Young Pyromancer

Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, create a 1/1 red Elemental token.

Young Pyromancer Discussion

wrightri on Feather - Low to the Ground

2 weeks ago

I don't know your meta, but personally I'd cut

  • Mana Tithe - It's a funny gotcha card, but it will probably just end up sitting in your hand until it counters something irrelevant.

  • Grapeshot - It's a sorcery so you'd have to wait until main phase 2 to cast it after casting your tricks, at which time your commander may already be gone. Then it's kind of just negligible damage when not being recurred. The Storm-Kiln Artist can also be killed in response to the storm trigger, denying you the extra treasures.

  • Panic - Has restrictive casting timing and doesn't draw a card until next turn. There are plenty "draw now" cards in your deck that are just better.

  • Ancestral Anger - Also a sorcery and will only ever be a +1/+0 and trample giver. It you're gonna give trample, you would want it to be a surprise or bigger power buff.

I'm curious as to why Path to Exile was excluded. You even have Young Pyromancer to make tokens to ramp off of. Though I guess the same logic I applied to Grapeshot could be applied here too.

wallisface on Thunderstruck

1 month ago

Some thoughts

  • Braid of Fire seems super bad here. The mana only exists during your upkeep, so you can only ever really use it to cast instants, which generally speaking all cost around 2 mana anyway - so I don’t see the value this brings here… its more likely to just slow down your second turn.

  • stuff like Vandalblast, Erase, and Fierce Retribution are sideboard cards at best. There are too many matchups where they do nothing, to justify them being in the mainboard.

  • Koth of the Hammer feels like faar too high a mana cost for a burn deck. As-is, your quantity of 3cmc spells makes me think you need to have more than 18 lands in the deck. I’d recommend lowering the curve a ton, or going up to 20ish lands.

  • Arm the Cathars feels like a very odd choice given the very low creature-count in the deck. I would also say sorcery-speed pump is usually pretty universally bad (outside of infect).

  • cards like Young Pyromancer and Blood Moon are more suitable for midrange decks rather than aggro decks. I think you need to figure out whether you wang your deck to play aggro or midrange, and then focus your card choices around that - at the moment it’s a weird hybrid of both, that’s going to struggle to do either gameplan well.

multimedia on Spellweaver: The Deck

2 months ago

Hey, you're welcome, thanks for all the upvotes at my decks. Well done with changes so far, but you still didn't add Tower, haha. Good job trimming the creatures and nice Guardianship :)

If you're playing casually, not trying to win the game quickly then in my opinion more lands is better than less lands. Missing a land drop when you're expecting the game to go long is not something you want to have to worry about. Ramp sources are the sorcery speed cards you want to cast more than others since they help you to have mana to cast instants on your opponents turns. Sorcery speed ramp sources with Spellslinger are more important than using that same mana to cast a creature. When instant ramp is available it can replace a creature since then you're ramping at instant speed instead of sorcery speed.

Solemn Simulacrum is a fine card for most decks, but Unexpected Windfall is better ramp/draw with Spellslinger simply because it's an instant that also draws cards right away. Pteramander isn't doing anything until much later in the game, if ever. It would be better if Pteramander was another two drop mana rock such as Fellwar Stone. There's lots of four drops here and Crackling Drake is the least good of them simply because it's just a flying beater who you don't really need. Replacing Crackling with another instant that gives you some card selection and a card such as Impulse would do more.

You've added Young Pyromancer which is good especially for blockers because the tokens are created by you casting instants not creatures. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer is another blocker creator and the tokens she creates are artifacts which has excellent interaction with Galazeth Prismari.

Interacting with opponents by casting a spell or spells during their turns is what Spellslinger is all about. Instant draw are the cards that keep you engaged on each players turn with cards in hand to potentially interact at instant speed with an opponent. If you think a creature is filler such as Academy Drake and Skyclave Sentinel, instead of playing them play more instant draw spells such as Brainstorm and Thrill of Possibility.

Burn spells such as Flame Spill that have only one target, a creature, are much less impactful in Commander because you have multiple opponents who are going to have many different kinds of permanents, not just creatures. Versatility is important to have with instants if you're strategy is to interact with your opponent on their turns. Chaos Warp is an example of an instant speed removal spell that is an upgrade for Flame Spill because Warp removes (tucks) any permanent you target. Into the Roil is another example of a versatile removal spell.

In my last comment I mentioned to streamline the creatures and you can do the same thing with instants. Flame Spill is an example of an instant that's not needed because you have other burn spells that are better such as Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike because they can target any target not just a creature. Draw spells don't really need to be streamlined since they draw cards which theoretically helps you to draw into more impactful cards, they trigger Niv and chaining draw spells also gives you a big advantage with magecraft.

I haven't played Veyran, Voice of Duality as Commander yet, only as a card in the 99, but Spellslinger would be much different with her as Commander. Sorceries are just as important as instants with Veyran because you want to pump her on your turn to attack. Lethal Commander damage is possible and should be a strategy for winning with Veyran, but you can only get to enough power with Veyran to do lethal Commander damage by casting instants and sorceries on your turn, not on opponent turns. One drops spells that draw a card while giving Veyran evasion such as Shadow Rift, Leap, Crash Through, Slip Through Space and Expedite are good for Spellslinger with Veyran as Commander, but these same cards are not needed with Spellslinger when Niv is Commander.

You technically need less lands and ramp with Veyran as Commander than Niv because she's less mana to cast and low CMC instants/sorceries are priority cards to play to pump her. With Veyran you would also want less creatures and unlike Niv she's only a three drop who can be cast much earlier in the game. Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip, Storm-Kiln Artist, Dualcaster Mage, Young Pyromancer are the kind of creatures you want with Veyran as Commander. Once you get her on the battlefield you want to spend your mana on spells that interact with her or protect her. Since she can be cast early then it doesn't leave many turns to worry about casting other creatures.

balefire123 on Tibor and Lumia Deathslingers

2 months ago

I like this! An uncommon Commander with some spice in the list. This seems the perfect deck for Student of Elements  Flip, and I don't think I've seen a better list for Mass Diminish and Polymorphist's Jest.

The easiest addition, imo, is Trinket Mage to fetch Basilisk Collar, Sol Ring, etc.

Cards like Archaeomancer and Ardent Elementalist aren't particularly exciting, but they do help by adding more recursion/redundancy to the deck. The Mirari Conjecture does something similar, but with an added bonus after two turns.

Enchantments like Dismiss into Dream and Cowardice are some spicy ways to turn blue cantrips into removal.

I think the token producers (especially Young Pyromancer) conflict with T&L's second ability, but I also think they offer up an opportunity for a new win condition: Dragonshift. If you go this route, I'd suggest adding cards like Murmuring Mystic, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Metallurgic Summonings and Shark Typhoon. Deekah, Fractal Theorist deserves special mention, as the tokens it creates will keep their +1/+1 counters even after being Dragonshifted.

I don't like Kaza, Roil Chaser here, because I see this as a deck that wants to be casting a bunch of small spells, not a few large or X spells. I also think you are leaning too heavily into copying spells for much the same reason. Copying a Brainstorm =/= copying a Comet Storm. Even copying Stitch in Time feels like a waste. Maybe take out cards like Increasing Vengeance for more counterspells or interaction? Archmage Emeritus, Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Wavebreak Hippocamp help you maintain card advantage even when countering your opponent's threats.

Overall, I feel this deck is looking to control the board with cards like Basilisk Collar or Mass Diminish + Tibor and Lumia, maintain card parity with counterspells + cantrips and Archmage Emeritus (and company), and then follow up with either a swarm of tokens + Dragonshift/Day of the Dragons or individual threats such as Niv-Mizzet or even Nezahal, Primal Tide or Hullbreaker Horror. I think you'd be best served by upping your interaction/counterspell suite, eliminating some of the more expensive sorceries (everything 4+ MV) and X-spells, and focusing less on spell copying in favor of casting more cheap spells in the first place. I hope this helps! I haven't really thought much about this commander before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Might try my own spin with this lovely Izzet couple.

Coward_Token on Innistrad: Crimson Vow

2 months ago

TypicalTimmy: artifact lands cast a pretty wide net too. The design is indeed neat, though it's quite a lot more expensive than Young Pyromancer/Peoplemancer (but not the Birdmancer)

Grubbernaut on Bubonic Rat Epidemic

2 months ago

Are there any commonly-played indestructible threats in Pioneer right now? Going down a creature to exile, especially only at sorcery speed, hurts a lot.

As far as the best Lurrus decks: Burn and rakdos pyromancer would be the way to go if that's what you're looking for. With rats, there's not really a good payoff. Ideally, whatever you recur off of Lurrus should either be immediate value or an immediate threat; as it sits, Pack Rat is the only threatening card, and (usually) will require extra mana to get to the point where it's scary.

Metallic Mimic is also pretty medium. Rakdos gets to recur things like Young Pyromancer and Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, and burn gets a lot of hasty creatures or Eidolon, etc. It's a good point of comparison.

More specifically about Pack Rat - what makes the card somewhat powerful is that it does NOT depend on other cards being on the field to be good, so going all-in on rats reduces your overall card quality to try to power up a card that is already threatening on its own.

InzHornet4 on Need help finding a focus …

2 months ago

Yeah, tri-color decks suck for land prices. Scurry Oak would work with the Nissa, since her minus 2 puts counter on each of your creatures. Then you could maybe play Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter to add a few counter on him, and turn him into a mana producer,

The Nissa and Verdant Command could still get you the turn 4 Junk Winder, and the Scurry Oak could follow on turn 5 to make some Squirrel tokens with an established Nissa on board. Jace, Cunning Castaway could be a cool card that acts almost like Dovin, but can draw you cards. Simic could still play the Saheeli in it, and casting a Nissa and Verdant Command would get you a token from her.

I do like Young Pyromancer, but there aren't a lot of spells that make tokens reliably in blue or red. You could go that route, then play some cheaper obvious spells like Shock and Lightning Bolt to burn your opponents and make a few tokens.

Another deck idea I had for this at first was an Ominous Roost deck. Maybe pair that with the Young Pyromancer, then play some flashback spells. 4 Cackling Counterpart to copy the Pyromancer, maybe Think Twice to draw you cards. Then if you have the Pyromancer, Saheeli and the Roost out, every flashback would get you 3 tokens.

For Azorius, you'd then be able to play the Dovin and the Gideon. Then you could play the Raise the Alarms, and that plus Dovin is still a turn 4 Junk Winder. Then you could still play Saheeli, and those cards would all get you tokens upon casting. Another planeswalker that could be a cool turn 5 followup to a Junk Winder would be Ajani, Caller of the Pride. Give your Junk Winder flying and double strike and swing in for 10 two turns in a row, which would end them if they don't play fliers.

I feel either of these decks could work. Modern is a very fast format with a lot of decks designed to win between turn 4-6, so you would want your Junk Winder out ASAP. Saheeli seems like a great idea in any build of this you could make.

Try out a list of each color combo and figure out which one you like best. All seem like they could get you the Winder on turn 4, and each would have their own advantages.

GrimlockVIII on Need help finding a focus …

2 months ago


Ah, I see. Yeah that makes sense. For some reason I thought there were way more cheap and viable spells that would help enable the Hero of Precinct One than there actually are.

I would take up the Bant suggestion if tri-color mana bases were cheaper to implement. As it stands, though, I can only do either Azorious or Simic colors.

Izzet also seems viable if I go with the Young Pyromancer and Saheeli spellslinger route.

What are your thoughts on Scurry Oak in a deck like this?

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