Frontier Bivouac


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Uncommon
Khans of Tarkir Uncommon

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Frontier Bivouac


Frontier Bivuoac enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add , , or to your mana pool.

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Frontier Bivouac Discussion

gravitydefyinghair on Surrak Dragonclaw EDH

6 days ago

Torrent Elemental is not a legal card with Surrak as the commander. Both colors of the hybrid mana in either the casting cost or ability activation cost must exist in the commander's color identity. So, for example, you could play Giant Solifuge in this deck (not that I would, but it is legal to do so) but it would be illegal to play Nightveil Specter.

I would replace Destructor Dragon with Trygon Predator.

I would take out Frost Walker, Cyclone Sire, Torrent Elemental, Gruul Turf, Gruul Charm, Lightning Strike. Seer's Lantern, Nissa's Renewal, Devour in Flames, and Izzet Boilerworks.

Here's why:

  • Frost walker and Cyclone sire are more 60-card format cards.

  • Torrent elemental is illegal.

  • Gruul turf and Izzet boilerworks seem good, but they're really just strip mine/wasteland bait.

  • Gruul charm is bad. Be greener and invest in trample.

  • Lifecrafter's Bestiary or Thassa, God of the Sea are upgrades from Seer's Lantern.

  • Nissa's Renewal is late game ramp. That's bad. Early game ramp is better.

  • Burn is bad in EDH.

I would suggest (these are all just good cards for your consideration, I know there are probably more than I suggested taking out):

For a 3 color deck, the landbase would also be improved by taking out basics and putting in things like:

Ideally, for a landbase you'd have shock lands such as Steam Vents, fetch lands such as Scalding Tarn, and regular dual lands such as Volcanic Island, but those things are expensive and this is a game.

DarkLaw on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

Let's not forget any of the story questions in Fate Reforged (going off of memory here) like:

Why didn't Bolas kill Ugin rather than just leave him mortally wounded? Didn't he like to eat the more powerful foes he defeated? (Why aren't we getting that demon leviathan planeswalker card?) Why didn't Bolas hurt Sarkhan? How the hell did an echo of Ugin remain that was invisible even to Sorin? How do Ugin's bones still contain that much magic? Shouldn't some Jeskai monk, Temur shaman or Sultai person long since dragged his bones away? (I mean, really, look at Frontier Bivouac.) Weren't Bolas and Ugin pre-mending walkers then? How could Sarkhan remotely compete? Was Sarkhan temporarily a pre-mending walker? How did Sarkhan know exactly what to do? How could Sarkhan never have been born but still exist? How did Sarkhan travel back forwards in time if Ugin was too wounded to do anything? Was that lingering magic from the unwritten timeline? (Why did the guy in See the Unwritten carry on revering dragons?) Why is it that the dragon storms only got stronger when Ugin was wounded, not weaker? If you argue that's how it works, then how come they stop when he dies? What happens when Ugin planeswalks away from Tarkir? Would the tempests temporarily stop? How come we couldn't just resurrect Ugin (there are some spells which allow you to resurrect someone intact - Faith's Reward, for example, and while that exact spell may not work, surely a similar one could)? Why are the dragonlords so angery? And why does Sarkhan have a fetish for dragons that can only be relieved by bringing back dragons on Tarkir in particular?

Mavert on

1 month ago

Get rid of Sandsteppe Citadel, Mystic Monastery, and Frontier Bivouac for something like Sunken Hollow or Temple of Deceit

hardhitta71194 on Herd Mentality Original

2 months ago

My Drake Haven deck is just the one the Prof did a video on. I usually don't netdeck but I really liked the deck and couldn't build a better version. I still have some lands to obtain. Spirebluff Canal mainly. Gahhhh that price.

How much do you think it would effect the deck if I ran the tapped lands until I can get the fast lands? Right now it's replaced with the tri colored land, Frontier Bivouac but it will have to go when I actually go play at a shop.

MoGoose831 on Maelstrom just keeps on Wanderin'!

3 months ago

You can go with some of the cheaper U/R or U/G lands like Sulfer Falls, Izzet Boilerworks, and Skyshroud Forest to replace a couple forests and islands. Also Frontier Bivouac seems like an easy add.

I really like Rupture Spire and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to fill in for all your lands.

Firebones675 on Flippin'

3 months ago

Your mana base seems pretty ambitious. I'd try to cut down to atleast 3 colors but if you are determined here's what i'd run in a 5 color deck

You could try a fetch shock mana base but thats pretty expensive. (A fetch like Flooded Strand can get any color of mana via Hallowed Fountain, Steam Vents, Windswept Heath, Godless Shrine for example)

Ancient Ziggurat works for your creatures

The 10 tri lands: Seaside Citadel, Arcane Sanctum, Crumbling Necropolis, Savage Lands, Jungle Shrine, Sandsteppe Citadel, Mystic Monastery, Opulent Palace, Nomad OutpostFrontier Bivouac

If you have enough tappedlands Amulet of Vigor might be worth considering

Chromatic Lantern aslo is probably needed.

Narrash on

4 months ago

I'd rather replace the x4 Rugged Highlands with x4 Frontier Bivouac, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I don't mind splashing, especially for Sarkhan Unbroken, but I feel like it's changing a lot.As for Atarka's Command, I already plan on adding two of them and getting rid of x1 Harbinger of the Hunt and x1 Herdchaser Dragon.

Narrash on

4 months ago

What I meant with "clan meddling" is I don't want Kolaghan clan cards in an Atarka themed deck. But the Temur Charm and Temur Ascendency, I liked them both a lot, though I'd rather go with the charm.I also feel like adding a Sarkhan Unbroken would be worth it, but I don't really know what would be worth changing for that 1 blue mana and make it as viable as it is. Frontier Bivouac ? But how much and change it for what ?

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