Inspiring Statuary

Inspiring Statuary


Nonartifact spells you cast have improvise. (Your artifacts can help cast those spells. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

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Inspiring Statuary Discussion

KBK7101 on Draconic Treasures

2 months ago

Looks great! Personally, I'm still on the fence about the whole DnD crossover thing, but there are a few commanders from the set that look really interesting (Kalain being one of them). A few suggestions, though...

Goldspan Dragon is a great addition to treasure themed decks. Sadly, his price has skyrocketed since Kaldheim's release... Other than than, what about Bladewing the Risen as a means of recursion? Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge is a another dragon that might be worth a look. Inspiring Statuary would also let your treasures stick around with the downside of making them (essentially) tap for colorless.

McToters on The Sin of Gluttony

2 months ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi thanks for taking the time to look at this and comment! I really dig your first three suggestions. I’m not totally sold on Feasting Troll King if only because it’s 4 green in the cmc, I typically try to stay away from those kind of hard casts even if the “food” part works well with the deck. That’s about the same reason I have against Infernal Tribute for now as well even though it’s only 3 black.

I LOVE the Cranial Plating suggestion. That’s going in ASAP. I have a few I’m not using. I need to pick up an Underworld Cookbook.

I’m going to see how this plays before adding in Inspiring Statuary . I really like the suggestion but have another deck it can go in as well. Need to weigh out where it is more valuable.

Thanks again! Cheers!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The Sin of Gluttony

2 months ago

This looks pretty good so far. Did I see it correctly that you included about 35 lands spread among all sections? Seems fine, but I wouldn't go lower. Would you consider The Underworld Cookbook ? I realize you're playing the other one of Magic's chefs, but it's a pretty great card for Gyome as well, and even better as you're already playing Cauldron Familiar . If you're looking for a finisher, Cranial Plating is powerful here. Inspiring Statuary is awesome ramp, but hard to defend with your theme in mind. A very easy include is Feasting Troll King . Oh, and Infernal Tribute basically turns your food into clues.

Btw, there should be a Gyome list somewhere on my profile (I'm pretty sure I didn't delete it). If you're interested, feel free to have a look.

Finally: I just started building some AFR commanders. After building pools, I'm not sure if I'll actually finish Kalain, Reclusive Painter , but an early version Asmodeus the Archfiend is already sleeved, and once I get the chance to go over the 200-card-pile for Drizzt Do'Urden , I'll also hopefully get a version of him. I'll try to upload them in the coming weeks.

Crow-Umbra on Triple Six, Five, Forked Tongue [Primer]

2 months ago

Hi Coward_Token, thank you for the feedback! Gonti definitely would be better with a flicker source, like maybe a Conjurer's Closet , but I'm not sure if I would want to include it just for Gonti. I'll keep him on a new mental shortlist of possible cuts if he feels underwhelming.

Similarly, I was kinda off on Tibalt when it was first spoiled. I thought that 7 MV for the backside would be difficult for BR(x) decks to achieve without some additional Green ramp or ritual support. I like the flexibility that both sides offer, and could see myself playing the front side, even if it is like a pseudo-removal of a creature from hand that I could copy. My meta has a lot of variety, so I can find something worth while.

This deck originally started at 36 lands, then I cut one basic yesterday to squeeze in Inspiring Statuary . I think if I cut anything first, Statuary might get the axe. On paper, I like the idea of using it to bank up Treasures, Clues, and Food; although it does kind of non-bo with Mayhem Devil and Disciple of the Vault , and is kind of a dead card if I don't have the treasures/etc for it.

I felt like I hit my land drops maybe too consistently when I played Prosper IRL this past Monday lol. Pretty much every card he exiled with Mystic Arcanum was a land, and this happened like 5 times in a row. It's just one game of course, but between that and usually having 3-4 treasures, I felt comfortable at the current land count. I think I usually play 35-36 lands in most of my decks with similar average MVs, and also about 10+ ramp sources depending on the colors I'm in. If I feel mana starved I'll keep your land count suggestion in mind.

lagotripha on Mono Green Manufacturing

3 months ago

Treasure Map  Flip is a solid value engine with synergies. Inspiring Statuary lets you cast some big spells, or small spells fast. Rampage of the Clans lets you turn a bunch of tokens into centaurs for beatdown. Grinding Station opens up synergies with your own graveyard while offering a backup wincon.

Splashing into more colours feels fairly low cost here between gilded goose and treasure tokens, even before looking at the MH2 legendaries. I'm talking options like Ravenous Squirrel , Disciple of the Vault and Savvy Hunter - things that love artifacts and can help smooth out the curve. Basically every colour has 1 or 2 drops that love artifacts - I'm most used to splashing black but there is something in all of them.

Heliogabale on The Queen's Booty! (Grixis Pirates) **PRIMER**

3 months ago

Not only is Shared Animosity cheaper, but it stays on the board an provides the boost turn after turn.

I feel you are gambling a lot on Arcane Adaptation while it seems unnecessary to me. Most of your creatures are Pirates, and those that are not should generate enough value to disregard the tribal element. Chart a Course is a one-shot draw that could make room for repeated draw. This could free 2 spots for Reconnaissance Mission and a Bident of Thassa , both are better than Coastal Piracy.

I would cut Prosperous Pirates to make way for Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator ; a potential of 3 treasures per turn is better than a one-time effect for 2 treasures.

Marionette Master is a very convoluted way of attempting to benefit from your treasures, while you should actually try to hold on to them so you can trigger Mechanized Production or Revel in Riches, making it a non-bo card. I would replace it with Archetype of Imagination (or Sun Quan, Lord of Wu if you have one, or both!) which could win you the game for the same casting cost. This also replaces your Nemesis Mask, freeing a spot for something like Cover of Darkness .

Brass's Bounty and Pirate's Pillage are also one-shot deals that could make way for more stable pieces, like Inspiring Statuary , allowing you to tap your treasures for colorless mana.

I hope I am not overwhelming you with this cascade of suggestions, hopefully some of these will be helpful to you!

MaltOMeal on Absolute Theocracy

5 months ago

Sup lobsternips!

As a baseline, you'll need to add lands, which I'm sure you know. Since you're making Treasure and Gold tokens in this deck you'd probably be good with roughly 34-36 lands, leaning more to the most mana color you'll need, say like a 25/25/50 split if thats what you're going for.

- We'll cover your cards to include by type, so lets start with creatures. I like the Angels, Demons, and Dragons subtheme, if you were considering it I'd try and include Kaalia of the Vast if you can get your hands on one, otherwise just slim down on the tribal stuff, reaching too far into each different theme could result in inconsistencies and clunky play. I've been there, it sucks a lot. (Unfortunately, you can't run Shalai, Voice of Plenty since she has a Selesnya color identity)

-When it comes to your Dragons, I think you hit the nail on the head, nothing I would really change or take out. Allows for Magda, Brazen Outlaw to have a decent outlet if you don't want an artifact.

-Finally, the other things you've got going. Dockside should just be an auto-include, albeit a heavy price tag, but if you can get one you should definitely include it.

  • Dark Impostor , while mana intensive is still a decent mana sink that can function effectively as targeted removal. Definitely keep your edict creatures, they are super useful and trigger Negan, and thats what you want.

  • Starnheim Aspirant is useful if you go super heavy into the Angel theme, but if you skimp on the Angel theme this could very often be a dead card.

  • Storm-Kiln Artist , I like this a lot for this deck, can be a beater, and generates value.

  • Vault Robber , seems bad, and bad to do. Synergizes with Magda and makes Treasure tokens, but thats really it... PLUS it requires you to have a creature in YOUR grave. I'd cut this, but if you have a reason to play it I'm not seeing immediately play it in your deck.

  • Viscera Seer , good card, good sac outlet, not much else to say.

  • Creatures I'd include based on what I've seen: Solemn Simulacrum , Burnished Hart and Mayhem Devil . Some good ramp and a decent damage dealer if you'd like to play a cheap one. Plus the Devil is great at just 3 mana.

First thing I wanna point out is the abundance of them, its good, but its quite a few. I like the variety of them though, from token generation to mana value, all of them are GOOD in a sense.

  • Angelic Renewal is basically a one time effect. While good, there are better recursion spells out there, but this one does fit the Angel theme so thats really cool. :D

  • Land Tax : Definitely play this if you want more inclusions in your deck and want to play less lands, but don't forget to have a focus on more basic lands for the landbase.
  • Luminarch Ascension is subject to removal by other players, and somewhat makes you a target, but with Divine Visitation and your non-Treasure generators make this super useful.
  • Aside from that, I think that's a decent spread of enchantments. Nothing to add really, love the inclusion of the Sagas and Revel in Riches .

    I'm sure you'll add more later, but here are some I'd DEFINITELY include:

  • The three signets for your colors, Arcane Signet as well.

  • Goldvein Pick : hidden tRAESurES!!!
  • Inspiring Statuary for a low mana investment, you can effectively keep your Treasures around, or use your Gold tokens twice(tap it for colorless, then sac it for colored mana).
  • Panharmonicon to double up on edict effects.

  • Not much in this category outside of removal or token generation.

  • Wouldn't run Secure the Wastes strictly because it doesn't put Humans into play, play the sorcery option Martial Coup instead if you want a token creator with some OOMPH.

  • I'd recommend more removal, but with everything else considered I think you're pretty much good here. Really like the Crackling Doom and Vona's Hunger inclusions.

    OOOOkay, lots to look at here.

  • Mortuary Mire : Get that creature back in play!
  • High Market : Useful when Dictate of Erebos is in play.
  • Sanctum of Eternity / Command Beacon : You never know when you might need to use them. Negan can get expensive real fast.
  • That basically does it for my brief review, hope I was of some help!

    Hardhitta7 on I AM THE STORM!!

    5 months ago

    Nice list! I’m building Galazeth as well but mine wins with Hellkite Tyrant .

    I never seen Herbal Poultice before. Think I’ll add it to my list.

    For suggestions I like Shimmer Dragon , Mnemonic Deluge , and Inspiring Statuary .

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