Craterhoof Behemoth

Craterhoof Behemoth

Creature — Beast


When Craterhoof Behemoth enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

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Format Legality
2019-10-04 Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Historic Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal

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Craterhoof Behemoth Discussion

Phroggy1 on 150 dollar marwyn, elfball storm (Budget cEDH)

23 hours ago

Sughes yes, Cloudstone Curio is definitely an upgrade to the list, definitely an include over Craterhoof Behemoth. I would be running curio, but this is a 150 dollar list and curio is 95 bucks. doesn't fit the budget, but in non-budget lists cloudstone is played.

edengstrom1 on Kadena, Master of Morphpets

5 days ago

I have found that Kadena is better than I expected her to be and have won quite a few games with her, not cEDH but still pretty good.

I have found that Guardian Project and Soul of the Harvest work really well since drawing two cards off of your free morphs is better than one. I also lean heavy into control with Arcane Denial, Counterspell and Assassin's Trophy since many of her morphs are already pretty controlling and you want to buy some time while you develop your board.

Maybe think about adding in the Talismans and Birds of Paradise to make sure that you can cast Kadena on turn 3.

Of course, Craterhoof Behemoth and Demonic Tutor are great, but also pretty expensive.

Overall, your deck looks pretty good as is!

Phroggy1 on 150 dollar marwyn, elfball storm (Budget cEDH)

1 week ago

Sughes thanks for the interest in this deck. This deck is a very high power deck, missing only the fast mana from a full Marwyn, the Nurturer competitive list. Here is the link to my primer on Moxfield To be honest i do not recommend over run effects such as Overwhelming Stampede or Craterhoof Behemoth. These are just "win-more" cards in this deck. Here is one of the best non-budget versions of Marwyn with a primer as well. it will give you some good reasonings for card selection and ommissions . . ( .

Sughes on 150 dollar marwyn, elfball storm (Budget cEDH)

1 week ago

Phroggy1 My girlfriend really likes Marwyn, and I think this is the deck she would like to purchase. If I got her Craterhoof Behemoth for Valentine's Day, would it be a good fit? What is about the power level of this deck?

TheVectornaut on Elven

2 weeks ago

As with most new decks, I'd recommend starting any edits by thinning down to 60 cards. Your land count is really low for a 100 card deck, but it should be fine for a 60 card deck with enough mana dorks, so I'd cut 40 from the nonlands. The best cards to remove are anything with poor cost efficiency or minimal impact in the ramp archetype. Elvish Mystic is an example of a card to keep because it serves as a cheap accelerant towards your biggest threats. By contrast, Orochi Leafcaller does (almost) literally nothing in a mono-green deck except be a 1 mana 1/1. On the bomb side of things, I'd choose Terra Stomper over Arcbound Wanderer every time, especially since Wanderer only has synergy with the aforementioned snake. Then you have something like Demon's Horn which is pretty terrible in most black decks. And since this is a green deck, it may never trigger at all.

Once down to 60, I'd start looking for upgrades to the existing cards. Some elf ramp options I'm partial to are Joraga Treespeaker, Elvish Piper, Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Craterhoof Behemoth/End-Raze Forerunners, and Archetype of Endurance.

MagicMarc on Monomanamaniac's Infinite elves

2 weeks ago

I agree with some of the cuts you already did that were suggested by abby315 and Keqing420. I also think you don't need Elvish Champion instead of Ezuri, Renegade Leader. I believe Ezuri is more reliably going to finish games over the champion. Beast Whisperer is part of the deck's card advantage and card playing engine so should stay in the deck without a big overhaul of the deck. Besides being a replacement for Glimpse of Nature in the deck since glimpse isnt Modern legal.

Some more cuts I feel could happen are; Deleting Elvish Promenade. Both Collected Company or Chord of Calling would be better in this deck than the promenade. I understand that the copies of Primal Surge fulfills what either of those might provide for this deck. But they are both way better than the promenade because they can get you your combo pieces. I would consider replacing it maybe with Turntimber Symbiosis  Flip if you don't want to play either CoCo or Chord. Partly due to the fact it still puts brakes on your Surges and can serve as a land in a pinch. (Way not needed, I know). It gets more utility elves out like Coco and Chord so would make your gameplay more consistent. Or maybe Lead the Stampede instead?

I also agree that I would also cut the Fauna Shaman until you can get Craterhoof Behemoth. Without the behemoth, you just dont need anything else that badly to tutor up you won't be able to find with surge or your draw engine.

Also, I don't see any value from the copies of Elvish Clancaller. Your deck is more combo and going wide than needing anthem effects. It's activated ability costs way too much for just getting another clancaller. I would cut all 4 and see if your decks suffers at all. Or leave the fauna shamans and promenades and just cut those. Or replace them with copies of Elvish Champion even.

You also dont need anything in your maybe board except maybe Imperious Perfect. Though I would treat that as a slightly better card than the clancallers and wouldnt put them in the deck either. Helix Pinnacle is just picking a different win condition than the Ezuri/possible behemoth route. Metallic Mimic actually provides nothing the deck needs at all.

abby315 on Monomanamaniac's Infinite elves

2 weeks ago

To make cuts, you'll need to pick a lategame plan. In theory, the strength of Elves is that you can snowball a bunch of small creatures which works for an aggro plan without much assistance, and those small creatures also contribute to a combo turn.

Right now you have several lategame payoffs: Ezuri, Renegade Leader; Primal Surge; Elvish Promenade; and Joraga Warcaller. Though you're a combo deck, you also have a few random tribal beatdown cards in Steel Leaf Champion and Elvish Clancaller that don't really fit with your main plan.

You should pick one top-end thing that you want to do and cut the rest. In most modern elf decks that's Craterhoof Behemoth or Ezuri. My suggestion is to cut every lategame piece except for Ezuri and Joraga Warcaller, and maybe add a Craterhoof or keep one Primal Surge (but just one so you can ensure you hit the whole deck). I would also shave Beast Whisperer to 2x.

The following cards I think are too slow or non-impactful for Modern: Imperious Perfect, Steel Leaf Champion, Marwyn, the Nurturer, Elvish Visionary. I also think Fauna Shaman is much worse if you aren't running Craterhoof.

That'd be my starting point for cuts. You can always look at other modern Elf decks for inspiration. GLHF!

cfost827 on Karador EDH Deck (Hulk/Boonweaver Combo's …

2 weeks ago

TriusMalarky - haha thanks!! Yeah, I'm basically just retooling the whole Karador deck to make it more fun for everyone. I removed all the hate bears (besides Teeg) and all the tutors so far, along with Hulk and Boonweaver + Pattern Rebirth/Academy Rector.

I took whatqwerty advice and added Spore Frog and Caustic Caterpillar. I'm also basically going more of an Toolbox/Reanimator route adding in some creatures to win through combat and that are powerful. Kokusho, the Evening Star, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Craterhoof Behemoth, Massacre Wurm, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Luminous Broodmoth, Razaketh, the Foulblooded, etc.

Also, I'm adding more utility cards and things that basically just always blow up my opponents stuff. Aura Shards, Plaguecrafter, Abrupt Decay, Ravenous Chupacabra, Krosan Grip, Despark, etc.

Just going to try making some of those updates for now - still trying to construct the deck a different way.

But I appreciate all the feedback! I'm open to anymore suggestions all :)

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