Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

Legendary Creature — Human Cleric

Protection from Humans

Pay 1 life, Sacrifice another creature: Put a -1/-1 counter up to one target creature and draw a card.

, Discard a card: Proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician Discussion

Skydaddy on Black Plague, On The Rocks: Yawgmoth EDH [PRIMER]

19 hours ago

So I've recently built a Yawgmoth, Thran Physician deck that I have not play-tested yet and I used your deck as a heavy influence to some degree, I was curious if you could explain Tombstone Stairwell to me. Looking at your deck was the first time I've ever seen it and was a little confused by the card. Any help would be appreciated.

OtherWorldlyShadow on Hapatra EDH

3 days ago

Have you considered Yawgmoth, Thran Physician? You seem to have an aristocrat sub-theme in the deck, and Yawgmoth is an amazing sacrifice outlet/source of -1/-1 counters/proliferate engine/combo piece. Assuming you have life, he also goes infinite with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Nest of Scarabs.

I would also suggest Ifnir Deadlands and other deserts to synergize with it. Desert of the Indomitable and Desert of the Glorified are good ones to work with it. As well as that, you can run Scavenger Grounds for extra desert synergy. I would also suggest Ramunap Excavator, but I think he belongs in any deck running lands that go into the graveyard and has green.

Azeworai on Alesha 2.0

1 week ago

Ah, a beloved commander of most. I myself toiled with a list for quite some time, so I have some recommendations, as well as menial ones.

For the ones unrelated to the deck, you have a typo of "probably" in the deck description, as "probaly." I merely point this out. My other note on formatting is that you may add a space to category titles. A athwart to "SacOutlet," try "Sac_Outlet." You also have two Karmic Guides, and Magus of the Wheels. And Ravenous Chupacabra. And Yawgmoth, Thran Physician... How did you do that?

As for the decklist, there are some cards in profuse I would at least try.

Protector of the Crown allows for many politics and defense, warding off much attacking due to the high toughness. Paired with cards such as Darksteel Plate, it can be difficult for some decks to interact with.

For looting/rummaging, Anje Falkenrath, Deal Broker, and Smuggler's Copter are all fantastic. True delectation to meticulously sculpt a perfect hand.

False Prophet is awesome. It comes back, with your profusion of sacrifice outlets is easily controllable, and leaves your board-state in the graveyard to inevitably return.

I don't much enjoy spells such as Thrill of Possibility or Cathartic Reunion, for they require cards in hand to do anything. If you don't have any, they are a horrible top-deck. I'd recommend Ransack the Lab in their lieu.

Selfless Spirit. I shall say no more.

Having additional reanimation outside of your commander is a cruciality above most. When Alesha starts costing, five, even seven mana, it's difficult for this deck to get back on its feet. Dread Return and Unburial Rites are great, even if they are to be milled over. Animate Dead is just powerful, Restoration Specialist pulls her weight, and Phyrexian Reclamation often keeps the deck going by itself. Lastly, Sun Titan is ridiculous. It recurs what is a necessity, does so immediately, can be cheated out with a reanimation spell. It is the best backup commander one could ask for. Best off, it does go infinite with Gift of Immortality and effects such as Goblin Bombardment. Bye-bye table.

Now, gaining life is important, and Gray Merchant of Asphodel is splendid.

With rummaging effects, self-mill becomes easy with Dredge cards. Stinkweed Imp and Golgari Thug are both lovely. One self-mill effect I've enjoyed is Shard of Broken Glass. A 4/2 first strike is difficult to block prosperously.

Categories and cards to consider ablating:

You have seven sacrifice outlets, most of which are easily brought back, but they don't stack well, whereat multiple in one given game are typically useless. Of these, Blood Bairn seems the most lacking. If you aren't to fain to cut one, you should know that Bloodthrone Vampire exists.

Black Market is a VERY slow card. It's five mana, doesn't do anything immediately, and requires additional stuff to happen to make it function. I don't enjoy it too much, but your choice.

Ravenous Bloodseeker has you discard a card without replacing it. Games of commander require cards in hand to proceed, and, as such, I don't believe this to be very powerful.

You have a lot of removal. A Lot. Whilst they are all great, I have a gripe with but one. Utter End is four mana to kill one thing. Sure it's an instant and sure it's exile, but it's a lot of mana. If you want to keep all of the removal, I'd at least try other options. Despark is fine, Chaos Warp hits all permanents with a cheaper cast, and Generous Gift is arguably more prominent than Vindicate.

If you would pardon the long comment, that is all of my input. Have a lovely day and happy reanimating!

Tibus on Slimefoot Aristos Suggestions

2 weeks ago

To make the deck more versatile and able to handle creatures well I would recommend Attrition it's a rather underrated old enchantment that does the trick well especially in token decks.

A key factor I find in commander often is value and cards win you the game, that being said Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is another really decent card to add in. Also I would highly recommend while it is still inexpensive that you pick up a Bolas's Citadel

PhthisisClock on Negative Creep Modern

2 weeks ago

Zakuzelo... you raise good points with Obelisk Spider... I haven't had it in the deck for quite awhile, but I guess I leaned more toward Poison-Tip Archer because I was seeing a lot of sacrificing among my opponents, and liked the fact that PTA triggered on death, not counters. But now that I run so many cards with counters, Obelisk Spider may be the better choice, especially considering its CMC. (I have not tried Yawgmoth, Thran Physician yet as I don't have any copies.)

reptile_ryan on Meren-ium Falcon

2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your thorough reply! I’m noticing that my build just isn’t as threatening as I had originally imagined. I was looking really hard at adding Vraska, Golgari Queen, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and creatures like Blisterpod and Carrier Thrall as creatures for sacrifice fodder. I do like the idea of using creature abilities as control, so I think Mindslicer and Plaguecrafter are going to be added for sure. I have Dictate of Erebos in and think I need to add Grave Pact for further help in board control and cards like Grim Haruspex to help me with card draw.

triproberts12 on Hogaak Persist Combo

2 weeks ago

Yeah, the list I threw out at first is a little clunky, because I didn't see the Protean Hulk plan. If that's the level of power your table is playing at, efficiency matters.

Here's my pitch for Puppeteer Clique and Woodfall Primus with Renata, Called to the Hunt. As you upgrade the deck, you're going to want altars- Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, Altar of Dementia, Greater Good, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. They can all do degenerate things in general, but just win the game by reanimating a persist creature. Having infinite sac combos built into dorks like Putrid Goblin, Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, and Viscera Seer also seems good.

To go with that, keeping the reanimation curve low would be most powerful. I can understand the price tag on Unearth being out of reach for a bit and I see Victimize and Stitch Together, but no Animate Dead or Apprentice Necromancer. You only need the one turn to go off, after all!

Zakuzelo on Negative Creep Modern

2 weeks ago

If that's the plan, then I'm even more baffled by Poison-Tip Archer over Obelisk Spider. Cheaper, generates it's own counters, causes more and better pings throughout the game, including when you wipe out your snakes. Is Poison-Tip Archer's deathtouch that relevant, even with all the deathtouch snakes? Are there a lot of sweepers he's helping with? Are people attacking into your snakes when he's around? I just don't get it.

How'd Yawgmoth, Thran Physician work out, by the way?

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