Myr Turbine

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Myr Turbine


{T}: Put a 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature token onto the battlefield.

{T}, Tap five untapped Myr you control: Search your library for a Myr card and put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

WarpedZerghead on Sen Triplets

3 months ago

What I found worked best for a Sen Triplets deck is using blue and white for control so you can have your artifacts do all the work getting combos into play.


Stop players from stopping your fun: the match is yours and they simply haven't realized it yet. Dispatch quickly sets you up for a nasty rebuttal in between whichever counter-spell you choose to deploy. Vindicate, Mortify and Fracture (to name a few..) will help them learn that you mean business.

Land Fetch

Utilizing Esper colors, Black is the tutor-for-all, Blue is great artifact tutoring and White for some artifact but also enchantments. Good enchantments to have on hand are Paradox Haze (which you have) and Artificer's Intuition. Intuition is good because you can use it to get a Sol Ring in hand, another cost artifact you might have, or, any of the following "artifacts that cost :

This cards makes for great and tutoring in a non-green deck as it can be used again and again and there are quite a few you can fetch. Another option is Tezzeret the Seeker that can get you your lands by using the -X ability for 0 to put them into play, unless you want to get a different combo/ramp artifact instead.

Artifact Tutor

Besides the obvious Vampiric Tutor an Demonic Tutor for your get-anything option, there are many options still available for finding the cards you need that are artifact type.

If you are ok with losing a few artifacts, Kuldotha Forgemaster is the ticket as I will sometimes even sac my artifact lands to get better beef on the ground. Otherwise, Sphinx Summoner will get you something in hand and provide you with a flier and a card. Some new cards that play well alongside the Trinket Mage are the Tribute Mage and Trophy Mage cards. Trinket gets you your Sol Ring or another artifact where Tribute and Trophy get you and , respectively.
Artifact-related lands you want to look into are Inventors' Fair for artifact tutoring and Buried Ruin to get something back into your hand from the graveyard.

Ramp Boost

With such a vast array of artifact-type cards - especially mana ramp - you'll want an Unwinding Clock to be sure to keep everyone on edge.


Combos? We've got combos!
This is my new favorite infinite trigger set using Dross Scorpion + Myr Turbine + any of the following sacrifice outlets:

Steal their Kool Aid

Your Commander will lock a player out of your turn but it also allows you to play their hands. This is a good time to drop any lands they might have in their hands to keep them starved and likewise cast their good ramp spells to get you ahead or continue to lock them out. In the event they finally are able to cast something, you can respond with a Desertion counter-spell (mana permitting) and stick whatever creature/artifact they were trying to cast back in their Vault of Whispers. Thada Adel, Acquisitor and Daxos of Meletis are also nasty foes that puts an opponents deck against themselves. Bribery and Acquire are a malicious and personal jab that should only be used at every chance you get assert your dominance on the board and your opponents deck.


All these cards stand alone from what you can do to further abuse you opponents with just your commanders abilities: it is a multi-pronged deck that throws multiple threats at your enemies making them scramble to deal with one thing while still getting overrun by another.

Have fun...

DeathBySprnkles on If creatures transform into a …

7 months ago

Say I have Outpost Siege with the Dragon choice and Myr Turbine and a few Myr tokens out on the field. If I use something along the line of Masterful Replication and choose to make all the artifacts into copies of Myr Turbine, would Outpost Siege trigger because the creatures have transformed into a non-creature type?

I can see two possible outcomes: 1. Yes, Outpost Siege triggers because the card is no longer a creature (for the time being) or 2. No, Outpost Siege doesn't trigger because the card hasn't left the field, only it's appearance has changed

ZenYoLife on Myr Tokens Budget

9 months ago

LeechBoy, I would recommend Myr Battlesphere if you are taking out Genesis Chamber. I mentioned Lodestone Myr just because you can tap the Chamber end of turn to prevent your opponents from profiting. I personally love the sphere just because you can direct damage on top of boosting the power when you declare it to attack. Tempered Steel is so good if you are running white with artifact creatures overall. 4 of that enchantment is a must.

I would toss out Myr Incubator for 1 more Myr Turbine. Turbine is so good in tutoring Sphere when you have 5 Myrs to tap.

viewtifulstyle on Breya's Thopter Factory

10 months ago

I'm trying to get away from the stagnant combo-Breya and try some fresh stuff with her too. Really liking the concept here. I'm more going towards Myr because I think they're cool, so I don't know if Myr Turbine would fit your needs. Heavily recommend Mycosynth Lattice and Krark-Clan Ironworks. Both are incredible cards, and can change the game just by drawing them.

Anyway, neat concept I'm gonna steal some ideas from you. :)

Caerwyn on Can I use

1 year ago

You can use this to shuffle your library. Whenever a tutor effect instructs you to search your library for a card with some kind of limitation, such as Myr Turbine's requirement taht you must find a Myr, you can always "fail to find" the designated card.

Note, if you play a Diabolic Tutor, you cannot fail to find (unless your library is empty), as there is no restriction on what type of card that can be tutored and you can guarantee that you can "find" the a card of any type.

i0brendan0 on Can I use

1 year ago

I have Myr Turbine in my commander deck, but I also do not have any Myr creatures in the deck. The second ability says to search for a Myr creature card and put it on the battlefield. If I know I don't have one, can I still activate it to shuffle the library, or will the ability be illegal since I can't get a Myr creature card.

arquistar on Osgir, the Reconstructor Conductor of Tokens

1 year ago

I'm toying with a similar build right now. Instead of Mesmeric Orb I'm going with Altar of the Brood for similar effect. I'm also including the Myr package including Myr Galvanizer and Myr Turbine to assemble the package for infinite mana to power the Staff of Domination . I also like the idea of Mana Vault to accelerate to Osgir and then sacrifice and clone it to net 5 mana on a later turn. I feel it's also not a terrible idea to include your favorite "Swords of...". I'm going with Sword of Truth and Justice and Sword of Body and Mind . They're typically lackluster but doubling down on those combat damage triggers sounds spicy.

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