Time Walk

Time Walk


Take an extra turn after this one.

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Time Walk Discussion

Herb48 on Vintage witch

1 month ago


I commented on your other deck Powerless tinker, but I wanted to comment on this one as well. This deck is amazing. I think it has a ton of competitive potential. I'll suggest the same card as I did on the other one, Skullclamp . It is an amazing engine, and works incredibly with Dreadhorde Arcanist as well, because you can grab things like DT and Time Walk .

My Witch deck has a similar idea, maybe take a look and let me know what you think?

A Clamp for Every Pest

Cheers :)

Oof_Magic on

4 months ago

cheffireball Time Walk isn’t necessarily terrible but you have to be mindful that you are resetting your Storm count when you take that turn. I’ve still used it with Mind's Desire in conjunction with Day's Undoing but that works more because the efficiency of wheels.

Brainstorm is more about the advantage over the selection. Treasure Cruise just isn’t going to be cheap enough consistently enough to be as efficient as we need. Brainstorm is just a draw 1 but if it lets us go three deep and we can ring off something like a Mind's Desire or Paradoxical Outcome , we can usually just go right through whatever we have our back on top. There’s just nothing that’s going to come close to Ancestral Recall .

I really ought to set up a discord for it. I only play it on untap. This is as far as my outreach goes on the matter with what time I have. I ought to look into it though. As much as the concept of the format may be viable, the support structure for it may not be. I don’t know if a few discords is going to do anything real and I don’t know that it needs to. What I find on untap is serviceable enough and maybe keeping formats grassroots like this is probably going to be better for the concept itself. I will look into the discord.

cheffireball on

4 months ago

Erza420 Sorry, I should have explained. Time Walk gives you a extra turn, meaning you effectively untap again, and it replaces itself via the draw step, which is what I meant my "cycle". This means that at the very least, its often 2 mana draw a card, gain 3-4 mana.

And with Brainstorm , you don't need to shuffle but the option to shuffle makes it better, letting you shuffle away the cards you don't want.

Erza420 on

4 months ago

cheffireball: you sure you're thinking of the right cards? Time Walk doesn't "untap lands and artifacts" or "cycle". as for Brainstorm , you don't necessarily need to shuffle the deck afterward every time.

cheffireball on

4 months ago

No Time Walk to untap lands&artifacts and to cycle seems odd. Also, Brainstorm gets a lot worse without fetch-lands to shuffle. Also, Flusterstorm is a sideboard consideration.

azja on Yuriko: the 忍者 code | Commander

4 months ago

Hey! Your decklist looks great, it has all of the essential parts down pat (cheap/evasive creatures, powerful ninjas and lots of topdeck manipulation). You could definitely play it as-is, even if it's been a while! But I also want to mention some ideas that I have for potential cuts/additions:

  1. Bitterblossom : Earliest it can create a creature is turn 3, personally I found this too slow. I prefer to play an additional enabler instead, such as Ornithopter or Mausoleum Wanderer .

  2. Deep-Sea Kraken : Very unlikely to hard cast, and you can probably win the game before removing all its suspend counters. Instead, you could play Blinkmoth Infusion or Draco , which are equally uncastable, but deal more damage.

  3. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni : Definitely one of the coolest ninjas, but just too slow in my opinion. Some ninjas you could replace it with are Throat Slitter , Fallen Shinobi , or Mist-Syndicate Naga .

  4. Conspiracy and Xenograft : I played these for a long time, but ended up cutting them in favour of more extra turn spells, which are more consistent for closing out the game. My favourites to play in Yuriko are Temporal Mastery which can easily be a Time Walk , and Temporal Trespass which can be cast for UUU, but deals 11 damage.

  5. Bolas's Citadel : A bit of a nonbo in Yuriko decks, which generally want to play super-efficient, high cmc spells. I don't have a direct replacement in mind, but I'll include more suggestions at the end.

  6. Massacre and Toxic Deluge : Yuriko needs creatures on the board more than most decks, so I generally don't play boardwipes that destroy creatures. I prefer to play something like Evacuation or Devastation Tide so I don't lose them permanently.

  7. Teferi's Veil : I'm kinda unsure how this synergizes with Yuriko. Could you let me know if I'm missing something? I'm not super familiar with phasing.

Miscellaneous Suggestions:

  1. Universal Automaton : A very simple, yet effective ninja

  2. Deadly Rollick and Fierce Guardianship : Free removal/counterspell as long as you control Yuriko!

  3. Scheming Symmetry : Can win the game before your opponent draws the card they tutored for. Best paired with Blinkmoth Infusion and Draco if you decide to include them.

  4. Curtains' Call and Coastal Breach : I love the undaunted mechanic in Yuriko decks. Heavy hitters that you can cast for cheap.

  5. Force of Negation : Does a reasonable Force of Will impression to get your opponents who think you're all out of answers.

  6. Mox Amber : Acts as Mox Sapphire / Mox Jet as long as you control Yuriko.

  7. Sea Gate Restoration  Flip and Agadeem's Awakening  Flip: Although their abilities are not too relevant, lands that also deal damage with Yuriko are very powerful.

Sorry this got so long, I hope all of my points made sense! Feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks again for the kind words about my primer!

legendofa on Most Expensive Decks

4 months ago

Like Caerwyn mentioned, Vintage is where the most expensive decks are. Most of them are solidly 40,000 USD, thanks to the ubiquitous Black Lotus , Mox set ( Pearl , Sapphire , Jet , Ruby , and Emerald ), Ancestral Recall , and Time Walk , plus Timetwister to fill out the Power Nine. Even the least expensive major Vintage deck, Dredge, can hit five digits, thanks to Bazaar of Baghdad .

So to find the most expensive decks here, search under the Vintage format and find decks with foils on everything that can be foiled. Playtest it and feel the power.

RealLifeBear on Why is WotC Not Allowing …

5 months ago

The short answer really just is: powerful effects like extra turn’s, Yawgmoth's Will , and similar effects are already so powerful that abusing them any more then that makes them un-fun / broken. Shahrazad , is annoying on its own, but when copied 3+ times it’s more than van worthy. When Time Walk was printed 30+ years ago, an extra turn to play Rock Hydra wasn’t a huge problem, but now cards like Approach of the Second Sun / Isochron Scepter / (insert most modern mythic cards) make that just not feasible. If players can abuse and effect, they will Oko, Thief of Crowns , if they don’t shuffle/ exile themselves they will warp formats.

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