Faces of the Past

Faces of the Past


Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, tap or untap all creatures that share a creature type with it.

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Set Rarity
Scourge (SCG) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Faces of the Past Discussion

Gunsolo on Rat Deck

4 months ago

You can replace Faces of the Past with Intruder Alarm . It's legal in Modern, has the same cost and will go infinite with Marrow-Gnawer .

Temporal_Inept on Combo pieces EDH

11 months ago

Faces of the Past is a niche tapper/untapper

RePTiLE on "Grimgrin Want to Play!"

1 year ago

Enhanced Surveillance is nice. I'll definitely look at that. I actually used to have Crypt Incursion in the deck on an early version I just didn't think just life was a good enough trade-out, but I may look at it again. Like you said life gain in black is high value. And I just took Butcher of Malakir out for Unclaimed Territory so we'll have 36 moving forward and I'll mix things around when I get a low CMC Pact effect permanent in here. And holy shit I really like Faces of the Past If I get Whip of Erebos in I want to get Midnight Reaper as well. I just don't want one without the other. Thanks for mentioning War of the Spark in general. I'm super excited about Gleaming Overseer (1UB ETB 1/4 w/ Amass 1 and Zombie Tokens you control have Hexproof and Menace), Liliana, Dreadhorde General , Liliana's Triumph , and Bolas's Citadel I don't how I'll fit all of them in, but this looks like a good set for us!

Sloanan on "Grimgrin Want to Play!"

1 year ago

Happy to help! Fair enough on Empty the Pits . I'm somewhat partial to Enhanced Surveillance from the last Ravnica set, but that's also a permanent so it'll be pretty televised (though that by itself is a solid deterrent). There's also Crypt Incursion if you're looking for some instant speed shenanigans. Not great but I played it one time in an older build and went from like ten to 40ish for only three mana.

As far as your land count, I think reducing the overall average CMC of the deck will be fine. You can work with 35 (I've got more than my fair share of decks with that many lands), but I wouldn't lean too heavily into anything above 5 CMC if you do so. Otherwise I'd add least one land (though another bit of artifact ramp oughtta do the trick as well).

For enablers for Grimgrin, I'm somewhat fond of Faces of the Past , as it doesn't just untap Grimgrin but also any other zombie that you attacked with. Midnight Reaper gets you some card draw if you're saccing nontokens. Dreadhorde Invasion will give you sac fodder AND some nice lifegain when it releases with War of the Spark. If you're going with a self-mill style, Stitcher's Supplier isn't a bad choice.

OMNATH_OMNATH_OI_OI_OI on Tuvasa and Friends [help please!]

1 year ago

As they say, the more lords the merrier. Adaptive Automaton , Coat of Arms (One of the strongest tribal cards ever printed), Cryptic Gateway , Descendants' Path , Door of Destinies , Faces of the Past , Kindred Boon , Kindred Discovery , Konda's Banner (Turns commander into lord), Metallic Mimic ,and Urza's Incubator are all cards that work with tribal.

Monti_Jones on Crafty Token Explosions

1 year ago

Thank you for your suggestions!

Due to the convoluted engine the deck needs to "go off" I have to carefully chose what permanents I play. I want to be as low as possible on creatures as well as non-creature permanents to make my key pieces (Engine, Ascendancy, Alarm) work. The first version of the deck actually had both Faces and the Pit in. Although they look right on point for the deck, they are not good enough unfortunately.

Faces of the Past is just too narrow. Just look at how many different types of token my spells create! Even if they ended up being all the same, I would need a sac outlet for it. Another type of card that dilutes my gameplan. When I played it, it only sat around doing nothing.

I wanted to play Spawning Pit in case of a board wipe. "Haha! Me smart! Me keep token after wipe!" Turns out, just another token spell does the same work and the deck doesn't need a sac outlet per se. Then it also isn't a spell that triggers all my untap outs. I still play Goblin Bombardment because it is just too good. I can nuke something if necessary, can retaliate in case of a wipe or can win on the spot with infinite tokens. To make the card work, I would have to heavily build around it but the deck just can't handle another setup branch.

I tried both in a slower first variant of this deck, where I have some kind of lockdown plan with Opposition , Glare of Subdual , Quest for Renewal and Seedborn Muse . I like this fast combo variant I'm playing right now way more though.

You are on the right track of what kind of cards I'm looking for. Thank you again for your contribution!

majorappliance on Crafty Token Explosions

1 year ago

may i suggest a card i recently found to exist and immediately fell in love with? Faces of the Past , also i like that its cheap af. Its great in tribal, untapping and with sac engines. Imagine Marrow-Gnawer for infinite rats, or Krenko, Mob Boss with a Goblin Bombardment for infinite everything. delightful. It is a bit hard to justify it in this deck with only a goblin bombardment (as a sac engine), but it is on theme, and your tribal swarm does exist. Also, Spawning Pit exists, is on theme, and with token doublers in this deck, goes infinite with earth craft and other cool cards.

triproberts12 on Look out Rat Tribal, a new jank tribal is here

1 year ago

I think the cuts are probably Faces of the Past , Scrying Sheets (3 mana for 13 hits, once you account for the snow land you already need doesn't seem great), Mana Echoes , and Cryptic Gateway . Not sure about what else, if anything, to cut without goldfishing the deck. Also, I'd swap Chart a Course for Tormenting Voice .

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