Galerider Sliver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare

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Galerider Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have flying.

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Galerider Sliver Discussion

colton815 on SlIvErS!!!

1 week ago

xyr0s: theres definitely good reason for slivers to be 5-color. right off the rip the decks main lords are green (Predatory Sliver), white (Sinew Sliver), and red (Sedge Sliver). Sedge Sliver requires swamps, so you might as well use some black slivers like Syphon Sliver to heal any damage from fetchlands and shocklands, or Necrotic Sliver in the sideboard. as for blue, Galerider Sliver, Diffusion Sliver, and Phantasmal Image as a 4th lord seem like a pretty strong argument.

cdkime on Ultimate Slivers Theme Deck

2 weeks ago

I would say three of the best non-legendary Sliver's in the game are blue: Crystalline Sliver, Galerider Sliver, and Hibernation Sliver. I think there is nothing more Sliver-like than moving the entire horde to the skies to pursue new prey, or adapting drastically to avoid enemy magic (both targeted and wraths). Shifting Sliver is a pretty mediocre card in competitive, since it does not hit the 2-mana mark you really want for all your Slivers, but would be a decent and very flavourful win-condition in a casual setting.

Regarding your mana curve and the lack of redundancy, I might suggest modeling your deck off the 2012 Planechase deck Chaos Reigns. This deck is a 5 colour pre-constructed deck. Like all decks Wizards releases, it is far from optimized, and designed for casual play. In terms of power, the Planeschase decks are a bit higher than the duel decks, if that is a useful point of reference. Following its guidance on mana curve, mana base, and quantity of each spell (Planechase never had more than 2 of any given spell, but there were sufficient 2-ofs to keep some consistency), you can probably build an acceptable, but slow Sliver deck.

cdkime on legacy sliver

3 weeks ago
  • Hibernation Sliver is a great option for preventing your Slivers from being sent to the graveyard.

  • I would recommend four copies of Galerider Sliver, to maximize your chances of playing it on your first mana.

  • Aether Vial is absurdly good in Slivers. You fill your deck with a bunch of 2 mana Slivers, get two counters on Aether Vial, and then throw out a free Sliver each turn.

  • Leeching Sliver is great. You get free damage through, even if your Slivers are blocked. If you have multiple copies in play, the abilities stack, creating absurd amounts of life-loss.

MrJohny on

3 weeks ago

I'll go ahead and apologize if I sounded harsh.... correcting simple grammer mistakes is a pet peeve of mine....

But if i was going too play slivers as a control strategy i would first cut down to 12-15 creatures. Somethimg like

2-3 Sliver Legion: as your win con

3-4 Manaweft Sliver: ramping is great for control decks

4 Hibernation Sliver: protection

3-4 Diffusion Sliver: protection

Also maybe Galerider Sliver.

Aether Vial is still a must, you dont want to tap out on turn 2 for a creature you want to be countering. So you use this to cheat your creatures onto the board.

Control decks are reactive rather than proactive. You essential want to sit around and wait for your opponent to make a move then respond. To do this you need a strong control package.

This can be a mix of removal and hand diruption but you need a strong counter spell package as well as a form of card draw.

Hopefully this will be more helpful than me getting but hurt. I do have a soft spot for slivers and brewing.....

cdkime on

3 weeks ago

I am mostly going to agree with MrJohny--with the exception of Goblins, Slivers are the most aggressive tribe in the game. I am a huge fan of unusual deck arctypes, and would love to see a Sliver deck taken in a more control-oriented direction.

This deck, however, is not that. As MrJohny pointed out, you have no way of winning. Slivers have incredible ramp with Manaweft Sliver, allowing you to play fairly significant win conditions. Sliver Legion or Sliver Queen would make for powerful finishers.

If you want to go full control, Hibernation Sliver is a great option, as it allows you to save your Slivers from removal. Personally, I think it is a vastly better option than Diffusion Sliver, as it also protects against boardwipes. That said, you are running a lot of damage-dealing lands, so you might not have the health for it. Cutting a few colours from your deck would mitigate this some.

On the more aggressive side of things, I want to add Galerider Sliver and Leeching Sliver to MrJohny's suggestions. A one-drop that gives all your creatures evasion is absurd, and the additional damage Leeching Sliver provides, even if your creatures are blocked, can add up quickly.

Phantasmal Image does not work well with Diffusion Sliver, since they can still cast a spell, and it will remove Phantasmal Image, regardless of whether the spell resolves.

ThatGuy_OhWhatsHisName on Slivers, because I've always wanted to

1 month ago

Hi Seventy7INa45. I would first like to say that this is an amazing deck and I appreciate anyone that has made a Sliver deck. Nothing more satisfying than watching some say they are playing slivers to a sliver hater or any non-sliver players as their reactions are so funny. I think you should one time go with you crueller version and play somewhere more competitive just to see if you could hold up. But I like fun so I can see why you changed it up to be less intimidating. Though it is still a bit intimidating because slivers always are.

I'm a little unsure about a some of your slivers. I'm a little confused at why you put some in that share the same as other slivers but the abilities don't stack up and get better the more instances of the the abilities there are. For example, Galerider Sliver and Winged Sliver both have flying but flying doesn't stack. I can understand that your deck hinges on a few combos that frankly are OP so you may not need to think about overlapping abilities but for me it seem a little silly to do that.

Don't get me wrong, I have a sliver deck and I have gone through the pain and frustration of building it over and over again and only just making it a viable deck. Like I don't know anything about your play style with this deck or how much experience you have compared to me. I know you tested your deck from your updates and revisions. You said it was a good deck so I have no reason not to believe that it isn't perfect. I just want to know the logic behind those choice you made for your deck. Maybe I am missing out on a vital strategy that I could utilise or maybe it is just a subtle choice you that I don't understand.

Also, feel free to check out my sliver deck and comment on it. Upvote it if you think it is good enough. I want to know what you think is right or what you think is wrong. Ask me if you are unsure of some choice I have made.


multimedia on Sliver EDH-001

1 month ago

Hey, good job in the Commander league.

45x lands, this is too much land. 38x total lands is fine, consider cutting some lands? In there place include some land ramp that can also fix mana colors: Farseek, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach.

Haste is an ability you really want with Silvers, you already have Heart Sliver which is good, but I suggest also adding Blur Sliver and Firewake Sliver. Crystalline Sliver has already been suggested, but I'm going to suggest it again since it can be a game winning two drop Sliver. You already have Winged Sliver, but I suggest also adding Galerider Sliver more flying evasion and it's a one drop Sliver.

Harmonic Sliver can be devastating to your opponents. This Sliver is so good that some nonSliver decks play it because it gives you value when it ETB. The ability it gives Silvers when they ETB is not a may ability if your opponents don't control any artifacts or enchantments and you do then you must destroy one of your own. To prevent this play Darksteel Ingot. It's a three drop Rainbow mana rock with indestructible, it can't be destroyed. Target it with Slivers who ETB to prevent having to destroy your own.

A couple of underrated Slivers who can draw a lot of cards to consider adding: Synapse Sliver and Dormant Sliver. Hibernation Sliver is also underrated as it can save any Sliver from removal, board wipes, exile, etc. It's ability has no mana cost and doesn't target, it can be used with any Sliver who has shroud, you can save Crystalline for the cost of 2 life.

Sliver Queen has already been suggested and if you want to win with an infinite combo with Slivers then it's the best Sliver to include. Horned Sliver has also been mentioned, it's great with Sliver Hivelord giving it trample.

Amoeboid Changeling and Unnatural Selection can make any creature an opponent controls into a Sliver letting Overlord permanently gain control of that creature adding it to your Sliver army. Mirror Entity can be a Sliver, it's a Changeling and it can pump an entire army of Slivers. All Slivers get this power and toughness boost while keeping all their abilities.


Good luck with your deck.

Rythven-Fang on Counter Sliver Project

1 month ago

Speaking from the position of this being my main deck I play I would like to make a few suggestions.

That's just what I'd suggest. You're call if you want to go that direction or not. The deck when built and piloted well is extremely powerful and sits at a tier 1.5 status.

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