One with the Kami

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

One with the Kami

Enchantment — Aura


Enchant creature you control

Whenever enchanted creature or another modified creature you control dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist), create X 1/1 colorless Spirit creature tokens, where X is that creature's power. (A creature is modified if it has equipment or aura attached to it, or has counters on it.)

DreadKhan on Ghave It All I Got

8 months ago

Not sure if you're looking for any new ideas, but since I thought of a few I thought I'd mention, in case you can find them! Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest and One with the Kami would be very good in here, and are very good together. If you also have something like Pawn of Ulamog or Sifter of Skulls you can turn any sacrificed non-token creature into a colourless mana (as well as a token creature). Pitiless Plunderer and Chatterfang, Squirrel General are both very good together and very good with your Commander. Jade Mage can make Saprolings for only 2G, and Ant Queen can make a 1/1 insect for only 1G. Skullclamp is really good value if you have a lot of 1 toughness tokens, paying 1 and killing your token to draw 2 feels great. Welcoming Vampire is a nifty option if you can make a token on each opponent's turn, as is Bennie Bracks, Zoologist. Soltari Champion is a neat anthem that is really hard to block, and Soltari Visionary is a handy way to cripple any Enchantment heavy decks, because very few decks can block Shadow creatures. With your counter theme you might use Incubation Druid, it's great value if you can cheaply get a counter on it. Ordeal of Nylea is good ramp if you can cheat some counters to speed it up.

DreadKhan on Chatter

9 months ago

I feel like your Commander would like One with the Kami and Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest. You just need a free sac outlet like Viscera Seer, Carrion Feeder, Woe Strider, Dimir House Guard (does double duty as a tutor for MV 4 stuff), or Sadistic Hypnotist. Most of these don't have a very good payoff other than killing a creature, but some have useful upsides.

I wonder if you could shave a few lands by running some of the following: Golgari Rot Farm, Blighted Woodland, Myriad Landscape, Castle Garenbrig, Guildless Commons, and Mosswort Bridge. Most of those are fairly budget, and getting a ramp effect out of a land feels extremely good in my experience. The best options also help with fixing your mana.

If you want to add something really pushed, Pitiless Plunderer is really good with your Commander, it looks like it's had a reprint, but it's still up there for a single card. Another card to keep an eye out for is Swarmyard. Toski, Bearer of Secrets is a solid Squirrel pick, if not the cheapest. If you often have 1/1 creatures you aren't super attached to their is always Skullclamp, it's a few bucks but it can do a lot of work with 1/1 tokens.

I'm not sure how desperate you are for tokens/are afraid of flyers, but I always have fun with Sandwurm Convergence. Transmogrifying Wand is a nice way to put pressure on your opponents' creatures, it plays well in budget decks. Grim Haruspex is a pretty nice card if you expect to lose creatures, it doesn't even charge life.

DreadKhan on Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest

9 months ago

I've always loved Mazirek, such a cool Commander! I think Make an Example would probably do some work in here, and it's little brother Do or Die would probably be decent as well.

Mitotic Slime is a good source of creatures-from-a-creature, the only ones that can compete are cards like Underworld Hermit, which makes an army of squirrels equal to your devotion to Black. There are things like Grismold, the Dreadsower that can make a lot of bodies (it gives them to opponents as well, but if you can force them to sacrifice those tokens both Grismold and Mazirek go nuts), Grismold even offers a backup Commander of a sort for long games when you might not be able to recast Mazirek.

I'm not sure if you're interested in reanimation effects, but Hell's Caretaker is a free sac each upkeep, and he can bring back your best creature in exchange for your worst. Coffin Queen can reanimate from any graveyard, but it's especially useful to reanimate your opponent's stuff because it gets exiled when it dies. If you want a repeatable reanimation effect there is Demon of Dark Schemes, this offers a small wipe and it works very well with Pitiless Plunderer and something like the aforementioned Mitotic Slime.

Since your Commander cares about sacrifice effects, have you thought about using Diligent Farmhand and Dawntreader Elk in here? There is also Burnished Hart, all of these ramp you and can trigger Mazirek if he's out. There is also Ordeal of Nylea that would work with Mazirek later game (or anything that can get in early). I'm not sure if it comes up very much, but I put Forsworn Paladin in my Golgari deck because it had Haakon, but what I noticed was that it's also a useful way to ramp in Black, which importantly can fix your mana (to let you cast Green ramp), it's very low to the ground and can generate triggers for Mazirek or help recast Mazirek later.

Have you ever tried Sadistic Hypnotist? This offers a free and infinite sac outlet, and the effect can be pretty strong if you've got a bunch of creatures to burn through. Another really versatile sac outlet is Infernal Tribute, this lets you sacrifice any non-token permanent (it has to be an actual card) to draw a new card. I'm not 100% on it being a fit, but Savra, Queen of the Golgari is a pretty impressive payoff if you regularly have creatures being sacrificed, it can put a lot of pressure on an opponent's board.

It can get very out of hand with Mazirek, but I feel like I have to mention One with the Kami, it's very good on Mazirek with a free sac outlet. Similarly any creatures you can find with Persist will work very well with Mazirek and sac outlets, though again, this might be more pushed than what you're looking for. I took a gander and Aerie Ouphes might be interesting, and there is always Woodfall Primus, these might help support your Puppeteers!

If you ever want to throw in something pricier, I think Old Gnawbone would be absolutely hilarious in here.

_Moonie_ on Meren's Menagerie

1 year ago

DreadKhan I do like One with the Kami. It's a great card. Reminds me of Feed the Pack which I actually used to have in here. I should add them into a sideboard. Same with Altar though I haven't been able to gauge how good any of my decks are yet

My problem is I haven't gotten to play any of my decks other than against each other. I don't play competitively and my friend group has always played modern but I've been pushing them towards EDH more so they're finally starting to get some decks built.

Thanks for the suggestions

DreadKhan on Meren's Menagerie

1 year ago

One with the Kami can generate a fair bit of value if you expect to have +1 counters on lots of creatures. I wish Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest was an ooze for you, I suspect he'd do good work.

I'm not sure how big your creatures get, but if they end up really big pretty often you might like Altar of Dementia, this is a good alternate win con if you either have a huge number of tokens or huge creatures. In a pinch you can also Mill yourself if that will help.

ArtistaFeo on Chishiro Precon 1

1 year ago

Easy Cuts

Old-Growth Troll, Walking Skyscraper, Smoke Spirits' Aid, Vastwood Surge, Sword of Vengeance, Unquenchable Fury, One with the Kami, Elemental Mastery,

Ox of Agonas (Swap for Inspiring Call), Ulvenwald Oddity  Flip (switch for Primal Rage), Spearbreaker Behemoth (Swap for Heroic Intervention I have a copy of this card to give you.), Ascendant Acolyte - maybe cut? good card but i think you can do better.

Shifting Shadow, only keep if you have a lot of creatures with ETB effects. By a lot I mean at least 10.

Blackblade Reforged, Bonehoard, andFireshrieker can be upgraded for more synergistic equipment or auras. For example Bone Sabres, Fractal Harness, and Luxior, Giada's Gift. Search scryfall for equipment with counter keywords, then do the same for auras. You should absolutely play Sword of Truth and Justice

Search scryfall for cards with "evolve" for early game creatures that are growers, not showers. I highly recommend Experiment One and Gyre Sage! Gyre is 100% better than either spell I talk about below. vv

Most ramp spells in your deck should cost 2 or less CMC. 3 is fine. But you want to play them early game rather than late game. Cards like Tanuki Transplanter are very good ramp spells, but you only want 1 or 2 ramp spells that cost 4 or greater in your deck. I would keep this card in your deck depending on what the rest of your ramp looks like. Rampant Rejuvenator is another 4 cmc ramp. it does synergies with your counter theme, but its less dependable ramp because it has to die and your deck isn't playing sac outlets like Phyrexian Alter. on the plus side it is nice to beef it up and wait for that pending board wipe to slingshot your land base past the rest of the table. These are the tough decisions we are faced with. You should cut one of these cards. Keep Bear Umbra, it is better than both above mentioned and has the same CMC.

I would cut most lands that enter the battlefield tapped, they really f*ck up your early game. its ok to have a few, but they better be worth it.

awesomedude20 on Sekki, Ghost Piñata

1 year ago

Profet93 ALRIGHTY let's try this again, shall we?

I'm actually quite fond of Abundance, solely for... well, y'know, its intended use haha. Guaranteeing either lands, or something else, is woooonderful for me, since missing a land drop is kinda fatal in a deck with an 8cmc dude on top of it. That being said, hilariously enough, I had actually removed Sylvan Library for this as a sort of money thing, completely missing the interaction they have together, which is awesome. If anything, all I've learned from this is that I should put Sylvan Library back in haha
Okay so, I'm fond of Colossal Majesty since it can't like... wholly miss, I guess? Like sure maybe Sekki is smaller than 4, but as soon as it's up to par, the card will start working. Garruk's Uprising is a fantastic card, but all things considered I'm not casting a lot of creatures really, so the odds of the initial draw missing are kinda high, as well as just casting creatures in general. I believe I only have Craterhoof Behemoth, Grothama, Vigor, and Topiary Stomper, plus Sekki of course, to trigger the second draw effect on Uprising. The trample enabling is nice for sure though, but I don't think the rest of the card is worth it. Elemental Bond suffers from a similar issue. I don't have many creatures to cast that satisfy the 3 power or more condition, it really only adds Kodama of the East Tree to the above list. It does trigger off of tokens, but they're 1/1s. IF I can manage to get them entering as 3/3s, Elemental Bond suddenly becomes amazing though. Sounds like a decent reason to throw Bloodspore Thrinax in. If I had more board-wide anthems, or stronger anthems in general, I could see this making the cut. Maybe swap Gaea's Anthem with Coat of Arms or something similar? Hell, maybe even Muraganda Petroglyphs, though that doesn't help Sekki survive, so I'm not sure about that one. Trading some defense for offense, yadda yadda lol
Definitely including this for the ramp, and I mean, technically as possible blockers too in a pinch. In my testing I've done, it has worked out quite nicely, to the degree that I'm genuinely tempted to also throw in From Beyond.
Talked to my friend about this one. I don't particularly run enough 1 drops to warrant Terramorph over Migration Path, and the cycling ability would probably come in great if I'm already swimming in mana in the late game.
I'm super conflicted on whether I want to get rid of this. My feeble brain is probably just not comprehending the value of instant speed one-off protection haha. I like the card so much since it obviously protects all my creatures from removal, since I don't run very many, and excluding the ramp creatures, the stuff I do run is relatively impactful, so the hexproof enabling is quite swell. Not to mention the regenerate clause protecting Sekki of course, but other things like Grothama if someone were to beat him up and then try to remove him. That being said, I'm very much willing to take it for a spin, so I'll maybeboard it for now, and then swap the cards when I test the deck later on!
Added it lol.
Okay so, card is fantastic, but I have a few issues with it in Sekki. Firstly, I have all my ramp and draw to get me to the point where I can actually cast Sekki in a reasonable timeframe. There's 2 issues with the card that I can see. Firstly, yes it gets cheaper scaling with the power of my strongest creature, but my options for making that useful are a healthy 8/8 Sekki, Grothama, or Vigor if I'm fine with being a little suboptimal. Sekki is of course, the reliable choice here, and the ramp is nice, but I need the ramp BEFORE Sekki is out, since after he's out, I already have 8-9 mana to play with and ramp is less of an issue, and the card will likely be uncastable BEFORE Sekki is out, which I'd like to avoid. If you really think it's worth it, I'm always welcome to trying it out, but I think it'll mostly wind up being either uncastable, or unneeded. In regards to its draw effect, it's a similar issue to Garruk's Uprising, since I'm not casting all that many creatures.
I would windmill slam this into absolutely everything if I could, but... generally speaking, when it comes to those really expensive generic staples like that and Mana Crypt, etc. etc., my playgroup tries to not use them if only because it's really just shelling out money to be better than the rest of us, which would require the rest of us to shell out money to get back on par, and add hundreds of dollars to what are already pretty pricy decks, and blegh. Long story short, excellent recommendation, but I'm sorta skipping this one on purpose, though Sekki could 100% use it lol
I like this, I really wasn't sure what to add for Planeswalkers, but that has some good utility stapled to it. Plus, protecting it shouldn't be too hard with all the Spirits running around. Maybeboarded for now, but I can definitely see myself swapping something out for this, and if you have any recommendations for what to swap out for it, I'm all ears.
Greater Good is interesting. If I can hold on to Sekki being at a decent power WHILE having at least 8 spirits out, I can use that effect and bring Sekki right back as an 8/8 again. If I find a spot for One with the Kami there's some memes to be had there I think, infinite draw?? Definitely at least putting that into the maybeboard for now, but considering I want to make room for Bloodspore Thrinax and One with the Kami already, this would go quite well. Could even chuck The Ozolith in if I really wanted to.
I've definitely seen and considered this, but from everything I've heard about it, the general consensus seems to be "It's really okay, but it's better than nothing." If I do indeed find myself at the point of having nothing superior, I'd gladly toss it in, but I think there are still better options floating around.
This is a great draw card, but my usual worries with these apply, being "Sekki might be tiny at the moment, and Grothama is either dead or in the deck." Everything else I could target it with would just not be worth the 6 mana. That being said, the second half of it would function quite well, since most of my deck is pretty cheap, I'd probably find myself rarely not having anything to toss out with it. I'll maybeboard it, but if you have any specific reasons for why I should swap something out for this, I'd love to hear it!

StivoxiusPrime on Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest - Insect tribal

1 year ago

no One with the Kami wouldn't work no, only insects and insect tokens on my board :D

i just use a lot of cards to get my creatures back from the graveyard, i have like 6 cards for it but also 3 to get any card back so i hope i draw cards fast enough with Liliana, Dreadhorde General and some others i have to make sure i draw the good ones and then sac a bunch to get tokens and counters to then sac the tokens, to get mroe tokens to get mroe triggers and hopefully end the game before i run out of cards. :D

thank you for the info i hope it worked with the card link thingy :p

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