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Trygon Predator

Creature — Beast


Whenever Trygon Predator deals combat damage to a player, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment that player controls.

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Trygon Predator Discussion

Flareking99 on The Only True God, Kruphix! (feedbacks :))

1 week ago

Perhaps drop the Trygon Predator and the Strionic Resonator . The resonator is VERY situational and under the circumstance that you have something like Kalonian Hydra on the board! it kicks people's faces in. But many times, you draw it in a hand that doesn't need it. The trygon is the only other thing I could think to take out.

red on Biohazardous (modern simic)

2 weeks ago

I'm not very familiar with the modern meta game in general, so forgive me if I say something uncouth. The advantage of Simic consists of the advantages of U, card advantage and counterspells, and the advantages of G, extra mana and big tough creatures.

To get card advantage, I highly recommend Coiling Oracle . Worst case scenario you draw a card and play a creature, best case scenario you put a land in play. 1-2 Elvish Visionary may also be of use. These little guys will help your deck run smoothly and give you blockers to hold out a bit while you evolve. Plus they work nicely with Nulltread Gargantuan and Lorescale Coatl . Both beat Viridian Emissary since they work on the spot rather than waiting around to die first. Cold-Eyed Selkie may be useful too, but I often find it a bit slow unless you're playing a U deck.

I might consider swapping Plaxcaster Frogling out for Plaxmanta . It's just cheaper and the flash ability will leave your opponent wasting a card. Again it works well with Nulltread Gargantuan .

Now that you have solid card advantage, the next step is to hit hard. I recommend Shambleshark and Drakewing Krasis . Assault Zeppelid may work too, but the extra mana cost slows it down. Shorecrasher Mimic can be fun too.

Patagia Viper works well with Zameck Guildmage also, getting you two 2/2s and one 3/2 all in one card.

Favor of the Overbeing seems like a better option than Eel Umbra , unless you find the flash important. And I almost always can find a use for Snakeform , especially with Shorecrasher Mimic in play.

Lastly, perhaps consider Fathom Mage or Momir Vig, Simic Visionary . Both are extremely powerful card advantage generators, but they may take too long to get out to be useful. Murkfiend Liege can also be fun, along with Trygon Predator .

In short:-2 Plaxcaster Frogling +3 Plaxmanta -4 Eel Umbra +4 Coiling Oracle -2 Viridian Emissary +4 Shambleshark -3 Young Wolf -2 Pongify +2 Murkfiend Liege -4 Simic Charm +4 Drakewing Krasis

Of course do what you feel would work best with your given meta-game and play style. I tend to prefer lots of card advantage to make my deck run consistently and hitting an opponent with lots of 3 power creatures. You may prefer to counterspell or control your opponent until you have the mana to smack down a Simic Sky Swallower or Nulltread Gargantuan . There's no wrong way to play. :D


Tata on Damia Creature Rush

2 weeks ago

I've tried to do a Damia beatdown deck as well. It's working out, but often I wonder if Damia isn't better suited for control. What's your opinion on the matter?

I like a lot of your creatures. Trygon Predator is fantastic as a low-cost critter. Gotta empty your hand asap! A very versatile creature.

Coiling Oracle is awesome,too.

I like all your lost-cost creatures as well. The guildmages are great utility creatures that leave your hand early and give you good options mid/lategame.

I question some of your high CMC choices, tho. Fungal Shambler , for example, is just soooo outclassed by other 7-drops. Rune-Scarred Demon comes immediately to mind.

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf is underwhelming imo. Wouldn't you rather have Spiritmonger for the same CMC? I really like creatures with regen/hexproof in aggro EDH builds because you're so vulnerable to wraths and removal. Speaking of regen/hexproof, have you considered Thrun, the Last Troll ? He's very badass. Almost impossible to deal with. I really like Asceticism too. Helps protect Damia and your dudes.

I don't like Shrieking Drake and Nulltread Gargantuan because you really don't have many great ETB triggers. The drake also slows your draws from Damia. For a 1-drop I'd recommend Birds of Paradise .

I think equipement like the swords and Loxodon Warhammer are very good in damia builds. The swords offer great protection (equip to damia if you need to) and the lifegain is very nice vs faster aggro decks. I also get a lot of value off Akroma's Memorial . Giving Damia first strike is absolutely devastating since she already has deathtouch.

I see you run lots of transmute. Do you have a particular transmute package you run? I prefer to use traditional tutors to get what I need, like Sol Ring or Basilisk Collar with Trinket Mage and the like. How's transmute worked out for you? The problem with tutoring to your hand is that it restricts Damia's draw. I always prefer to tutor directly onto the field with cards like Green Sun's Zenith .

Anyways, nice damia deck. I really love seeing other aggro builds with damia. I couldn't care less about playing control in edh and I really enjoy the ramp capabilities of BUG. She's my favorite general and I like seeing decks utilizing her the same way I do. Nice work, +1

Angry_Potatoes on Forests of Evolution

3 weeks ago

Master Biomancer is an absolute badass, I would run 4 copies. Trygon Predator is great, but he should really just be in the sideboard to combat stuff like affinity. Lorescale Coatl is a nice threat that gets bigger the longer the game goes (and it triggers Shorecrasher Mimic ), maybe something to consider.

sylvannos on Mooooooo

3 weeks ago

Have you heard of the deck called Noble Fish? This is going in a really similar direction. You basically play a Bant hatebears deck with countermagic. While the deck is a lot better in Vintage, there's been a few people toying around with a Legacy port. The key pieces are Meddling Mage , Gitaxian Probe , Noble Hierarch , Tarmogoyf , and Qasali Pridemage .

Gaddock Teeg and Trygon Predator also make appearances. Ethersworn Canonist and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben are more options in combo-heavy metas. One of the cooler interactions I've seen people try out is a package consisting of Stoneforge Mystic , Sword of Feast and Famine , and Mystic Remora . You get an insane draw engine going, all the while keeping mana open in lieu of AEther Vial (which is what D&T would use).

Just some thoughts. Love the red splash for Chain Lightning , Lightning Helix , and Lightning Bolt !

KingSorin on Best enchantment hate in RUG

3 weeks ago

Trygon Predator can also be good.

Victrix on Counters...Get your counters here....

1 month ago

I find I get a lot of use out of Trygon Predator and Cold-Eyed Selkie in my vorel deck Vorel, from down in accountering.. The predator is usually good for 1-2 hits at minimum, and there is almost always someone playing blue, so the Selkie nets some nice card draw.

kre91 on From the Labs: Mutants

1 month ago

You have a pretty low curve. Perhaps a Shardless Agent (if you can get your hands on them for a decent price) would be a great addition! Urban Evolution can easily be replaced by Kiora, the Crashing Wave (since she can help ramp mana and draw cards and is straight up better). Trygon Predator might also give you reach and some nice non-creature removal as well!

And if you really want to abuse your Nulltread Gargantuan adding creatures with come-into-play utility such as Mystic Snake might also be a good idea! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.7 $0.98 $2.99 $6.25
Power / Toughness 2/3
Color(s) U, G
Cost 1UG
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.03
Avg. cube pick 9.53


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Dissension Uncommon