Dina, Soul Steeper

Dina, Soul Steeper

Legendary Creature — Dryad Druid

Whenever you gain life, each opponent loses 1 life.

, sacrifice another creature: This gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.

Dina, Soul Steeper Discussion

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

Milana, Prelate of Tithes

Legendary Creature - Vampire Advisor (Uncommon)

Whenever an opponent sacrifices a permanent, that player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.


I'd like to see a signpost uncommon legendary creature. In this set, if this were a signpost uncommon, would be about having your opponents sacrifice things, and this would create be a decent pay off for it.

Signpost uncommons provide a payoff, or are an enabler for a (two-color) limited archetype.

Strixhaven did it with Dina, Soul Steeper, Killian, Ink Duelist, Quintorius, Field Historian, Rootha, Mercurial Artist, and Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy, for reference.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Taken from Epicurus, post #9 on this page.

Dina, Lifecycle Mother

Legendary Creature - Dryad Druid

Lifelink, Wither

Whenever a basic land enters the battlefield under your control, you may have it enter tapped. If you do, create a Herb token.

Dina, Lifecycle Mother gets +1/+1 for each Herb you control.

The same flower that can revive a deer can also fell a nation. Knowing how to use it isn't the trick, it's when.


So, unless I am remembering wrong, Strixhaven was a college for Planeswalkers. The Deans or someone there would find beings whose sparks have not-yet ignited and would bring them and admit them into Strixhaven.

If that is true, take one if the five college students we got and if ignite their sparks. Those cards are, for reference:

JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

2 months ago

Ok, well let me take a step back and go the other direction, and explain my current sideboard choices:

Cartel Aristocrat, Good-Fortune Unicorn, and Kitchen Finks are the combo pieces.

Dina, Soul Steeper replaces Murderous Redcap, Conclave Mentor, and Cruel Celebrant as m, "what to do if infinite life isn't enough," card.

Abrupt Decay and Despark cover literally all single target removal possible.

Humiliate is the best hand interruption, and sometimes that counter placement can be the next piece of the combo puzzle.

Fiend Artisan and Knight of the Reliquary are my big beaters that also can look for other pieces if they're big enough to survive, which is why I would wish for them. Especially the Artisan, if my opponent is blowing up my creatures.

Athreos, God of Passage is if I can get ahead of creature removal and punishment my opponent for it.

Revival / Revenge is for when removal or mill or counterspells have gotten the better of me.

Vexing Shusher is so counterspells don't.

Impromptu Raid is for when I have infinite green mana on the board, and a Wish in my hand. Made all the more confident by the inclusion of Endurance. Also replacing a want for Wheel of Sun and Moon.

Dromoka's Command is for the Blood Moon slot, when fetching for basics isn't working and I don't have a Swamp for Abrupt.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation is for control or artifact decks thinking they're fancy.

Hopefully that will shed a little light on my thoughts, and why I went with what I went with. Sorry if I was a little abrasive earlier, didn't realize what you meant. Now hopefully we are on the same page :D

raefgall on Elven Onslaught

3 months ago

Also, if you're willing to break your theme for one card, something like Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, Dina, Soul Steeper, or Defiant Bloodlord could weaponize those little bits of life gain you have throughout. Sanguine Bond also works, but having it on a creature helps with stuff like Lurking Predators.

UglyManG on Silverbloom Clerics (Arena BO1 Ranked)

3 months ago

I would honestly drop any one of the colors and just focus it more. Life gain is solid with any pairing and all 3 pairings have an effective way to utilize it. WG and focus more on cards that gain counters from lifegain like Celestial Unicorn and Hallowed Priest. BG with a card like Dina, Soul Steeper and Tend the Pests with the inkeeper and sacrifice something like Daemogoth Titan. WB with razelfark's suggestions and I would add Cleric Class to either of the white combos.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson …

4 months ago

Considering there's Dina, Soul Steeper in the current standard, I'd be very suprised to see a Magus of the Exquisite Blood before she rotates out.

A werewolf commander that is both an actual werewolf AND a functional commander for the strategy would be cool. I propably wouldn't build it, but WotC learned their lesson in that regard. I'm not sure if there'll be commander decks (I guess?), but I'm absolutely sure they will continue to not put big DFCs into precons, as that would either require lots of placeholder cards or would make the deck unplayable for new players that didn't know about sleeves. So no reprint-heavy werewolf precon, sorry.

iammute on Tayam Soul Sisters

4 months ago

Very cool deck idea. Does anything from from MH2 or Forgotten Realms make the cut? Nykthos Paragon , Trelasarra, Moon Dancer and Cleric Class seem strong. Attended Healer from ZNR could be great here too.

Have you thought about using the drain effects like Dina, Soul Steeper or Marauding Blight-Priest or do you prefer the Pridemate effects for aggro and Tayam Synergy?

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