Myr Turbine

Myr Turbine


{T}: Put a 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature token onto the battlefield.

{T}, Tap five untapped Myr you control: Search your library for a Myr card and put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

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Myr Turbine Discussion

Caerwyn on Can I use

2 months ago

You can use this to shuffle your library. Whenever a tutor effect instructs you to search your library for a card with some kind of limitation, such as Myr Turbine's requirement taht you must find a Myr, you can always "fail to find" the designated card.

Note, if you play a Diabolic Tutor, you cannot fail to find (unless your library is empty), as there is no restriction on what type of card that can be tutored and you can guarantee that you can "find" the a card of any type.

i0brendan0 on Can I use

2 months ago

I have Myr Turbine in my commander deck, but I also do not have any Myr creatures in the deck. The second ability says to search for a Myr creature card and put it on the battlefield. If I know I don't have one, can I still activate it to shuffle the library, or will the ability be illegal since I can't get a Myr creature card.

arquistar on Osgir, the Reconstructor Conductor of Tokens

5 months ago

I'm toying with a similar build right now. Instead of Mesmeric Orb I'm going with Altar of the Brood for similar effect. I'm also including the Myr package including Myr Galvanizer and Myr Turbine to assemble the package for infinite mana to power the Staff of Domination . I also like the idea of Mana Vault to accelerate to Osgir and then sacrifice and clone it to net 5 mana on a later turn. I feel it's also not a terrible idea to include your favorite "Swords of...". I'm going with Sword of Truth and Justice and Sword of Body and Mind . They're typically lackluster but doubling down on those combat damage triggers sounds spicy.

wallisface on Thopter deck

8 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • I don't think this kind of deck warrants using Master Transmuter , as there just aren't enough big-costing cards in here to make it worthwhile.

  • I also see an issue where the big costing cards you do have, don't do a lot and are quite slow. I'd personally ditch Sharding Sphinx , Spell Swindle , Tezzeret, Artifice Master , Myr Turbine , Myr Battlesphere at a minimum, but also seriously consider ditching most of your other cards with CMC 4 or higher - modern is a fast format and your deck doesn't look well suited to stalling the game out.

  • I would recommend grabbing 4x Whir of Invention . They let you run a more tool-boxy build, grabbing whatever artifact you need to help out your current situation. While this will let you run many 1-ofs in the deck, I suggest still trying to get full playsets of the cards you want your deck to focus around (like Sai, Master Thopterist , for example).

  • Try and leave sideboard cards in the sideboard. The likes of Dispeller's Capsule won't do anything in a lot of matchups, so just bring it in when you'd actually need it. Padeem, Consul of Innovation feels a bit like a sideboard card also (a lot of artifact decks instead run Welding Jar mainboard to save them from game-one hate).

  • I would heavily recommend running 4x Thopter Foundry and 2x Sword of the Meek _(or 3x of each). _ The combo of pumping out thopters seems to be what your deck wants to do, and these cards make doing it super easy.

  • Just looking through the rest of the cards you have, the following list are other things I think you should look at ditching for better options at some point: Dragon Throne of Tarkir , Ojutai Monument , and Whirlermaker . As far as other cards to consider adding to this deck, I think you're in desperate need of interaction, so I would suggest Dispatch and Mana Leak to get you through the early-to-mid game grind

Neotrup on Brudiclad transforming a token Myr …

8 months ago

Yes, you will regain priority during the beginning of combat and will be able to activate the abilities of the Myr Turbine s before you actually declare attackers. As long as Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer is still around, the 1/1 myr will all have haste and be able to attack.

DeathBySprnkles on Brudiclad transforming a token Myr …

8 months ago

I was playtesting my Commander deck and stumbled upon a possible combo. Scenario: Mirrorworks , Myr Turbine , a token of the Myr Turbine (thanks to Mirrorworks ), and Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer are all on the field. Beginning of combat starts, Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer makes its blue myr token, I choose the Myr Turbine token and now all the tokens become the Turbine.

My question is now that I have these new Myr Turbine s, can I activate them, create new 1/1 myr tokens and attack on the same phase since them would have haste from Brudiclad?

Massacar on How would you build Rakdos …

1 year ago

So this is a deck I have toyed around with in Rakdos Artifacts theme, Killswitch Engage. I like the idea of comboing off of things like Goblin Welder + Thornbite Staff, or Dross Scorpion + Myr Turbine + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Krark-Clan Ironworks

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