Karn Liberated


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Mythic Rare
New Phyrexia Mythic Rare

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Karn Liberated

Planeswalker — Karn

+4: Target player exiles a card from his or her hand.

-3: Exile target permanent.

-14: Restart the game, leaving in exile all non-Aura permanent cards exiled with Karn Liberated. Then put those cards onto the battlefield under your control.

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Karn Liberated Discussion

Siq6Six on Making Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Great Again!

5 days ago

So.... sleeved up some of the new cards & played a quick game of solitaire. Most ridiculous play I've had, wish it'd happen during an actual game. Have to share!!

Turn one. Ancient Tomb, Sol Ring, Oblivion Stone. Turn two. Plains, Inspiring Statuary. Turn three.. Reliquary Tower, Karn Liberated, keeping the W open for removal.

Phaetion on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

5 days ago

Mwahaha!!! I got mine for the old price before it spiked! Huehuehue...

Anyways, Karn Liberated seems to be hitting $80. I understand it's been creeping back up, but I wasn't expecting 80 so soon.

ZombieCat on Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

1 week ago

I feel like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon has more utility than Karn Liberated

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - +4 Bolt creature or player. Pretty useful. His -X can be useful in tight situations and his ultimate pays for itself. Draw, life then drop 7 permanents onto the field? AND if he hasn't taken damage he would still be at +1.

Karn Liberated - Target player exiles a card from his/her hand... of their choosing. Eh... -3 is exile target permanent. This is the best thing Karn has going for him.. Land, enchantment, artifact, everything is a target. His ultimate.. depends on what your opponents have, really. By late game, if you haven't already board wiped them to hell.. what use is his Ult..? This commander is meant to run all the fun destroy everything cards..

Those are my thoughts on the two...

Poptartz95 on Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

1 week ago


tyvm for those suggestions, and next week when I start rebuilding I will definitely look into them! Dust to Dust looks like a great addition actually. I can definitely say that card will most likely be in. I know for a fact I might be making a ton of creature changes to.... Some nice new Angels/White creatures have been added! Glad they have done a lot of Reprints to will make rebuilding this deck a lot easier. To this day I still question "Should I use Karn Liberated or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon D: such a hard decision!

tumorman73 on Artifact tron......

1 week ago

if you can get all of the urza lands out, I would play Karn Liberated you can drop him turn 3 if you have all of the lands out.

Hidran on The Promised End

2 weeks ago

May as well add Karn Liberated. You've got every other colorless bomb.

entheogeneral on Doctor Teferi, Sorcerer Supreme

2 weeks ago

Those seem like good options. In my opinion, Karn Liberated is the best colourless walker though. Ugin is pretty sweet to though. But yeah, great deck, I'd hate to play against it

Neotrup on Is there a card that ...

2 weeks ago

Yes, but it doesn't do what you want it to do. There are two ways to remove poison counters. The first is ending the game, which if you want to keep playing means using Karn Liberated to restart the game. The second is with Leeches, which as it deals damage equal to the number of poison counters removed, it would put them right back on if you had Phyrexian Unlife and 0 or less life.

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