Thornbite Staff

Thornbite Staff

Tribal Artifact — Shaman Equipment

Equipped creature has "(2), Tap: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player" and "Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, untap this creature."

Whenever a Shaman creature enters the battlefield, you may attach Thornbite Staff to it.

Equip (4)

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Thornbite Staff Discussion

TheVectornaut on Blue-Black Deck

1 day ago

I'd start by identifying what you want the main goal of your deck to be. I see two main ideas here that could be built around.

The first is dealing unblocked damage by disincentivizing blocks with deathtouch. Darkblade Agent , Eternal of Harsh Truths , Graveblade Marauder , and maybe Blightsteel Colossus (with enough reanimation) fit this archetype. Because of the two "blade" cards, there is some overlap with the second archetype which I'll cover next (and if you keep them, cards like Notion Rain , Mission Briefing , Thought Erasure , and Discovery / Dispersal are likely to get more mileage than Divination or Secrets of the Golden City ), but there may be even better ways to profit from unblocked creatures. Curiosity enchantments like Curious Obsession , Sixth Sense , and Keen Sense are frequent accompaniments to the Invisible Stalker s and other bogles of the world, and Bident of Thassa is a strong option for those going wide. I like Quietus Spike as a sort of midway point between Basilisk Collar and Master of Cruelties in decks like these too. Other beaters to get in with could be Tomebound Lich , Oona's Blackguard , Dimir Cutpurse , Looter il-Kor , Shadowmage Infiltrator , Surrakar Spellblade , Wharf Infiltrator , or Virtus the Veiled if he's legal in whatever format this is for. More generic deathtouch synergy could include Hooded Blightfang , Viridian Longbow , Thornbite Staff , Psionic Gift enchantments, and any source of first strike. Finally, I like Cipher as a way to gain advantage from repeated attacks, so maybe a Hidden Strings or Paranoid Delusions could come in handy.

The second main idea is to stack the graveyard(s) with as many creatures as possible to extract value from Undergrowth and similar mechanics. Avatar of Woe , Lotleth Giant , Trepanation Blade , Teferi's Tutelage , and some of your Disentomb effects fit here. Major threats in these kinds of decks include Wight of Precinct Six , Jace's Phantasm , Consuming Aberration , Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker , Fleet Swallower , Nemesis of Reason , Bonehoard , Mortivore , and Nighthowler . If you want to focus on your own graveyard, green is a great color to dip into as I alluded to earlier. Ghoultree , Boneyard Wurm , Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord , Splinterfright , Nyx Weaver , Nemesis of Mortals , Spider Spawning , and Kessig Cagebreakers are just some of the tools you get access to. Golgari is also the king of Undergrowth, so Hatchery Spider , Izoni, Thousand-Eyed , Molderhulk , Rhizome Lurcher / Undergrowth Scavenger , Kraul Harpooner , and Necrotic Wound are on the table. If milling your opponents is more your thing, some staples to consider are Thought Scour , Sphinx's Tutelage , Drown in the Loch , Traumatize , Fraying Sanity , and the crab duo. Jace's Erasure , Psychic Corrosion , and the Tutelage pair benefit the most from other draw synergy, and Visions of Beyond is an obvious inclusion if that's the route you take. Either way, I'd cut down to only the most efficient of your reanimate to hand cards and the like since you don't want to be stuck with a fist full of them and no creatures in the graveyard to target. Speaking of cuts, for maximum power, it's usually correct to play as close to the 60 card minimum as possible. Picking a single strategy to hone in on should make it easier to whittle down to the most important 60 in the deck.

If you have questions, let me know. Good luck with your build!

MagicMarc on The Glorious Tod

1 week ago

If you kill lots of creatures then Grave Betrayal is very strong when the games go long or a lot of players are happening. Thornbite Staff is another good artifact in the lines of the longbow.

Pikobyte on Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

3 weeks ago

Just in case: all they need to start are any of those 2 cards on the field. You also need Purphoros and an Eldrazi Titan either in your Library or on the field, doesn’t matter.

Elasar99 on glissa sacrificial artifact

3 weeks ago

Have you thought about adding Thornbite Staff and Viridian Longbow in your deck? With both of them equipped on Glissa you can clean the table and get rid of all your opponents creatures and triggering Glissa's ability to get artifacts from graveyard.

PapLaRiviere on Krenko, Gob Boss

1 month ago

Thank you for your nice responses and for your upvote. It dawned on me after my last post that I had missed a couple of things.

Firstly, under certain circumstances, Zada, Hedron Grinder could be an exceptional target for Seize the Day . Just having one Instant/Sorcery to target her with is still pretty narrow, but it is something. If you decide to keep Zada for the time being, then select a different 4-5 cmc Goblin to pull instead.

Secondly, I forgot to list Thornbite Staff among those cards critical to your deck. I would suggest pulling one of the higher mana costing Artifacts to make room for it.

Once you have completed this revision, I think that you will find that most of your mana problems will no longer be problems. I also think that you will have a deck capable of winning some games.

If, a few weeks or months down the road you want to chat about a second revision, feel free to contact me.

Thanks and good hunting! Pappy

plakjekaas on Altar Combos!

1 month ago

MagicMarc you could use Pemmin's Aura instead of Thornbite Staff to forgo the infinite mana, but keep on untapping the Valkyrie with blue altar mana for infinite etbs.

carpecanum on Kumano: "So anyway, I started blasting"

2 months ago

You already have almost exactly the same non-creature cards as I would have put in with this commander. I love this deck. Thornbite Staff, Goblin Sharpshooter and maybe another pinger to use the stuff thats already helping Kumano?

Lands and artifacts that do the same thing as Glaring Spotlight. There are two lands that do that? Three?

Brash Taunter and Silverclad Ferocidons would be fun to use Nemesis Mask on.

The only red card draw I really like is Stolen Strategy.

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