Nim Deathmantle

Nim Deathmantle

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+2, has intimidate, and is a black Zombie.

Whenever a nontoken creature is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, you may pay {{4}}. If you do, return that card to the battlefield and attach Nim Deathmantle to it.

Equip {{4}}

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Nim Deathmantle Discussion

1empyrean on Old Yeller

1 week ago

Since Snake Cult Initiation only works for combat damage, switching to Traveler's Cloak is probably the right move.

Swapping Elbrus out for something else is also probably the right idea, but instead of Loxodon Warhammer, try Shadowspear. Either option works, though. I would try Banshee's Blade and Nim Deathmantle instead of Hero's Blade and Trailblazer's Boots

Tezzeret's Gambit seems like an easy include, but I personally wouldn't cut a signet to add it, but possibly something else might do. The various proliferate cards are all useful, so choose which you like most, but if you get your hands on a Contagion Engine, swap out Contagion Clasp for it.

Maybe try Expedition Map and Wayfarer's Bauble instead of a couple of your other ramp spells since you have Muldrotha.

Lastly, I think you can get away with cutting an infect creature if you feel you need something else more.

goodair on How has no one thought …

1 week ago

Saying you found a combo with Nim Deathmantle is along the lines of saying you found a combo with Ghave or lions eye diamond, lol.

Sultai_Sir on Urza: Mono-Blue Big Bad Burly Boi Beats [[PRIMER]]

1 week ago

1empyrean: Nim Deathmantle looks bonkers! Save my Urza, Nezahal, or Jin-Gitaxias for just four stinkin' mana? Yes please!

1empyrean on Urza: Mono-Blue Big Bad Burly Boi Beats [[PRIMER]]

1 week ago

I like the idea of running Urza as a super fast blue stompy deck, I built a Teferi, Temporal Archmage deck the same way. I used the playtester to make sure it played as you described, and it seems like a fun deck to pilot, for sure.

I'll admit that I would be using cards like Nim Deathmantle to keep my big things from getting blown up (on top of what you already use), but that's more personal preference than anything. Can't hurt to try it out, I guess.

ShutUpMokuba on Yawgmoth M.D

2 weeks ago

Last changes:

Black Sun's Zenith -> Grim Tutor; Crumbling Ashes -> Insidious Dreams Added more tutors, which means more chances to hit the win cons combos

Bontu's Monument -> Jet Medallion Far more efficient for ramp

Whip of Erebos -> Nightmare Shepherd The whip looks better than it actually is. I don't usually attack so the "lifelink" aspect is basically useless. The reanimation effect is too expensive, The Shepherd looks more efficient at what it is supposed to do.

Phyrexian Altar, Tombstone Stairwell -> Ashnod's Altar, Nim Deathmantle The point here is to include an infinite combo with creatures like Sengir Autocrat, Weaponcraft Enthusiast and Chittering Witch. Basically you can keep recasting the creature thanks to the Nim Deathmantle by sacrificing the tokens to the Ashnod's Altar. With a Blood Artist effect on the table is game over. Not the most efficient combo in here, but a solution that may become the backup plan.

This is the closest built from the final version of the deck i had in mind when i started building it. The last two changes would be Phyrexian Arena -> Necropotence and Necroskitter -> Contamination. I don't know If i want to get there because this deck looks pretty good imo as it is now.

Fektoer on [Primer]Teysa, Orzhov Scion

2 weeks ago

shlompidomp Yeah I realized it can still go infinite, however it still is a pretty boring. I realize that Darkest Hour is mostly the culprit for anything infinite, but I mostly use it for the extra value. Maybe at some point it becomes to much and Darkest Hour will go (again), but for now it stays.

Rakdorzhov Stoneforge is in there to fetch skullclamp 9 out of 10 times. However, sometimes skullclamp is already gone or you need something else. I've found that having at least 4 equipments in the deck is the sweet spot for stoneforge, any less and too many times your stoneforge will be unexciting. I had Nim Deathmantle in its place before but I don't have the luxury of keeping 4 mana open all the time. Batterskull is the ultimate meaty equipment that you can fetch to just stabilize, even on an empty board. It works great to just slap it on a spirit or bitterblossom token and go to town. Additionally, the lifegain synergizes well with a few other cards in a deck, on top of being nice to have in general. I've started to value life gain a bit more in these midrange decks. About Razaketh, he's probably not overpowered. I just don't like the idea of it being in play and you just tutor for your 2-3 card combo and done. If you don't win when you have Razaketh in play and some mana (or you're able to untap) you're doing it wrong.

SOEmd on Raspy D's

1 month ago

I tested it for 2 days, I only had one occurrence of hitting infinite mana and not having a pay off. There's definitely enough sac engines but that's only effective with Nim Deathmantle. More flicker effects might be best.

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