Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

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Traumatize Discussion

DragonOfTheWest on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

Gloom Tender 

When ~ enters the battlefield, surveil 1.

Harvest — Whenever one or more land cards are put into your graveyard from anywhere, create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token.


I went with "one or more" to avoid being broken with Traumatize effects.

Create another Harvest card.

Necrosis24 on Other 'Philes

3 weeks ago

I really only play commander so I’d say the Luxophile and Zoophile are possible to reach. Getting to 80 life is possible running a lifelink deck. And 30 creatures is also obtainable through token.

The problem with Necrophile is through milling or wheels like Traumatize and Whispering Madness 30 creatures doesn’t take much if it checks everyones graveyard.

Pyrophile is my favorite of the four the closer to winning you are fhe faster you die if you lose the flip.

9-lives on

2 months ago

The entire point of having damage and mill win conditions is so that I have a few ways of winning. I have 3 win conditions so far: one with damage, and 3 with milling: milling myself Traumatize and Fraying Sanity targeting myself with Jace, milling the opponent with those two cards, and using Phenax, God of Deception if I have a lot of creatures on the field . I want to keep my deck varied, as when I can't win with damage, I can win with mill. Also, legendary doesn't matter; I have multiple copies of the same legendary card because it gives me the draw advantage and if they die i'll be able to replace them. Legendary doesn't mean you can't have more than one of each legendary creature; just not more than one of the same legendary creature. This deck works perfectly as a damage deck already. The milling is just another addendum which also functions off of high toughness as an advantage. If I had Bant colors, I wouldn't be able to use Diabolic Tutor , Phenax, God of Deception , and Thought Erasure . Phenax is what i'm using to mill as a win condition. I would like to use more mana so that I can balance my mana usage, but it's fine for now.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Modern Mill Deck Help

3 months ago

Alright, here we go. Best cards: Maddening Cacophony , Glimpse the Unthinkable , Bruvac the Grandiloquent , Fractured Sanity (this is from modern horizons 2 so there is no image), Archive Trap , Fraying Sanity , and Traumatize . Hope that helps.

carpecanum on Dead: Flooded Catacombs

4 months ago

Maybe some typical mill cards to fill graveyards? Sphinx's Tutelage , Traumatize , Startled Awake  Flip, Paranoid Delusions .

Phenax, God of Deception is a solid blocker and steady mill.

twechsler on Nose to the Grindstone, Boi! Budget Mill EDH

4 months ago

This is great! I didn't even see the combo between Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank but I love it! Definitely agree with the tutors for that. Im a little unsure about Soaring Thought-Thief because I don't really have many rogues but I could be wrong. I was originally thinking the same thing about Undead Alchemist but it would combo so well with the mill. Very cool adding in a few cards with intimidate to make the deck more aggressive. I also already have Jace's Mindseeker and a Increasing Confusion so I could swap those two in for something. This is great though I really like the build. The only one I'm confused about why it was cut is Nemesis of Reason because its only 5 mana and every time it attacks its 10 cards. I think of the maybeboard cards I would shell out for, Traumatize and Sphinx's Tutelage would probably be at the top of my list. But if I was gonna get 4-5 of the maybe board cards, what would you say is the best? I love this deck already and can't wait to put it together!

TheShadowNite on Gisa > Geralf

4 months ago

Hey there! Just a few suggestions, I'm not experienced with zombie decks, but I have two sacrifice based decks. I like to have redundancy in my effects, so as with Altar of Dementia , I would consider Ashnod's Altar . It not only acts as a sac outlet, but also lets you get more mana to cast even more zombies. Secondly, have you considered Traumatize ? If you're trying to get the best zombies in your graveyard, I think that would work pretty well. I hope that was helpful, nice deck dude!

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