better than Parallel Lives because it doesn't just work with Riku
  • Sphinx of Uthuun would be played if I could Natural Order into it, but feels a lot weaker than my other curve-toppers when I'm paying full price for it
  • Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite were cut because I found I could make infinite creatures with Kiki-Jiki often enough with just Conscripts in the deck, and they're a lot worse on their own.
  • Holistic Wisdom as with a number of these cards, I've found that with this many tutors, it's better to have a more streamlined deck with diversified answers than duplication of effects. I can tutor for Eternal Witness, but not for this.
  • Palinchron was given up in a trade for a Snapcaster Mage, and, honestly, I don't miss it. It does make infinite mana and infinite Palinchrons with Riku and 9 starting mana, but with the deck in its current configuration, I can combo off earlier and equally consistently anyway.
  • Comet Storm was there just in case I wanted to kill in one turn with infinite mana, but I've found that's not worth a card slot once the deck as a whole got better.
  • Strip Mine is of better use in my Xenagos land destruction deck. Also, this deck is better off laying down threats than answering them, and would rather have a mana base that just lets us cast all of our spells when we want to.
  • Brainstorm was in when I had more fetches, but it's not as good now that the fetches are in Modern decks.*Recurring Insight draws a hell of a lot of cards, but also makes you tap a lot of mana without putting something on board. Card draw is good when you're behind because it lets you find something to bring the game back, but when you're behind and tap out to draw cards, your opponents kill you before you get to cast them.

Bad cards that I'm not playing

  • Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and Second Harvest are win-more. That is, they're do-nothing cards unless you're already winning, and thus end up losing you games when they just sit in your hand. Maybe they don't actually do nothing, but in the majority of games, you'd have been better off playing a creature of the same converted mana cost.
  • Time Stretch, Blatant Thievery, Clone Legion, Genesis Wave and the like are generally not what we're trying to do here. Sure, it's sweet if you pull off copying it, but you win if you copy enough cheaper spells anyway (as I've said, we're usually not losing after a copied Time Warp. We don't need Time Stretch). These are good control finishers, but Riku is a midrange/combo general.
  • Signets are worse than Farseek and friends because they're easier to remove. Green doesn't need signets.
  • Reiterate and the like: Riku already does this. They're not needed. Also, since they're so mana intensive, you tend to have hands with all Forks and no real spells to copy, since you cast all your other spells before you had mana available to Reverberate a spell.

Pour one out

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