Nature's Will

Nature's Will


Whenever one or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, tap all lands that player controls and untap all lands you control.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Nature's Will Discussion

Grind on Green Means GO!

4 months ago

Cool deck!!
If you want a little more interaction for dealing with combo decks, Nature's Claim , Krosan Grip , and Force of Vigor are all decent. And Scavenger Grounds is a decent form of graveyard hate.
Also have you seen Nature's Will ? This card is sweet.

Grind on Tuvasa Enchantress

5 months ago

Cool deck.
Have you thought about Nature's Will

Gadianten on Elves of Rivendell

6 months ago

I love tribal decks and you seem to have a solid base for your elves here but there are a few recommendations I have that may prove helpful.

Your commander will be a VERY high target so I would run some protective measures to keep him around like Yavimaya Hollow and Asceticism as it adds some regeneration protection to your commander although some of the options are pricey.

Removal is always useful and a good option is Song of the Dryads being a cheaper option then Desert Twister that as a plus empowers Elvish Champion, forestwalk... no one ever seems to notice that or care about it until your elves get +6/+6.

Some additional mana increases are Nature's Will and Wirewood Channeler, lets face it Ezuri is a mana sink that needs LOTS of mana to start steamrolling the game properly.

I personally love Nissa Revane and Nissa's Chosen for the life gain effects and blocker alone, the ultimate is just a bonus. Another fun choice is Immaculate Magistrate, this card is great for making players hesitant to block or attack you and will often eat a removal spell that would have been better aimed at your commander. Funny uses include politicking with this card since the target does not have to be YOUR creatures, you have not lived untill you have seen a 10/11 Birds of Paradise terrorizing the enemy.

Bring doom to your foes by empowering your commander or unblocked attackers with elves like Wirewood Channeler, or any others that can add more then three mana, paired with Umbral Mantle or Sword of the Paruns. One thing worth mentioning is that Umbral Mantle is almost a backup commander empowering mana producers before the attack, most people unfamiliar with the card wont see this coming.

Peanut3181 on Xenagos, the Chubby Chaser...

7 months ago

I actually want to take Hellkite Charger out because when I get to 7 mana and cast him, most of the time I don't have enough mana for the extra combat step.

Also, you would have to activate Hellkite Charger before Nature's Will in order to go infinite anyways.

So the sequence would go "Pay 7, cast it. Attack for 10. Trigger, pay 7. Extra combat step. Deals damage. Triggers Nature's Will. Untap. So I would need 14 mana to go infinite. Doesn't seem worth it to me.

Daedalus19876 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

11 months ago

berndibend: Two general reasons -- 1) I'm playing in less of a cEDH meta right now, so the artifact stax isn't as critical, and 2) I want to regain some of the former fun aspects of this deck that I feel I've been missing.

I haven't enjoyed this list as much as I could for the last few months, so I'm testing some changes. Archfiend of Ifnir + Generous Patron is a better combo for what I need than Squirrelcraft, I think, and I want to try Nature's Will as a combination Silence/Sword of Feast and Famine. Evolutionary Leap got very very silly with Liliana's Standard Bearer's printing, and is a good way to recover after a boardwipe. And I really want to find a slot for Harvest Season, dammit XD

goldlion on Najeela, Warriors Blossom

11 months ago

Sweet! Coming together.

Nature's Will is one of the other cards I mentioned. Also, a Lim-Dul's Vault Would be a great value tool to dig to what you need as a low cost piece to keep it competitive.

IrateWarrior on This deck has HUGE tracks of land - Minna and Denn

1 year ago

Nice deck, love a good “lands matter”

My only experience is with a sultai lands matter but some good cards that brought me value were Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Sylvan Awakening, and Nature's Will if you are playing the aggressive side. Looks like you have all the good staples

+1 for me

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