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EDH Budget Win-Conditions [List]

Commander / EDH* Budget Multiplayer Primer



Everything in the Maybeboard is either slightly too expensive to be budget (above $4) or a bit too situational or weak to count as win condition.

Combo win-conditions tend to blend into other categories, because things might be used the other way around. Like how Warstorm Surge can also be a win-condition in aggro, or how Laboratory Maniac can be the finisher for an infinite combo.

Go-wide win-conditions are probably the strongest on low budget, but they don't scale well. Combo however becomes significantly stronger the more money you put into it. Especially Ashnod's Altar , Aetherflux Reservoir , Deadeye Navigator and Isochron Scepter significantly boost the power level of every deck where they fit in as part of a combo.


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