Karn Liberated


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters Promo (UMAP) Mythic Rare
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Mythic Rare
New Phyrexia (NPH) Mythic Rare

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Karn Liberated

Planeswalker — Karn

+4: Target player exiles a card from his or her hand.

-3: Exile target permanent.

-14: Restart the game, leaving in exile all non-Aura permanent cards exiled with Karn Liberated. Then put those cards onto the battlefield under your control.

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Karn Liberated Discussion

kamelyan on Descent Into Madness Hidden Commander

1 week ago

If Descent into Madness stays out long enough, the game will eventually reset, albeit with top-decking. But if the game does end up restarting, what better way than with Karn Liberated 's ultimate?

You may also want to ramp your way towards devastation. Dark Ritual and Cabal Coffers are a couple cards that could help pay for costly spells or just a turn one Arterial Flow .

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Vergil_Redgrail

1 week ago


Perhaps you don't remember, but I owe you an apology. A little less than a year ago, you paid me for a foil Karn Liberated , and I never delivered. I thought at the time that I had responded to let you know what was going on in my personal life and didn't realize that I hadn't sent my message until some time later. I'm not here to make excuses, although if you're curious I'm open to explaining further in PMs.

By the time I discovered my mistake, you had already reclaimed your payment (which I'm glad you were able to do) and I felt too ashamed to try to clear my name publicly. I've been on the site since, but haven't been active in the community - mostly just keeping updated decklists etc, no trading or posting or commenting. I'd like to change that, and while I don't intend to trade here again, I do want to recommence my old Commander article series. I cannot, however, do that without first acknowledging my error to you, and doing what I can to make amends.

I'm sorry for the difficulty I caused you, and for failing to deliver the Karn as promised. I'm sorry I failed to communicate properly that I wouldn't be able to hold up my end of the bargain, and that I didn't directly initiate the refund myself. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?


Cyb3rguerrill0 on Eldrazi Tron

2 weeks ago

Hi, I built a Tron deck recently myself. But for Legacy. Anyway. This deck could use some ramp and less creatures. I suggest trying: Everflowing Chalice , Palladium Myr Expedition Map to fetch the tron together. Sort out some of the fatties and go with some hatebears like: Karn Liberated and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon . If you want to go more budget and bring out the fatties WITHOUT casting them (important!!!) Quicksilver Amulet should work for you. Lodestone Golem will also work as a nice defriender. Spellskite to turn away some buffs or direct damage is much fun. Nice combo with your already listed (but take out one or two) Eldrazi Conscription is Etched Champion protected by Darksteel Citadel 's have fun building your deck!

Darth_Savage on Abzan Hidden Visitation

2 weeks ago

I'm going to start with something basic, Evolving Wilds makes very little sense, in any deck outside of Commander. Let me explain, it will always put a basic land into play tapped, tempo wise that isn't better than cards like Temple of Silence or Scattered Groves , which have an additional upside. This is true even thought you are trying to trigger revolt.

Emmara, Soul of the Accord might be a good choice, if you had a way to tap it without attacking such as Smuggler's Copter but you don't, nor would it be a particularly good fit for your deck. Rather than the Emmara you might be better using something like Raise the Alarm .

Token based decks often feature Intangible Virtue , but your plan is more like a deck looking to stall and disrupt your opponent until you can resolve Divine Visitation. The issue here is that 4+ mana is a lot in modern, Anointed Procession is a similar card to Divine Visitation and suffers the same issue. If you play these cards on the curve, so turn 4 or 5, they have no impact on the board that turn. You have spent a lot of mana for no immediate effect, this isn't a good thing.

You are looking to build a midrange style combo deck, Divine Visitation can only really work in a combo deck. To let you survive long enough to trigger Divine Visitation, you probably need Fog effects, Holy Day / Ethereal Haze or more hand disruption Thoughtseize and removal Fatal Push / Path to Exile.

The Modern meta is full of 1 mana enablers that fuel fast decks; Aether Vial , Ancient Stirrings , Faithless Looting and Noble Hierarch these cards define the format. It also has access to big mana Urza's Mine , Urza's Power Plant and Urza's Tower , which can play threats which wouldn't normally be seen; Karn Liberated , conveniently 7 mana is what the 3 Urza lands produce, if they are all in play. Which brings me to the last part of the modern meta, answers. Modern has some of the best answers you could want, you have a few of them in your deck already...

What the entire paragraph above was trying to say is, Modern can be very fast, if your win condition is 5 mana then you better either have ramp or a way to stall the board. You can stall a little with the removal and discard alongside creatures like Hunted Witness, but I'm not sure if that will be enough. The only way to know for sure is to play the deck, so I guess I'll wish you luck and I hope the above is helpful to you.

coltron518 on B&R announcement tomorrow

3 weeks ago

NapoleonBonaparte: not every creature deck will want to run the Jitte, and the only deck that even used Punishing Fire was jund, which now has better options.

as for Ancient Stirrings / Faithless Looting , its highly unlikely those would be banned. banning those cards would hurt decks that don't need to be hurt. those cards don't "increase the power of the deck tenfold", and even if they "did", it doesn't change the fact that they still impose deck building restrictions.

Flooremoji: banning KCI's namesake card would kill the deck altogether. we want to weaken it, not outright kill it. by "punishing grove", do you mean the combo of Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows ? it won't do much. 2 mana and letting the opponent gain a life just to kill off some weak creatures isn't worth it. like i said, jund has better things to do now. legacy may have more answers than modern, but it is an entirely different format. Stoneforge Mystic 's "best" line of play is a turn 3 Batterskull , which is tame compared to a turn 3 Karn Liberated .

Jpinkman on Tron Superfriends

1 month ago

I think Karn Liberated wouldn' t fit that bad in this.

JKRice on eldrazi-tron

1 month ago

I think switch Karn, Scion of Urza for another Karn Liberated; scion doesn’t provide as much of a threat and his ult doesn’t do much in this deck, and also it’s probably always better to stick a 7-drop on T3 than a four-drop

Other than that, looks really good

Darth_Savage on Anointed Procession Deck with Cats

1 month ago

9-lives, No offence taken, but I'd like to understand why you don't like my demo deck? It plays to the plan you want, but in a way which is resilient, I'm fairly sure if the deck didn't work captainamerica wouldn't of liked it. I spend a fair amount of time helping other players build decks, I'm frequently in TappedOut's top ten helpers and I've been playing Magic for more than 20 years... I'm not trying to make you play like a spike, but at the same time Modern is a turn four format. What that means is you need to be in a position to win on turn four or five, otherwise you lose. At present midrange decks simply can't compete with the speed of others...

Answer me this, you have seen my Modern deck Power 4 is Ferocious, can you deal with 2x turn 1 Hollow One or a turn 2 lifelink, flying, double strike Soulflayer? This isn't an edge case on turn 3-4 tron (3 lands Urza's Tower being 1) decks can play Karn Liberated or Wurmcoil Engine. Burn decks have already come close to killing you, and control has you locked out in one way or another. Then there is infect a surprisingly cheap deck, and it only need 10 damage to and an opponent, for reference Blighted Agent. You can't have an answer to everything, and decks which try are called toolboxes, which from what I can tell doesn't appeal to you. Still, I'll cover it anyway, toolbox decks use Eldritch Evolution and Collected Company, mostly because Birthing Pod is modern banned...

Molding your deck around your opponent is a poor plan in general and certainly not something to fixate on. I have a borderline ridiculous casual deck The best cost is free which relies on me exiling cards from my hand to do things. Or how about a deck that is mostly 0 cost artifacts Cheap & Cherio, this only has 15 land, yet it can win. Modern is a format with over 12,000 unique cards and I have no idea how many ways to win, you can't plan for everything.

as an experiment, don't look at values, give me an honest evaluation of these 5 cards:

Vampire Nighthawk aggressive creature, kill spell.

Dissipate counterspell, exile answer.

Bow of Nylea toolbox, passive gain.

Guttersnipe burn with a body.

Ghostway blink, re-trigger enters the battlefield.

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Karn Liberated occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.24%

Green: 1.83%

Black: 0.26%

Golgari: 0.44%

Gruul: 0.18%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.08%

Green: 0.03%

Red: 0.05%

Black: 0.06%

Blue: 0.03%

Izzet: 0.03%

Azorius: 0.02%

Jeskai: 0.05%

Esper: 0.04%

Witch: 0.32%

Rainbow/All: 0.1%