Nyx Lotus

Nyx Lotus

Legendary Artifact

Nyx Lotus enters the battlefield tapped.

: Choose a colour. Gain an amount of mana of that colour equal to your devotion to that colour. (Your devotion to a colour is the number of mana symbols of that colour in the mana costs of permanents you control.)

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Nyx Lotus Discussion

Scytec on Solid Ramp

6 days ago

Ancient Tomb definitely works, but the bounce lands don't technically ramp you because they come in tapped and dont net you extra mana since they bounce a previous land. They are good for increasing mana across the lands you control, but not getting you additional mana in your turn cycle. Nyx Lotus should probably be added as well...

Scytec on Theros Ability: ̶O̶f̶f̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ - Worship

1 week ago

This is deceptively powerful. This mechanic with any type of untapper would essentially double the mana you have access to with either Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Nyx Lotus. Helix Pinnacle, Gary, any win condition that can be expedited via Devotion becomes considerably more powerful, and these are much more efficient. All of a sudden, the traditional way to build Devotion is almost not worth it. I don't think it works only because it defies the original idea of devotion as a mechanic, but it is not busted or over powered. I think it is balanced fine. Would be fun to build with though. For sure

multimedia on Dragons Forever

3 weeks ago

Hey, good start. Overall you have good sense with the high budget you have.

Consider revisiting the manabase, you forgot Command Tower and also expand on ramp? 31 lands with only seven 0-3 CMC ramp sources is a risky amount when you need a lot of mana to cast Dragons and Ur-Dragon is nine mana. You really want a ramp source in your opening hand and consistently to get this you want more ramp. Not playing one basic land is an interesting choice, not a choice I would make, but if it's working for you than nice. I would include at least one of each basic.

The Pathways are not good lands for five colors since can only choose one color, they don't give you enough color fixing. With your high budget you can do better than the Pathways especially since a few of them cost more price than much better lands. Castle Locthwain and Westvale Abbey  Flip look out of place and are not powerful enough only able to make one black or one colorless mana in a five color deck. Some Rainbow lands are helpful when playing five colors or with Dragons:

More land ramp that can search for a Triome or Shock land:

Lore and Visits are two drops, similar to Farseek, but the land you search for can ETB untapped if you search for a Forest Shock land. Skyshroud can search for two Forest Triomes or Forest Shock lands. Adding Overgrown Tomb would help with these land ramp spells. Some good ramp sources for five colors to consider:

There's a few other nonDragon cards here that you don't need because they're not as good as other cards here:

Nyx Lotus is not a good ramp source here since it's a four drop that ETB tapped and then it doesn't make mana unless you control another colored permanent. Cover of Darkness is an expensive price card that's not doing much here because Dragons don't really need fear since they already have flying evasion.

Because you have Tiamat then you could cut some of the lesser Dragons such as Deathbringer Regent, Amareth, the Lustrous and Ramos, Dragon Engine. You have Old Gnawbone, if you add Hellkite Charger then you have an infinite attack combo that Tiamat can tutor for.

There's several expensive price cards in the maybeboard that would be good upgrades, but there's also some budget cards that would be upgrades for any of the above cards I mentioned to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Vessiliana on Drink Death Like Wine

3 weeks ago

I have considered the Grave Pact, and the only reason I'm not running Nyx Lotus is ... that Avacyn took it. I'm running it there. But you're right. For this deck, it's so much better than Gilded Lotus that I have to put that on my next order!

If you end up liking Wound Reflection, mlequesne, maybe you'll want to consider Warlock Class. I'm thinking of adding it.

mlequesne on Drink Death Like Wine

3 weeks ago

Hi there friend! I love your deck, Ayara is really amazing. I've been playing a deck commanded by her, from my experience, here are a few comments:

1) I see no Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, unless you're avoiding it, its a must in this kind of deck.

2) Since you're playing the devotion game I highly recommend Nyx Lotus, it has been working awesome in my deck, at least it gives you as much as Gilded Lotus with your commander in play

3) Cards like Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos are great in this kind of deck

4) I really LOVE the idea of playing Wound Reflection, I'm gonna try it in my deck

See you around :)


1 month ago

Hi tiffanyann, totally forgot to mention Chandra's Ignition, a mid to late-game finisher. Maybe a Devil's Play? #thinkingoutloud. Watch out cutting lands, that Lotus Cobra needs a few land drops, otherwise it is sitting their knitting hydra sweaters. You could make use of Karametra's Acolyte devotion to green or perhaps a Nyx Lotus. My Gargos deck net 15 plus mana mid-game easily with both Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (fetchable with a Crop Rotation or Expedition Map if needed faster) and Nyx Lotus. Ulvenwald Hydra, cheaper to cast if Gargos is out, also fetches a land, always go for Nykthos. Happy Brewing.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Need Next-level Ayara, First of …

1 month ago

You need more ramp since you have a lot of expensive cards. For ramp you need: Arcane Signet , Charcoal Diamond , Jet Medallion , Nyx Lotus , Dark Ritual , Culling the Weak , Wayfarer's Bauble , Bubbling Muck . Take out Ugin, the Ineffable . I don't know why you have it, there are hardly enough colorless cards to make it effective. Also take out Josu Vess, Lich Knight , Abhorrent Overlord , and a couple more expensive cards that cost 6+ cmc. You also need to change your boardwipes. They are far too expensive to be effective. Trade Necromantic Selection for Shadows' Verdict , Deadly Tempest for Mutilate , Oblivion Stone for Soul Shatter . I would suggest Decree of Pain for Damnation or Toxic Deluge considering the deck price. Other cards to consider adding: Swiftfoot Boots , Defile , Phyrexian Arena , Sign in Blood , Read the Bones , Night's Whisper . Since you are already running good sac outlets, Exsanguinate and Torment of Hailfire consider adding an Infinite Mana Combo. Make these changes and the deck will be much faster and more competitive.

plakjekaas on Will WotC Eventually Print an …

1 month ago

And what was the context of "better" there? Better fast mana than creatures does? Better than Academy itself? What Grubbernaut was afraid of, was an artifact that taps for mana for the amount of artifacts you control. Because that makes artifact ramp better than it already is, probably better than it should be, considering how much Academy is restricted and banned in every format right now. And he asked why they would print such a card. A card that does better, not a card that is better. Because they still shouldn't.

That was the question I was answering, related to the original Cradle-Circle Druid. The reason they'd print a card like that, is the same reason they printed Nyx Lotus in the revisit to Theros, after printing Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in the original block. "Hey, 'member this card everyone used to play?" "Oh I 'member, now I need to buy that"

The power level of the card they'll print does not matter, because that's not the reason it would be printed. The only power level that matters is that of the card referenced, because that will be the reason people will want one. The reason the new one is worse than the original is the only reason they can print it in the first place. But if the effect is memorable enough, people will buy & try again.

So I'm sorry I didn't open my answer with "they won't, but..." I thought that was implied when you'd follow the whole topic, not just the exact bit of text I copied and read that as gospel.

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