Dualcaster Mage

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Dualcaster Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

Flash (You may cast this at any time you could cast an instant.)

When Dualcaster Mage enters the battlefield, copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Grind on Plucking them thar strangs

2 months ago

Cool deck!!
Would you consider Stonespeaker Crystal, Magus of the Wheel, Viscera Seer,
Talisman of Indulgence, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, Lightning Greaves, Trailblazer's Boots?
Dualcaster Mage + Heat Shimmer?
Also, mikaeus doesn't work with your spell creatures, i guess he is just there to combo with murderous redcap?
Just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!

DutchSnake on King Korvold Treasure Hoarder

3 months ago

I suggest to remove Diabolic Tutor it's way too expensive, (vampiric tutor?) running Dualcaster Mage without Twinflame / Sacoutlets + Living Death combo is just a dead end.

Adding Worldgorger Dragon since you already run Animate Dead gives reliable wincons in the deck.

Since you have Underworld Breach in your sideboard, add the remaining combo pieces since Goblin Bomb/Dockside are already in the deck.

Cutting Peer into the Abyss/Chord of calling because of the high cmc/cmc pips

That would be my take on imho

plakjekaas on Question for the CEDH community

3 months ago

I have included Seedtime in my decks, and have yet to cast it for a first time. It's just too coincidental of a circumstance to have it in hand, 2 mana open, and an opponent casting a spell that is blue during my turn.

Savage Summoning I have considered for a temur Ghostly Flicker(+Dualcaster Mage) combo deck, so you can start the flicker loop, make infinite mana, probably draw your deck, and will be able to flash in a payoff creature (like one that deals damage on etb, I had the commander, Omnath, Locus of the Roil in mind) without stopping the loop. A specific solution for finishing the game while you're already drawing your deck, that's how niche the card actually is '^^

thefiresoflurve on Typical Hinata is Typical

3 months ago

Okay, so cuts first: 1. all the "Diamond" series of mana rocks can go, they're kind of bad. The signets are good, they can stay.

  1. Paradoxical Outcome can go. It's not exactly what you want here since you don't have strong ETB themes.

  2. Keep Safe there are better counters.

  3. Decoy Gambit can go. Not really strong enough to warrant giving people the options.

  4. Sunbird's Invocation is a bit too expensive for what it does in this deck, IMO.

  5. Dualcaster Mage - this doesn't target (its ETB effect does the targeting), but if you want the copy effect, you can replace it later with something else, like Increasing Vengeance.

  6. Radiant Scrollwielder and Soulfire Grand Master - I saw exactly 4 cards that these even affect, probably not worth using with so little synergy. (and their abilities aren't the most useful here)

  7. Oona's Grace - not bad, but not worthy of the 100.

  8. Aether Gale - you have other cards that do what this is trying to do, but better.

You've also got what looks like multiples of a couple cards, which could help the count. Hope this helps! Let me know after you've made some edits and I'll help some more.

multimedia on My Highest Powered Deck

5 months ago

Hey, you have an interesting/fun deck, but sorry it's casual power level (PL) 5 at most.

Lands in the manabase and ramp sources are a big sign of what PL. A low budget manabase that has Highland Lake and Temple of the False God isn't PL 7-8. Very little ramp with a 4.0 avg. CMC is not PL 7-8. Please get rid of Temple of the False God.

It's difficult to get to PL 8 or higher on a low budget because the best lands and mana rocks are some of the most expensive cards in Commander. At best on a low budget unless playing mono-colored you're looking at PL 6. Your deck doesn't have any instants or sorceries? Izzet has many good low budget instants and sorceries especially for draw.

You have an infinite combo Niv-Mizzet, Parun + Curiosity, that helps to have a higher PL. Although, Niv-Mizzet, Parun is better as a win condition when it's the Commander not inside the 99. You have many potential other win conditions: Purphoros, God of the Forge, Reckless Fireweaver, Impact Tremors, Nettle Drone, etc., but lack enablers to combo with these win conditions.

To increase PL your deck needs to be more tuned to get to the final goal which is to win the game. PL 8 uses just about all cards in the deck to help to assemble a combo win, ramp, tutor, draw, protect the combo or stop an opponent's combo. If a card doesn't help to do one of these then it's not needed in the deck. Don't try to get to PL 8 unless you can spend for expensive price cards instead shoot for PL 6.

Here's some low budget cards to increase the PL of your deck:

Crow-Umbra on Action Painting Spellslinger

5 months ago

Hi Ravenrose, thanks for stopping by to check out my deck.

I wrote a primer where I explain more of my card choices in greater detail, as well as the general strategy for how I hope to play the deck. I recently did a brief summary of the deck's first 3 games, and some of the things I noticed from those games.

From playing the deck and play-testing it a lot, I think this deck wants to try to copy "quality" spells, as opposed to trying to copy every single instant and sorcery possible. I like the flexibility in copying removal and interaction, draw spells, and burn spells that can hit my opponents directly. I have a few different effects that can make additional spell copies for additional value and redundancy in case Anhelo gets removed.

This deck doesn't want to swing in combat at all, and wants to try to build up a board of a token generator or two for Casualty 2 fodder. From there, it becomes a matter of reading the flow of the game to determine which spell(s) might be best to copy.

Although this deck does run the infinite combo option of Twinflame + Dualcaster Mage (copy another creature I control with Twinflame to make a copy, then flash in Dualcaster, targetting Twinflame to continuously copy Dualcaster & Twinflame), this deck also seeks to inflict burn damage by copying spells like Breath of Malfegor, Jaya's Immolating Inferno, etc. The infinite combo is an option to win, but not the main focus or only method to win in this deck.

PaulMuadDib on Grenzo, Power 2 Tribal

6 months ago

Never knew Fortune Thief existed, thanks!

How often are you forced to hit your own bit stuff with Big Game Hunter?

I would highly recommend Coffin Queen in this type of deck, even just to reanimate your own creatures that have died. Being able to snipe and exile opponent's value creatures is great, my favorite trick I learned was responding to an opponent's Eldrazi Titan's shuffle trigger to snip their Ulamog. First time I slotted her in I won by reanimating my own Dualcaster Mage at the right moment to mess up my opponent's combat plan and survived to my next turn.

calebkummet on Nice Deck, Mind if I Add it to My Collection?

7 months ago

btw if u go infinite with Ghostly Flicker and Dualcaster Mage you can mill everyone out with evelyn's ability

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