Splinter Twin

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has ": Put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield. That token has haste. Exile it at the beginning of your next end step."

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Splinter Twin Discussion

AkromaPhage6 on Need help to turn a ...

4 hours ago

I've never played commander 1v1, however, Mono white Death and Taxes is my deck of choice in legacy. The problem with mono white in multiplayer commander is that it's the worst color identity to be in. Therefore my suggestion would be to use the same ideas of taxing and hatebears and splash other colors. Green is great, it gives you access to Gaddock Teeg as well as creature tutors. 3 color hatebears using green, white and either red or black is also helpful. Black gives you access to more tutors and kill spells. Red gives you access to win conditions like Splinter Twin and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. That's just a a quick glance on my thoughts about it. I also look around the competitive decks quite a bit even though no one wants to play cEDH in my area. Here is a competitive list to get some ideas, however:http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/marath-of-the-titans/

AmazingGrace15 on Cromat: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

1 week ago

Thank you so much, thumbs14! I love those suggestions. I think Intruder Alarm is a lot more affordable for me and easier to achieve, so I'll definitely look into that. Right now I have a 5 piece combo with Mind Over Matter + Temur Ascendancy/Dire Undercurrents + Splinter Twin + Cromat. Although it is a huge combo, I think it will suffice until I can get my hands on Intruder Alarm. Thank you!

AmazingGrace15 on Cromat: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

2 weeks ago

Thank you thumbs14! I appreciate your suggestions. I think my biggest issue at the moment is balancing out my mana base. More often than not I'm becoming mana flooded, which I suppose is better than being mana screwed, but it is still frustrating. I like your suggestions, but I'm not entirely sure what to take out and how to implement them.

Do you have any suggestions on other ways to create Cromat tokens? Or any creatures that would help? I'm looking for some shenanigans with Splinter Twin and Cromat, but most infinite combos with Splinter Twin only work with Pestermite or something similar.

Thank you!

SaberTech on Animar

1 month ago

Not having Imperial Recruiter makes it tough on Animar, because the Recruiter enables so much of what the deck wants to do, on top of being the key piece in a lot of combo chains. I agree with a lot of what JMCraig has said, but I'd like to offer some advice in regards to running Kiki-combo in Animar:

First, I'll acknowledge that running Kiki-combo comes at a small cost in consistency, in that all those cards could instead be mana dorks or ways to draw more cards. Those slots could also be used for silver-bullet spells geared to your meta, such as running Scavenging Ooze for dealing with The Gitrog Monster (which is Animar's only real way of interacting with Gitrog's combo beyond stealing Gitrog with Gilded Drake). That being said, Kiki-combo does offer you a combo that doesn't rely on having Animar in play or necessarily require chaining with Recruiter.

If you are running Kiki-combo, you'll also want Bloom Tender, Glen Elendra Archmage, and Birthing Pod in your deck to give your Kiki-combo pieces added value and integrate them better into the rest of the deck. Bloom Tender is great in general, and if you have both it and Animar with 2 counters out Deceiver Exarch and Pestermite essentially become pseudo-Dark Rituals by untapping Bloom Tender.

The reason you want Birthing Pod and Glen Elendra Archmage is because they let you go: Activate Birthing Pod and sacrifice the Archmage -> Persist brings back the Archmange -> fetch out Zealous Conscripts when the Pod's ability resolves and use the Conscript's trigger to untap Birthing Pod -> Activate the Pod and sac the Archmage again to fetch out Kiki-Jiki to combo off with the Conscripts.

You can also use the Pod to sac a 2-mana creature -> fetch Pestermite -> untap Pod -> activate Pod and sac the Pestermite to fetch the Archmage. You are stopped there for the turn, but just having the Archmage out (hopefully with some blue lands untapped to use its ability) can put a lot of pressure on your opponents. They now have to play around the Archmage, and if they can't either kill it once or force you to use its ability then you are threatening to end the game on your next turn. The whole process is fairly easy for your opponents to interrupt if they time their removal right, but on their own both Birthing Pod and the Archmage offer a lot on their own as deck inclusions anyway.

Beyond those combos, you can used Pestermite and Deceiver Exarch as "free" creatures when comboing off with Cloudstone Curio, or to tap down potential blockers or counterspell mana at the end of an opponent's turn. And on more than one occasion I've cast Zealous Conscripts right after casting Kozilek to give Kozilek haste and swing for the Annihilator trigger.

As a side note, I've found that I don't like running Splinter Twin in Animar. I've often found having a 4-mana non-creature spell that is only useful in specific situations to often just be a dead draw. However, I know some people have included it for extra redundancy, so whatever suits your fancy.

Anyway, if you do end up keeping Kiki-Jiki in the deck for a while longer, I hope these ideas help.

sonnet666 on List of Partner Pairs by Tier

1 month ago

There are deck-specific combos and general combos.

Deck-specific combos are usually ones that involve the deck's commander and will vary from deck to deck. (E.g. Teysa, Orzhov Scion + Darkest Hour + Sac Outlet.)

Deck specific combos will usually have one card that combos with the commander (Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes), or two cards where one can be multiple cards in the deck (Sac Outlet = Altar of Dementia, Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, Blasting Station, Viscera Seer, etc...)

General combos are combos that make infinite something in any deck. Since they don't have anything to do with their commanders you'll generally see the same ones in most decks. They are usually two card combos, or three card combos where one card can be multiple cards in the deck (Sac Outlet or Mana Rock usually).

The most common general combos are:

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Often good commanders that run general combos are an outlet for Infinite Mana, or are able to easily search out or recur pieces of the combo.

isaelis on Krenko's Madness

1 month ago

hoardofnotions yo change out the changes! As you know the deck is purely focused on getting a combo out.

New Cards:

Anger Get hast enabler with my discard effects ie. Gamble, Faithless Looting, Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess

Ashling's Prerogative Great Haste enabler

Combat Celebrant + Splinter Twin + no summoning sickness = infinite

Goblin Sharpshooter + Splinter Twin with sacc outlet OR ETB/LTB pings = inifinite

Thousand-Year Elixir haste for activated abilities

Mana Echoes Great mana producer as well as can combo off with Staff of Domination and Umbral Mantle

Dragon Fodder and Krenko's Command more tokens to either aggro or pop combos faster

Battle Hymn and Brightstone Ritual and Chrome Mox and Lotus Petal and Mox Opal and Mana Crypt

Forgotten Ancient More draw/discard

I am sure there is more that I forgot to mention!

DarkLaw on Help me catch up

1 month ago

What you might be more likely to miss are the B&R updates. This is just off the top of my head.

Splinter Twin, Gitaxian Probe, Summer Bloom, Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, and Golgari Grave-Troll are banned (of which only Treasure Cruise probably needed the ban). Sword of the Meek and Ancestral Vision are unbanned.

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