Creature — Elemental Spirit

Malignus's power and toughness are equal to half the highest life total among your opponents, rounded up. Damage that would be dealt by Malignus cannot be prevented.

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Malignus Discussion

RambIe on Advice For Olivia CMDR

1 week ago

I think Olivia, Crimson Bride has the potential for competitive 1v1 if you pack some serous rocks, and optimized level in pod games

good rakdos functions that would support her
Etb Creatures like: Rune-Scarred Demon & Terror of the Peaks
Extra ETB: Molten Echoes & Mirror March
Direct Damage:Flayer of the Hatebound & Syr Konrad, the Grim
Dredge: Shenanigans & Necroplasm
Extra card: Sin Prodder & Dark Confidant
Recursion: Charmbreaker Devils & Sheoldred, Whispering One
Extra Combat: Port Razer & Breath of Fury
Load GY: Burning-Rune Demon & Shifting Shadow
Infect: Ogre Menial & Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
Big Ouch: Ebonblade Reaper & Malignus

RambIe on Looking for efficiently large creatures

1 week ago

cheep fling fodder in jund? thats easy
Malignus,Forgotten Ancient,Taurean Mauler and then there is the best fling fodder ever Captivating Crew (Your Opponents Stuff)

multimedia on Looking for efficiently large creatures

2 weeks ago

Malignus can be huge. Phyrexian Processor can be a repeatable source of huge Minion tokens. Yurlok's mana burn can enable Greven, Predator Captain's power pump and when it attacks can be lots card draw.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 months ago

Oh yeah, Angel of Destiny is great in this deck, just make sure you give it haste since it needs to have dealt combat damage in order for the trigger to go off.

That's a fair point about Malignus, and don't forget, it's P/T is half the life total of the opponent with the highest life total. So you can still one-shot another opponent if they have less life than that. I guess then I would look at something like Wayfarer's Bauble or Gift of Immortality. I rarely advocate cutting ramp, but you already have about 12 ramp spells, so cutting one of the weaker options is a possibility. Likewise with Gift, you have a fair number of reanimation options already that are better or cover a wider number of creatures all at once. You could probably get by without Gift.

Just an aside. I am a huge fan of Sejiri Shelter  Flip in most white decks. I generally play it as a land, but in a pinch I can use it as a protection spell.

Deathstroke2791 on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 months ago

Well, I normally like to have at least one "you win the game" cards in my decks as an out if an opponent is stopping my strategies. So that's why the Felidar Sovereign, but I just found out about Angel of Destiny. OOOOOO BUDDY! That's essentially the same win-con but I don't have to wait a whole spin around the table. So, Angel of Destiny will probably take that slot.

You are kinda right about Malignus though. When it's come in late game, it's a mild bummer to not be able to finish someone off. It doesn't matter whether an opponent's life total is 40 of 4, it's always going to deal half. My one concern about that is that I'd be losing one of my bulky creatures. If I go too heavy on the copying effects, and not heavy enough on the actual hitters themselves, there won't be enough bodies to throw around. I'm not saying you're not right; I am saying if I do make the cut, I need to find some other bulky creatures to include in other spots.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 months ago

That concern about Flameshadow Conjuring (the extra mana and high cmc creatures) actually came to my mind after suggesting it. In reality it is 2 extra mana since you need to activate Brion so I could see it being tough to pull off. As far as Rionya goes though, she is a blast. I actually have a whole deck built around her and it is super fun.

As far as cut's go, that is tough. This list is pretty tight as is. In you description you mentioned difficulty getting Felidar Sovereign wins, so maybe that one? Otherwise, Malignus seems like it could have a pretty low floor at times.

Squirrel_of_War on Ruric Thar Primal Stax

6 months ago

Thank again Profet93! I'll be testing it out tonight and hopefully I kill a blue player or two XD

I added a few cards to the maybeboard that I'd like you to check out. I was thinking it could be fun to drop a Malignus with Terror of the Peaks or Warstorm Surge out!

IsThisWolfe on Vadrok and Roll

6 months ago

Daedalus19876, thanks for the feedback, your list was also one of the ones that inspired me to actually build Vadrok. I did see Malignus in a few lists buuut in my playgroup I feel he’d be removed instantly. IMO I feel Dream Trawler covers the damage output of Malignus and protection of Stormsurge Kraken .

Frantic Search : This one is already in the list, def a amazing card

Curfew : You make a compelling argument I’ll be swapping this in

Deflecting Swat : I did want to include this originally, but I can see where it would be better in some cases over a counter so I’ll add this in

Grinning Ignus : Also a card I wanted to include, idk what it is but [[rootha, Mecurial artist] is just cool, buuut yeah, I do agree]] Ignus would see better plays

Mystic Reflection : Wait what?!? How do you do that? I’m guessing mutate Vadrok onto Ignus -> mystical reflection on the pile -> creature -> bounce pile to hand so no sac -> mutate Vadrok on copy, trigger, cast reflection targeting pile -> cast Ignus and repeat??? Also I did see in your list how you can use it for removal so I’ll find a spot for it

Silence and Grand Abolisher : I would prob add Teferi, Time Raveler over Abolisher just because Vadrok can recur him, silence is a solid maybe

Hedron Crab and Brain Freeze : the only reason I didn’t add these was because I’m trying to build my decks winconless, like the loops and infinite combos in the deck consist of cards that would never be dead in hand, I just feel these two would be bad draws if I’m not going to combo

This definitely helped, thanks for the feedback!

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