Death's Presence

Death's Presence


Whenever a creature you control dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist), put X +1/+1 counters on target creature you control, where X is the power of the creature that died.

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Death's Presence Discussion

lagotripha on The Inferno Counts to 20: Budget + Sideboard Swap

3 months ago

This is a cool concept deck.

Simple tweaks - Rush of Blood is extra copies of Unleash Fury, Wine of Blood and Iron also works.

I feel like the easist method would be to get to 18 and boost twice - the simplest would be +3/+0 from the ability and then double power, costing 13 mana total, or 6 1 turn and 7 the next. Alternatively, ifninite red mana instant wins with the dragon or a way to search for it.

Shuko points to Golem-Skin Gauntlets/Cranial Plating/Nettlecyst. By pairing it with p/t boosts you could have a more reliable threat that happens to combo off if you get it perfect, but it doesn't feel as efficient even if its more reliable. The artifacts theme might be sweet if its paired with treasure tokens or Pentad Prism type effects to power the combo, but it would need some sacrifice effects to make sure you could get back under 20 power in a pinch.

Speaking personally, I'd go for a casual G/R list, with Xenagos, God of Revels/Exponential Growth/Soul's Might and a +1/+1 counters theme with Death's Presence and 'sac for red' creatures like Satyr Hedonist. Its a cool idea for a casual table. Drumhunter is neat.

A second creature that has a cool 'hit big power' ability would be nice - Mossbridge Troll is neat - I might theme around Bloodshot Trainee and Greenhilt Trainee. Minion of the Mighty is a cute intended synergy.

Coco910 on modern big bois and their infinte tokens

4 months ago

lagotripha Oooh that sounds fun. I typically play edh and had grander plans with this deck but had to cut down, a lot.... and go with when in doubt swing out lol. But I like Altar of the Brood and Llanowar Reborn . Gonna work them in, possibly as well as Chatterfang, Squirrel General and Blade of the Bloodchief . Maybe Death's Presence but wanna keep curve lower. This is making me wanna build a Reyhan, Last of the Abzan + Slurrk, All-Ingesting commander deck lol

lagotripha on modern big bois and their infinte tokens

4 months ago

I like this idea. It reminds me of the old Presence of Gond or Turntimber Ranger combo lists.

I feel like getting redundant options for ivy lane is the most important thing - Blade of the Bloodchief +sac outlet will let you get a lot of sacrifices in, Rite of Passage / Urban Daggertooth , Thornbite Staff and Blasting Station will get a lot of etb triggers. Triskelion and Death's Presence exist. Fecundity has been a combo staple for a while. Llanowar Reborn offers a way to get the first counter on herd.

Altar of the Brood is a neat alternative wincon.

If you want to go the old Turntimber Ranger route, there are more changeling options, and alternative lines like Deeproot Elite to take advantage of whichever changeling effect you are using.

Grisbane on Rhys' Elvish Conclave

9 months ago

Probably doesn't fit but my Jarad deck has been using a Death's Presence + Westvale Abbey  Flip combo for sweeper deterrence/revenge. To be honest, most people don't notice the deterrent until it's too late. Wipe my board? Here, deal with this massive indestructible demon. Presence also helps a lot vs removal and has (for me) sprung a ton of Jarad wins.

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