Goldspan Dragon

Goldspan Dragon

Creature — Dragon

Flying, haste

Whenever Goldspan Dragon attacks or becomes the target of a spell, create a treasure token.

Treasures you control have ", Sacrifice this artifact: Gain two mana of any one colour."

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Goldspan Dragon Discussion

willwrdn on Gruul Werewolf Aggro standard

7 hours ago

I like this deck! I'd probably play it myself if I had the wildcards to spend on Arena.

You're looking for fine tuning. Off the top of my head, I might suggest cutting the Highland Forests or Mountains for Cragcrown Pathway  Flips. I know you want the snow permanents for Blizzard Brawl, but I think the added consistency for your manabase is worth it, especially if you plan on running Unnatural Growth.

I might also look for ways to include Goldspan Dragon in your mainboard. I think it's just too good to not include if you're already in red

BobBobBob3 on Jeskai Prismablade

2 weeks ago

Fablabthank you for your suggestions. Sorry that it took me a while to respond to your comment, i was taking a break from mtg until eldraine rotated out haha. Firstly, I want to say that i have created multiple variations of the list. This is the list, i am in the process of updating the primer to fit this list. Basically, Sublime Epiphany was underperforming so i cut it. Vorpal Sword is such an amazing replacement for Embercleave omfg. The downside is that it cant be played turn one, but we can definitely use treasures to cast it. I was thinking Wish could be another win con, stick a Magma Opus Alrund's Epiphany or even some removal or something. Xorn is also a potential body that acts like a weaker Goldspan Dragon. Additionally, in terms of potential changes, Expressive Iteration might be some good card advantage. now that the triomes are gone, one drops are more important as well. as for Hand of Vecna,that might be good, but i dont know how good it is without the other vecna pieces. Sorcerer Class has the new flashback looting in uw, as a better alternative, but that may be good. Inferno of the Star Mounts is a good win con, and mana sink, what remains to be seen is how it interacts with the new meta.and finally, Demilich is something i dont think would work very well, but if the deck ever gets a higher quantity of instants/sorceries i will reconsider. Thanks for your suggestions, and I think that since the deck could hold its own in standard with 7 sets, and we only lose 2 cards and some lands in rotation, the deck will be at great place after rotation.

GregariousG on Gonna Need A Bigger Playmat | *Primer*

3 weeks ago

To betomindslav,

Thanks for keeping up with my deck, It has become my pet project. I think Wake the Past is strong in this shell and can be a game-ending play. However, I would change some of the creatures that don't work with Wake the Past. Wake the Past can't reanimate Goldspan Dragon or any of the splicer. I could change some of these types of cards to other artifact creatures with ETB effects like Myr Battlesphere. Let me know how your brew goes and I'll look at it if you post it on Tappedout. Modern Tron was my favorite competitive, hands down. I'm debating on making different variations of this shell with different combinations of color. Thanks!

R00D-D00D on The Suspense is Killing Me

3 weeks ago

wallisface Thanks very much, I'm proud of this brew. I suppose it reflects 20 years of janky deckbuilding, but a little more focused than previous decks.

I wanted to build a deck that I hadn't seen a million times before. I do agree that for his CMC, you are probably right. I was thinking that Figure of Destiny might be a good swap, since he's cheap but has the potential to fly off the hook if given time..

I also realised that I'm at 58 cards, so I should likely put two more lands in. The other option is that I pull the two copies of Goldspan Dragon I own from their current deck, remove all four copies of Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir in favour of two copies of Lavinia, Azorius Renegade and two copies of Strike it Rich.

I'd love your thoughts, and once again thank you for your kind words and advice :-)


multimedia on Draconic command Aggro (upgrated)

1 month ago

Hey, nice version of Ur-Dragon, but this is not aggro, it's midrange. That's fine because you don't really want aggro in multiplayer Commander since it doesn't do enough when you have three or more opponents who each start with 40 life.

Four mana even with Ur-Dragon cost reduction for Dragons is the average amount of mana you'll spend to cast your first spell which is high. You also really want a ramp mana source in your opening hand and 10 ramp sources is not enough to consistently have one. You have lots of powerful tutors here as well as Tiamat which means you could reduce the Dragons to the best ones and cut the subpar ones which will speed up gameplay. Old Gnawbone + Hellkite Charger is a Dragon win condition combo for infinite attacks.

The better Dragons:

In the place of other Dragons because of the high budget consider adding more lower CMC support cards?

Cultivate, Kodama's Reach and Rampant Growth could also be replaced with better/quicker ramp and since only playing 6 basic lands.

Good luck with your deck.

DrukenReaps on Prosper Through Theft

1 month ago

Possible Additions-

Goldspan Dragon, Mycosynth Lattice, Other and better treasure cards and exile from opponents to cast effects.

Possible Removals-

Forsworn Paladin, Hoarding Ogre, Shiny Impetus, Sudden Breakthrough, Contract Killing, Plundering Barbarian, Volcanic Torrent, Magda, Brazen Outlaw

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