Young Pyromancer

Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, create a 1/1 red Elemental token.

Young Pyromancer Discussion

DemonDragonJ on None

4 days ago

If a player controls an Isochron Scepter as well as a creature such as Guttersnipe or Young Pyromancer, will casting a spell with the scepter trigger the abilities of those creatures?

DemonDragonJ on Will Casting a Spell from …

4 days ago

If a player controls an Isochron Scepter as well as a creature such as Guttersnipe or Young Pyromancer, will casting a spell with the scepter trigger the abilities of those creatures?

Kazierts on Izzet leftovers

2 weeks ago

There two things you must consider before investing in the deck: the path you want to take(control, aggro, spellslinger, delver...) and if you want to be budget.

Aside from that there's a few cards that might end up helping you improve your deck:

  • Young Pyromancer - An excellent two drop that's great in any instant/sorcery heavy deck as it can provide great board as the game goes on.

  • Arclight Phoenix - Though a bit expensive, it's an excellent threat to pressure your opponent with.

  • Izzet Charm - Basically the replacement for Faithless Looting. May not be as efficient of a card draw spell as the looting was, but it has great versatility that will definitely come in handy in a lot of situations.

mwalkner on Rising Elementals

2 weeks ago

Scallywallwest the tokens Young Pyromancer generates enter the battle field as a state based effect, and since they are elementals, they trigger Risen Reef so cards with adventure generate more value because you not only get free 1/1s but if reef is out you get a trigger, so Bonecrusher Giants 2cmc shock which isnt the greatest, turns into a cantrip with a free 1/1, Young Pyromancer also makes cards like Lead the Stampede and other gas cards better, plus he is a 2/1 so get in for chip damage, or block.

mwalkner on Rising Elementals

2 weeks ago

I brewed up a similar deck when pioneer was first announced, I really liked how Young Pyromancer interacted with both Risen Reef and adventure spells like Brazen Borrower and Bonecrusher Giant, any deck that can play Master of Waves is fantastic in my book, best of luck with it!

Lezen on Izzet Prowess - Modern

3 weeks ago

I think you should go with Assault Strobe instead of Temur Battle Rage and of course you need Slip Through Space, those 2 it's always a win on 4th turn.

For creatures Sprite Dragon works much better than Stormchaser Mage and I would change Bedlam Reveler and Young Pyromancer for Beamsplitter Mage , Kiln Fiend or Soul-Scar Mage (I run those 3 and the Dragon), then I would suggest you to try Samut's Sprint and Titan's Strength, two of each.

You can check mine in my profile.

levelupcommander on Ian - A DISSIDENT IS HERE

4 weeks ago

Just a few cards to consider cutting (if you haven't already):
Cult Guildmage
Dagger Caster
Eye Collector
Rakdos Firewheeler
Scorch Spitter
Smoldering Werewolf  Flip
Kaya's Ghostform
Omen of the Dead

These are just to name a few, which don't directly work with your strategy, and are more or less filler spots to create a playable deck. Consider swapping them for cards that work directly with your spellslinging strategy.

Spells to consider adding:
See the Truth
Cruel Ultimatum
Epic Experiment
Comet Storm (Or any sort of effect like this)
River's Rebuke
Counterspells. Just, counterspells.

Creatures that benefit from spells or help spells:
Firebrand Archer
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Murmuring Mystic
Young Pyromancer
Goblin Electromancer

I would also consider bringing up the land count to at least 37. A deck like this is going to want to make land drops every turn, and that'll help. It feels bad making room for all the lands, but it is worth it.

chintastic1 on Temur Elementals

1 month ago

Yeah I've heard the same sentiments when I posted the list to reddit. Might consider splashing white for Voice of Resurgence.

Young Pyromancer and get some more non-creatures could be some fun shenanigans as well.

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