Shark Typhoon

Shark Typhoon


Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, create an X/X blue Shark creature token with flying, where X is that spell's converted mana cost.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Shark Typhoon Discussion

wallisface on

1 week ago

I’m going to add here a description of what a control decks purpose is about, as hopefully this helps with your deckbuilding decisions.

The primary goal of a control is to win by having more resources in-hand than the opponent, while ensuring the opponent can’t do anything too dangerous on-board. In this vein:

  • you need ways to increase your hand size, to get ahead of your opponent in cards - so you need ways to draw 2-or-more cards (or, a card that draws as-well-as disrupts, in one package) Current control decks typically do this vua 4x Archmage's Charm and 2x Memory Deluge. But other options include Into the Story, Think Twice, Expressive Iteration, Cryptic Command, etc. Without a way to get more cards than an opponent, a control deck will run out of resources, and then lose to top-decks.

  • you need a way to finish the game that also provides incremental value. Control decks want creatures that 2-for-1, so that they maintain their resource advantage - so their creatures are things like Snapcaster Mage, Solitude, a cycled Shark Typhoon, or failing that manlands like Celestial Colonnade. If the creatures you use don’t provide you resource advantage, then they’re more likely to hurt your plans than help you.

  • lands are super important. You need to be able to cast resources from your hand to gain & maintain your advantage. A control deck that can’t play a land everyturn for the first 4-5 turns of the game, will very-often lose. Because a Control deck often has a near-full hand, there’s often no-such-thing as drawing “too many” lands, while drawing too-few is disastrous.

  • So, in summary, every-single-card in your deck that isn’t a land, either needs to provide some form of resource-advantage, or trade 1-for-1 with an opponents card (i.e Counterspell, Prismatic Ending etc).

Taking the above points and comparing them to your current build:

  • Deflecting Palm, Boros Reckoner, Hover Barrier, Ugin's Conjurant and Basri Ket are all bad choices as they offer you no form of resource advantage (and some of these, like the Conjurant, are just terrible in general).

  • Your selection of counterspells leave a lot to be desired. Too many if them have very specific targets on what they can counter, which isn’t ideal as it means your “resources” may sometimes be useless. A lot of these also cost a LOT more mana than what they should, considering their average effects.

  • you don’t have enough ways to gain resource-advantage.

  • your land count is waaay too low.

  • you have no “finisher” card that actually wants to be in this deck.

Santheus on [PNR] Esper Control SNC

3 weeks ago

Icbrgr, Fatal Push is still good in Pioneer, although it's seeing less play in Control decks due to March of Otherworldly Light in Azorius Control builds, and therefore UW Control has a much more widespread Meta presence than Esper Control or UB Control. The Fabled Passages are enough to provide revolt triggers and Manafixing as 3 copies or more slow down the deck significantly, cycling a Shark Typhoon for a 0/0 Shark also helps sometimes. Fatal Push is usually there to help the kill Turn 1 Manadorks in Winota or Prowess Creatures in Mono Red Aggro, as in comparison with March of Otherworldly Light I'd have to exile a white card in order to achieve to same result. I'm glad you enjoy my modified personal list. You can also check out my Yorion version in my public profile if you're interested.

Symph0nyS0ldier on Esper Control

1 month ago

Maybe +2 Dovin's Veto +1 Counterspell +1 Shark Typhoon +1 Archmage's Charm +1 ??? +1 land

Symph0nyS0ldier on Esper Control

1 month ago

I can normally get UU turn 2 but it's not 100% and delay is just in a spot where it's the next best 2cmc counter I think. A suggestion for something else that isn't dependant on my opponent's yard like Drown in the Loch or Anticognition is something I'd for sure look into.

UR Murktide was about 1/3 of the decks last week. It's legit insane. I don't run Rest in Peace purely because of my snap package and instead rely on my other cards to handle it in conjunction with my snaps being able to support it by flashing back a Kaya's Guile if I need to.

Your point here on Murktide Regent vs Shark Typhoon makes sense. I'll for sure keep that in mind as it hasn't been long since I added both of them to the list but I for sure see why I'd run Sharknado instead. I'll see how it plays both ways since I do already have murktides but only one Sharknado so I'd have to borrow other copies to test.

Burn isn't a part of my meta that was just an example of why it's there as there are situations where thaT concept is applicable. It's really a card that I probably should get rid of and I agree but I'm not quite sure what to replace it with.

I'm working on making a top list and I have looked at both UW and WUB control lists while making and editing this list. I know it'll take some tuning and a couple revisions more than I've done to get it solidly where I want it though. How would you feel about some changes that look like this?
-2 Murktide Regent
-3 Delay
-2 Sunset Revelry
+1 Counterspell
+4 Rune Snag
+1 Shark Typhoon
+1 Dovin's Veto/Archmage's Charm

wallisface on Esper Control

1 month ago

Symph0nyS0ldier, replying to your reply:

  • Delay works fine if you both have drawn a Teferi, Time Raveler to cast, and can have it stay in play long enough for the delayed spell to come off suspend. Imo, it's very gimmicky as there are just too many conditions towards it being useful, with lots of scenarios where it's not. And realistically, the cost between running Delay and Counterspell is negligible (if your landbase is having trouble presenting UU on turn 2, then that's a landbase issue. 3-colour control decks should have zero problems presenting UU early).

  • It's really surprising if Murktide is common enough at your store for Prismatic Ending to not be the top-tier removal. It makes me think that, if that's the case, you should be running more dedicated graveyard hate (Rest in Peace/Leyline of the Void etc) so that you can actually shut those decks down properly. There's no real reason for a Murktide safely resolving post-game-1.

  • I'm not denying Murktide Regents power. But Murktide works very well in tempo decks, which you are not. Shark Typhoon lets you safely hold up counter-magic every turn (or, at least represent having counter-magic, to mess with your opponent). It's also immune from graveyard hate, replaces itself on-cycle (so that even if your opponent kills it, you're ahead card-wise). Murktide represents trying for a quick-but-fragile win, which isn't what control decks want. You want something that is both reliable and inevitable, which Sharknado provides.

  • Your entire paragraph about Sunset Revelry concerns me. If burn decks are a big part of your meta, then there are better options than this card. But in any case, running it mainboard still seems like a big punt to me - there's too many situations where this card is nigh-on useless, and will cost you the game by allowing your opponent to cast a critical spell. Generally speaking, control decks don't care about life total or creatures, and most-certainly should always have more cards in hand than their opponent.

From looking at your deck, its evident you have the funds to create a top-tier decklist, though I'm not sure you've invested the time in working-out what the archtype is about, and what cards are valuable. I think a good exercise would be to have a look through all the other top-tier Azorius/Dimer/Esper control lists and see what cards are run there, and why. Your deck isn't far-off being something great, but a few odd choices are going to really set-back your odds of performing well with this build.

Symph0nyS0ldier on Esper Control

1 month ago

Hi, I'm not sure if you have it set to follow this thread or not but idk how to tag you as I can't read your name.

Delay + Teferi, Time Raveler = an easier to cast Counterspell. It's here because running 3 colour UU can be unreliable on turn 2 and 3 so it being easier to cast is the main reason for it's inclusion. Drown in the Loch isn't run because I play in a graveyard matters meta and maindeck 5 cards that attack the graveyard.

Prismatic Ending is a really good card I can't dispute that but being sorcery speed and only able to hit up to 3cmc makes it hit or miss. If my opponent lands their own Murktide Regent then the only card I run that could kill it if I take out would be Path to Exile or Kaya's Guile assuming no other creatures on board. 3cmc is a low bar to be the max when things like Omnath, Locus of Creation and Murktide Regent are common at my store. If I took out my Anguished Unmaking I'd probably put in Vindicate over Prismatic Ending.

Shark Typhoon has it's main advantage being instant speed and dodging counters. Murktide Regent can however come in as a 2 mana 8/8 making it much more mana efficient and it has a mana cost so March of Otherworldly Light and Prismatic Ending both miss against murktide.

Sunset Revelry is pretty weak but it's well costed and if you get all three it's really good. Tbh I want something else that's incidental life gain in it's place but wasn't sure what to use. Life gain in control is really nice because while for the most part my life's doesn't matter until it's 0, if I'm at 3 against a red deck I need to hold up mana for a counter until the game is over. This might get turned into something like Absorb instead.

This deck is still new and I'm working on figuring out what is best and what's not but as it is in it's current iteration those are the reasons for my card choices.

wallisface on Esper Control

1 month ago

Icbrgr on Inspired to brew UWR tokens

2 months ago

Today I discovered Poppet Stitcher  Flip as a card and thought it was kinda neat... made me think of the synergies with Monastery Mentor, Young Pyromancer and Myth Realized/Shark Typhoon.

There has to be a deck here right? I'm thinking cheap UWR tempo/permission/cantrip spells along the lines of Remand and Lightning Helix.

Does anyone have any thoughts or spicey suggestions for things kind of deck? All in all im just looking to put something together thats playable and fits the theme.

Here is a rough outline of what I came up with

Young Poppet Mentor

Modern Icbrgr


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