Kykar, Wind's Fury

Kykar, Wind's Fury

Legendary Creature — Bird Wizard


Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

Sacrifice a Spirit: Gain .

Kykar, Wind's Fury Discussion

griffstick on Favorite color or color combination?

2 months ago

Not that anybody cares but, the decks I've never built are

  • all combinations of 4 color decks
  • and never built

Maybe there's more to gain from seeing what you have not built.

I feel that isn't who I am. The closest I'd come to building that deck would be and the cmdr would be Kykar, Wind's Fury and it wouldn't be spell slinger. It would be enchantments. And if it was spells it would be token go wide with Vicious Shadows as it's finisher

All of this data refers to paper magic.

NTakamura on Need help refining Jeskai burn …

3 months ago

This deck main game plan is burn everything, creatures and players alike using Kykar, Wind's Fury . I have some counterspell to fend off my opponents, some tax to prevent myself from being attack by creatures and some ways to bring back/reuse instant and Sorcery. This is a spell heavy deck with minimal creatures, which I want. But that is made up by the Spirit token I get from casting non creature spells. So I would like everyone input on making this deck a high level casual deck with a some competitiveness to it. I would like to keep this a budget deck, 180 to 200 dollars max for everything. So let me know your thoughts about this deck and how it could improve on it themes.

Fort Burn

CannedCanOpener on A Good Population of Sparky-chan goes to WAR

3 months ago

I see your pondering in the description and I'll clear it up - you can only run one copy of a given card, the double-sided cards don't circumvent that rule. The way double-faced cards work, aside from the stack and the battlefield, double-sided cards only have the properties of their front face (so if you have the double-faced Rowan/Will in your deck, it only counts as Rowan since she is the front face). This means that you can't run the front-face Rowan and the back-face Will as separate cards in your library, you can only run one copy of the double-face card and then choose to cast it as either side when in your hand. This also means that the new Tibalt has to be run in the 99 with the properties of Valki: you can cast it from your hand as the Tibalt side, but in the library it is only a creature and cannot be tutored out by planeswalker tutors since its front side is just a creature.

In addition, there are a few cards I greatly recommend. Atraxa, Praetors' Voiceis almost a must-have in a 5-color Superfriends deck for her passive proliferation and deathtouch/flying making her a formidable attack deterrent. Kykar, Wind's Furyis another great creature for a Superfriends deck because he makes flying blockers whenever you cast your walkers. Primevals' Glorious Rebirthis a card that can return all of your fallen walkers (and any other legendary permanents) straight to the battlefield for reuse. And finally, Flux Channeleris another fantastic proliferation outlet that triggers naturally with your deck's goal of casting walkers (and is a lower-CMC alternative to Inexorable Tidewhich is only better in a more creature-heavy deck).

xander11 on Last_Laugh

3 months ago

Hello, do you have any experience with spellslinger decks? I have started to work on my first one using Kykar, Wind's Fury and would love to get some feedback on it

Kykar, the Oncoming Storm

PalaCannito on Kykar Polymorph

3 months ago

In my opinion, you need more token generators for the theme of the deck. You have plenty of ways to poly into a big beater, but you only have three and a half generators of which all are 4 MV or above:

My suggestion would be to change two of the filter draw cards for token sorceries:

Other suggestions that may make this more consistent:

If you follow through with these, you may need to rebalance the number of Islands you have in comparison to Plains, maybe a two-for-two swap.

I do not believe that these changes will overpower your deck, but it should let you durdle more successfully.

Soketsu on Alela: Artifacts, Treasure and Sacrifice [primer]

5 months ago

comment when this deck is still at prototype stage:

"Alela midrangy deck, focusing on gathering value with tons of free creatures created by playing artifacts / enchantments. Few combo wins included but you can just as easily win with creature damage."

I do wonder if Kykar, Wind's Fury is not better if you goal is solely to generate free creature with your commander, you can generate token with every cast that is not a creature, then again I might try alela later, so I'm eager to see how your deck will evolve

Hardhitta7 on Which deck to build next?

5 months ago

I’m looking to build my 4th deck sometime in the future but I want it to be different from my usual play style. So no spellslinger or tribal decks. I have Kykar, Wind's Fury , Adeliz, the Cinder Wind , and a Akiri, Fearless Voyager Samurai deck that I’m still putting the finishing touches on.

As you can see I have no green or black decks so I was hoping to use those two colors. So either Golgari or a 3 color deck with those two colors.

So far I’ve came up with a Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons deck and a Glissa, the Traitor deck. Out of those two I like Hapatra more although I would like an artifact deck too.

Anyone have suggestions for what I should build next? Either one of those two? Or maybe something completely different?

Sultai_Sir on LIfelink and prevention

6 months ago

Well, Kykar, Wind's Fury triggers off of your aikido pieces, creates chump blockers, and helps you ramp up to get more and more of your things online. For an easier suggestion, though, it's definitely Zedruu the Greathearted . You can give away harmful things and useless cards like Dualcaster Mage , or some more Zedruu-specific shenanigans if you decide to build your deck that way.

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