Vizier of Remedies

Vizier of Remedies

Creature — Human Cleric

If one or more -1/-1 counters would be put on a creature you control, that many -1/-1 counters minus one are put on it instead.

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Vizier of Remedies Discussion

RambIe on Mandatory Loop combos (for game …

2 days ago

Devoted Druid+Vizier of Remedies+Minds Aglow
Bant draw combo that makes everyone lose

zapyourtumor on Many Blessed Returns

4 days ago

Some of the choices here are a little confusing to me, since the many different variants of Melira-Vizier-Combo-Chord-Abzan-Company etc. have been a pretty established archetype in modern for a while.

Solemnity is 3 cmc while both Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Vizier of Remedies are 2. Although they don't work with Geralf's Messenger, and Murderous Redcap is 4cmc, Finks still gives you infinite life for 3 mana which is usually enough to stall most decks until you can get a redcap. Honestly just cutting them and the Idyllic Tutors and replacing them with 4 Vizier 2 Melira makes a lot more sense to me.

Putrid Goblin doesn't really do anything by itself with a melira effect + sac outlet besides generate infinite scry 1 with viscera seer or put make a really fat creature with carrion feeder, which dies to ending push (and all the other unconditional removal in the format). I'm not sure if going with a half-combo half-zombie-subtheme is worth it.

I do understand you might want to make something more unique, but I feel like the combo really suffers from not having access to green, which gives Melira, The Vizier + Devoted Druid combo, mana dorks like the hierarchs+BoP, CoCo, Chord, etc. Without these the deck seems pretty slow and clunky.

nathanielhebert on Vizier of black goblins Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

1 week ago

Ooh, an infinite persist combo in unlikely places! I've got most of the pieces from the Goblin Suicide deck, and I'm intrigued to see what happens when the Vizier of Remedies visits the goblin armies. I made room for 4 x Shred Memory — helpful to tutor up both sides of the combo, cleric or goblin. I'm also dressing up the battlefield thematically with Swamp and Isolated Chapel to make way for the Vizier.

Saccox on Vizier of black goblins Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

2 weeks ago

Arthurshepard80 Parlando di Grim Tutor ho scovato come tutore Shred Memory che se devo andarmi a prendere Vizier of Remedies,Frogtosser Banneret o Putrid Goblin lo fa uguale ma senza perdermi 3 punti vita e sopratutto costa 0.20 euro al posto di 10 euro XD. Una volta montavo mazzi per il legacy ma quelli da torneo non mi interessavano perché erano un ammasso delle migliori magie ma non ci vedevo alchimia anche se erano i più forti. Ora mi piace montare ultra budget perché mi obbliga ad arrangiarmi con carte poco giocate ma il risultato mi piace molto,spero che le mie liste siano utili a qualche nuovo giocatore,più siamo e meglio è!

Saccox on Vizier of black goblins Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

2 weeks ago

Grazie Arthurshepard80! Ho provato a fare una versione un po "strana" del goblin,con Vizier of Remedies che permette di sacrificare all infinito le carte con persistere facendo tutti i danni che voglio. é un po debole come idea perchè se non arriva il visir non fai molto ma considerando il budget a disposizione sono gia contento di fare una combo che se parte è innarrestabile ^^

Oof_Magic on Banlist Open Discussion

4 weeks ago


I think the notion that cards should be banned primarily for being unfun is against the spirit of the format. That takes away agency from players. There are plenty of annoying cards and decks. Maybe I find Mox Opal annoying but Mycosynth Lattice to be rather fun. Banning a card for being unfun is going to frustrate those that find it fun and the best explanation that could be given is ‘Well your opinion is in the minority.’ Bans should have some sort of backing with data to support it. Maybe it’s the consistency of speed. Maybe it’s the ubiquity of play. The only ban I know of that Wizards did primarily for being unfun would be Aetherworks Marvel. Wizards chucked more data into that announcement than any other to my knowledge. CYA That article was so long because that’s what happens when you turn over every stone and find the only explanation left is ‘y’all don’t like it.’ Any other article would just spit out the data to support the ban and be done with it.

I think it’s dismissive of combo decks to say a card should be banned if it only exists to do broken things. There should be a speed/consistency threshold. To say you can’t make infinite mana? You can’t cheat a big creature into play? Who’s using Ad Nauseam to do anything fair? Is anyone running Vizier of Remedies without Devoted Druid? Puresteel Paladin? Amulet of Vigor? Goryo's Vengeance? Blazing Shoal is, in my opinion, the most unbannable card. Lattice would be but admittedly, Karn would have to take its spot on the bus. Bridge was a strong component of Hollow One when it had Faithless Looting. Then Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia came along and broke it wide open. They tried to weaken it with a Bridge ban but ultimately hit Hogaak anyway. I think they should have unbanned Bridge when they banned Hogaak. Or at least Golgari Grave-Troll?

I suppose a repeatable artifact tutor is okay even if a creature one is not? I stand by saying if something wasn’t a problem until X comes along, X made the problem. Lattice made Karn a one card combo. Karn falls into the same space as Stoneforge Mystic and Birthing Pod. To that end, if Pod means WotC has to check every creature they make, doesn’t Karn mean they have to check artifacts and Mystic mean equipment?

The more I think about Jitte, the more inclined I am to say it should stay banned. Giving every creature deck Jitte is not as conducive to format health as giving white creature decks Stoneforge.

You know what’s unfun to sit across? Urza's Saga. Unban Field of the Dead.

nobody2 on BRGW Persist

3 months ago

Thank you for the recommendation RainForest. I knew of this card and the Vizier of Remedies , which basically does the same thing, but i didn't include it on purpose. The enablers that i currently included in my deck can provide me with incremental value outside off the infinite combo line, in form of +1/+1-counters. The cards that just nedate the -1/-1-counters don't have that benefit. If I would want to build this as a more competitive deck, than i would definitely have to include these, due to there low cmc an the possibility to go of on turn 3.

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