Maelstrom Wanderer

Legendary Creature — Elemental

Creatures you control have haste.

Cascade, cascade (When you cast this spell, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost. Put the exiled cards on the bottom in a random order. Then do it again.)

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Maelstrom Wanderer Discussion

Wizno on Playgroup Competiveness

1 day ago

Zurgo Helmsmasher could be fun and moderately competitive. I would leave out World Slayer for your group. Some form of chaos deck could be interesting too. I've played against a bizarre Maelstrom Wanderer deck that relied heavily on Possibility Storm which led to some interesting outcomes.

TheDragonking564 on Dragons Dream Big!

1 day ago

StigIt2me yeah, i later found out it didnt work and swapped it out for Thran Dynamo. The thing is though, I am going to be taking this deck apart to build my Mayael the Anima deck, and later on a Scion of the Ur-Dragon and Maelstrom Wanderer deck. So I greatly appreciate the comment, I dunno how long this deck is going to stay functioning. However, I will be updating this page to fit my actual deck at the moment.

Daedalus19876 on The Gathering Storm: Animar EDH

2 days ago

LVL_666: Oh, I wish I could afford a Cradle, lol.

I do need to add Maelstrom Wanderer.

I'm not overly a fan of Shrieking Drake here, to be honest. He's limited by the amount of blue mana I possess, which is often somewhat limited. I also like Emrakul here, because she can be a finisher when I can't pull off the storm combos (and, I mean, it's fun to Mindslaver people).

Thanks for your comment! :)

LVL_666 on The Gathering Storm: Animar EDH

2 days ago

This is a rather high-priced suggestion, so take it worth a grain of salt BUT wouldn't Gaea's Cradle be a good addition to such a creature heavy deck? Then you have Maelstrom Wanderer who has cascade, cascade, which can only help your storm count. It's rather high on the CMC though, so i'd suggest that you swap it out for another high CMC creature in your deck that doesn't directly contribute to the storm theme - Emrakul, the Promised End. While a great card in and of itself, it kind of doesn't contribute to the theme and strategies of the deck. But want to know what does? Shrieking Drake. Using it's "return a creature you control" clause targeting itself a few times you can get additional +1/+1 counters and a storm count going.

greyninja on Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder I N S A N E

2 days ago

+1 from me. Yidris is rad. Thanks for +1ing my deck!

I like your inclusion of stuff like Shriekmaw, Mulldrifter, etc that get extra value points. Bring to Light is neat. Grozoth is f'n Grozoth. What're your favorite targets for both BtL and Groz? Jace, the Mind Sculptor has amazing synergy. Dropping things from your hand to topdeck... then cascade into it mwahaha

With so many creatures in here, if you can can drop $20+, Animar, Soul of Elements is the jam. He's my #1 favorite commander. You'll explode if you can attack w yidris+animar every turn. Shaman of the Great Hunt makes them vampires +1/+1

I have noncreature permanents I could suggest, but that doesn't seem to be your angle(?) Savage Ventmaw will fit your bill. Along with Urabrask and Maelstrom Wanderer to hit the ground running (hit the air running?). There's a bunch of infinite combat step combos with the ventmaw and Aggravated Assault, etc

I'm sure you'll have fun w it! Cheers!

nicolxbolas on loopholes

3 days ago

Ever think about dropping the Kozilek, Butcher of Truth for more Urabrask the Hidden? That way you can swing leathal right away when you pull off Hypergenesis

Another thought is the sane exclusion but bump up Maelstrom WandererSince he is blue you can incorporate FOW backup.

JoltsOfEnergy on Please Ban Torpor Orb

5 days ago

Really love the deck. Just seems a shame that you can't get more use out of your commander. If it's only good to potentially kill something in combination with Kiki-Jiki or Splinter Twin then it's really a waste. Have you considered Child of Alara? Could be a decent reset button in case your opponents out-pace you. Or maybe Horde of Notions? He has 3 relevant keywords and can brink back elementals like Mulldrifter and Reveillark. Plus with him you could consider adding cards like Shriekmaw, Tyrant of Discord, AEthersnipe and Avenger of Zendikar who all have very relevant ETB triggers. And maybe Maelstrom Wanderer who can help you get more things on the field and give everything haste.

SPACEgun on Yidris, Fury of the Maelstrom

1 week ago

I love this... it's given me some great Ideas for my Yidris deck. I've been getting decent mileage out of Sunken Hope too, recasting Maelstrom Wanderer Every turn is nice... and with the help of Animar, Soul of Elements it's even better.

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