Rite of Harmony

Rite of Harmony


Whenever a creature or enchantment enters the battlefield under your control this turn, draw a card.

Flashback (You may cast this from your graveyard for this card's flashback cost, then exile this.)

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Rite of Harmony Discussion

multimedia on Minions & Magic token deck

5 days ago

Hey, well done for your first three color deck with partners. Nice start and work in progress. Some good ideas and cards here, other than the obvious staples like Sol, Arcane, Tower, Swords, Farseek, Cultivate, etc.

Nice Fetch lands, Plunderer, Ghave, Beledros, Altar, Dawn, Wake, Intervention, Inkshield, Artist, Blot, Ranger, Remembrance, Damn, Infestation. I see win condition combos of Ghave + Altar + Artist and Life/Limb + Sporemound, but you could expand on token combos if that's the direction you want to go.

Six excellent lands here make up a large portion of the budget, the rest is fairly low budget thus my suggestions will be for lower budget. If I'm wrong about this and you would prefer more pricey options let me know.

My first comment is advice to improve on the basic structure (lands, ramp and draw). If you're interested in me continuing with more advice in other areas I can in another comment. Three areas to consider improving are amount of lands/color fixing from lands, more draw and more ramp.


32 lands is low amount with only 8 ramp sources. Consider adding some lands, at least 3 more and add at least 3 more ramp sources? 21 basic lands is a lot for a three color deck, that makes color fixing subpar from lands. By cutting a few basic lands for more dual lands it will help color fixing. You're playing green which gives you access to many different ramp options such as Tireless Provisioner who creates tokens. Take advantage of ramp when playing green.

Mentor of the Meek and Provisioner are helpful three drops for tokens because of their repeatable effects. Mentor and Shamanic Revelation take advantage of tokens for draw. You're creating 1/1 tokens which Prava makes them 2/5 when they enter the battlefield, but that's still 2 power for Mentor to be a repeatable draw source.

I see Verdant Catacombs and Windswept Heath which are great as well as Farseek, but I only see Temple Garden as the dual land these Fetch lands/Farseek can get. Consider adding a few more lands that the Fetch lands can get such as Murmuring Bosk? Farseek can get a black source from Woodland Chasm or Snowfield Sinkhole.

For some cuts, the cards I've chosen for you to consider are less impactful then others in your deck. Creatures who all they have is lifelink are not worth playing because you can get life from other sources that do much more. Transcendent Master is not worth the mana investment into it for what you eventually get.

Bad Moon is subpar because you don't have enough black creatures and the majority of token creatures are not black, they're white or green especially since Prava only creates white creatures. Dramatic Finale mana cost is too difficult to consistently make with three colors and only nontoken dies. Other anthems such as Glorious Anthem are fine since it affects all creatures you control, but in my opinion are not worth a card spot since all it does is +1/+1 pump.

Black in my opinion is better as a splash color here with dual lands and a few basic Swamps since green and white give you much more for tokens and life gain strategies. It takes a lot of black mana for Vorpal Sword to have a good effect which without a lot of treasures or more color fixing help will be too difficult to make.

Would you like me to continue with more advice? Good luck with your deck.

jacobpmesser on Kobold Storm AKA All of the 0 Drops Ever!

1 week ago

I'd swap Multani's Presence for Beck / Call or Rite of Harmony. Move presence to side or something.

ChrisHansonBiomancin on Sylesnya Humans

4 months ago

Hey I've been trying out the Humans as well, tho I went a jankier route with heavier ramp & Rite of Harmony in order to do dumb things, whereas yours seems more like a straight beatdown strategy which seems like it should be pretty solid.

Intrepid Adversary seems like a must-include for this strategy as a finisher since you both go wide and ramp. I like Maja, but I think you'd need to play Augur of Autumn in order to get enough lands to get consistent tokens.

Since you're devoting 8 spots to ramp I think it'd be worth it to play 2-4 Katilda, Dawnhart Prime as it can do ridiculous things and also be an anthem effect.

You could also consider playing Lunarch Veteran  Flip instead of Prosperous Innkeeper. The one advantage the Innkeeper has is the treasure, while Lunarch costs less, is a Human, and has the disturb ability.

A few other ideas from my deck (Harmonic Humans) - Saryth, the Viper's Fang for protection & making it awkward to block your creatures, Brutal Cathar  Flip for removal, and Ellywick Tumblestrum for card advantage.

Balaam__ on Valinor

4 months ago

I’d say if you can afford to run CoCo I’d go with that. Rite of Harmony seems better suited to a different sort of build.

Sylvarion on Valinor

4 months ago

Balaam__ Do you think that Rite of Harmony or Collected Company would work better in this? I'm having a tough time deciding.