Eldritch Evolution

Eldritch Evolution


As an additional cost to cast Eldritch Evolution, sacrifice a creature.

Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less, where X is 2 plus the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost. Put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. Exile Eldritch Evolution.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Rare
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

Eldritch Evolution occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.06%

Eldritch Evolution Discussion

Dk1997 on Nice board you have there, it would be a shame...

2 days ago

def would add Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, as well as Arena if its legal and other great cool cards are Prismatic Omen but more importantly Dryad of the Ilysian Grove also having some of these cards can make side boarding Blood Moon fairly effective. I'd also definitely add in a full set of Birds of Paradise i'd also look into adding in Eldritch Evolution aswell as a couple of Fiend Artisans in also Night's Whisper over erebros for sure theres also many other gresats, like scavenging ooze deathrite shaman dark confidant eidolon of the great revel murderous rider bloodbraid elf ect

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

2 days ago

precociousapprentice: I'm a little confused by the end of your comment and I wanted to understand what list you're running and if I could see the list as well for clarification. My takeaway was that you're running your variation of her and I am absolutely honored :).

  • Hyrax Tower Scout: As I've mentioned in my last update, this card is just amazing and I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on it. I just need to come up with 2 slots that won't spike up my AVG cmc. So far, adding this and Kogla, the Titan Ape would definitely replace Cloudstone Curio as a more reliable contingency. I'm actively looking to slot this in, so stay tuned, the moment I figure it out it's going in. :)

  • Destiny Spinner: Before this card came out I would stay up at night trying to justify Elemental Uprising, Natural Affinity, or Sylvan Awakening just so I could animate the cradle lands during explosive Crop Rotation turns. At the end, those cards were deemed useless since they did nothing outside of animating cradle lands. Then Destiny Spinner was printed and it gave us everything we wanted out of Elemental Uprising, WHILE being a counter that can block Tymna the Weaver. So, I'm super happy I could put you on to its applications.

  • Emerald Medallion: I have to say, one of the selling points I got when it came to removing it was its uselessness during draw-out turns and BOY has that been a good selling point. I hate drawing this when I rather have a creature. I low-key miss it, but it hasn't crippled the deck in the slightest.

  • Eldritch Evolution/Natural Order: I've had this discussion before and these two are unfortunately non-negotiable, we love straight to the field tutors that can practically get us anything in the deck.

  • Tangle Wire: as you've stated, it's a perfect way to slow the game down to our level and to add to its inherent ability to break parity, the Flash mechanic puts us further ahead by allowing us to flash in spells during the tap trigger.

Snowmen1 on Undying Retribution

1 week ago

Ok, as an update to this deck, I have played just over 50 matches with this deck between mostly online on cockatrice and in paper with friends. I am at a win-rate of about 27-11 against tried and true meta decks. when accounting for what I would call "jank" or otherwise just unproven, I am at 35-14. I have played against such decks as: Humans, Hardened Scales, Gruul Midrange, Yorion Flicker (pre and post ban), Eldrazi Tron, Green Tron, UW Control, Death Shadow (Mono-Black, Grixis, Jund, and Sultai), Burn, Prowess (Red and Izzet), Devoted Druid Combo, Spirits (UW and bant), Storm (though I need more testing here), Combo Goblins, Dredge (though I need more testing) and Titanshift.

Though I mostly see players that can see the interactions of the deck, it is quite a unique and unorthodox deck, and reasonably good players have made misplays- especially in seeing the interactions with Retribution of the Ancients as well as just seeing the mutate mechanic. I Also made changes to the deck over this testing period, though minor, in order to aid the deck is hard matchups as I identify them. I also have made misplays myself as I learned the ins and outs of the deck (and obviously still continue to do so). I also played most of my games with random people on cockatrice, which I have heard plenty of things about people not being good players on cockatrice, even though I would not say that is necessarily true. For these reasons and more, I would definitely take these results with a grain of salt and accept that there is a margin of error here (For better or for worse), but I think it is still great to learn from the testing that I have done over the past few weeks.

I have some findings to share here about these games:

  • This deck has a huge capacity to grind. Obviously turning your two-for-ones into like four-for-ones is good when the plan works, but just fighting with your opponent over getting the engine assembled while swinging in depletes them while bolstering the deck in most situations. As one of many examples, I managed to beat sultai-reclamation by getting the opponent to draw their deck out. I did this by pressuring their life-total while holding down Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, forcing bad cryptic plays by attacking, and just forcing bad lines. Though I did not count this in my win/loss because the opponent left after game one (which was like forty minutes) and I would consider the deck to be "jank" after the recent banning, I can confirm that the deck was close to meta because I saw all but seven of the cards the opponent was playing (which were in hand). point is though that the deck can grind HARD.

  • I find that against really fast decks like Prowess and Burn, you find yourself in a spot where you have to try to stabilize, and even end up getting outgrinded because of the constant pressure and considerations that have to be made on your life total which lead to sub-optimal lines. Though I had a decent amount of wins as well as losses in these matchups, I decided to add Life Goes On to the sideboard, which has really helped to improve the chances of winning here. I chose specifically Life Goes On because gaining eight life is particularly potent and almost always going to be active in this deck. This card also plays well in the deck because you will find a lot that the deck is practically built to leave up one untapped land for Retribution of the Ancients activations or casting Village Rites, which just makes having this card extra flexible, letting you play the lines you want to even if your life total is pressured (at least with the play-style I typically opt for when playing the deck).

  • I almost always side out Eldritch Evolution games two and three. I have pretty much relegated the use of this card to only being used for having the ability to combo more often and give flexibility for the given matchup I see in game one. The only toolbox stuff that I keep this card in for is against decks like storm and dredge really (though there may be other matchups where I need this that I haven't identified yet), where I will not only be able to essentially have additional copies of say Yixlid Jailer, but also be able to get a Lurrus of the Dream-Den to loop Nihil Spellbomb or Scavenging Ooze. The other toolbox card that I have for Eldritch Evolution is Phyrexian Revoker, but more often than not I would not have these two cards in the deck at the same time because this card has really only been used to deal with opposing Scavenging Oozes, even though I would still sideboard this card in as a toolbox card against say an opposing yawgmoth deck if that's something I'll ever see. For the most part though, opt for the play-to-the-board tempo/aggro plan when you can.

  • In matchups where I see discard spells, Unearth has been an absolute powerhouse. In the past, I would sideboard this card out no matter what to avoid being hit by graveyard hate as hard as this deck can be, but I found that you REALLY want this against discard spells and one-for-one removal decks just because it adds so much artificial redundancy. For what it is worth, cycling also helps dig too.

  • I found that I almost always side in Gemrazer. The mix between being able to interact and put on pressure is uncanny. I usually just side this card in as a hedge against graveyard hate, but there are so many random situations where you would want to have this card regardless of if you have a target for it or not (I'll list of a few random situations I found against various decks).

Places that I side in Gemrazer for: Show

In general, I would say that I love the deck and it is very fun when you can choose between playing a quick aggro game and a slow and methodical approach to playing. As I eluded to in the beginning of this post with saying I have played the deck in paper, I now have a completed build (minus the Verdant Catacombs)!

GearsGames on 2020 Modern Abzan Midrange

2 weeks ago

I like what Abzan is capable over Jund this list seems to be pulling too much from Jund play style for me though. Have you considered using white or even some green to have more interaction? Cards like Abrupt Decay, Abzan Charm, Eldritch Evolution and Murderous Cut come to mind. Some good creatures you could play around with as well even if only as a Sideboard option for some match ups Cloudshift for protection/extra ETB's, Kitchen Finks, and Orzhov Pontiff.

Snowmen1 on Undying Retribution

3 weeks ago

Ok, so I did some testing with the deck and some of the changes, and here's my findings: on going up on additional copies of Eldritch Evolution: Having the card is still awkward, and I think that it all just comes down to what this decks trys to capitalize on the most: Speed and very efficient card advantage. Though Eldritch Evolution has a spot in the deck because it does allow you to essentially play additional copies of your "toolbox cards", playing it really is counter to what this deck is trying to do because of the higher converted mana-cost relative to the rest of the deck (which is hard for the deck to support), That you need to sacrifice a creature to play it (which is hard to do at that mana cost and because it is not at instant speed), and because you don't want it in every situation. To further explain that last point because the mana cost is so high and you have to pay three mana and sacrifice a creature for it, this spell can be really over-committing for the deck, especially if you are getting a creature that isn't going to have the highest impact.

As for the inclusion of Surrak, the Hunt Caller: Unfortunately, in testing I found this card to bring a few issues to the table. With this deck, I cannot justify playing more than just the two four drops in the deck, both of these slots belonging to Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, because the deck cannot support an aggressive, low to the ground style and reliably cast a four drop on turn four without playing mana dorks or detracting from the main gameplan. Following that logic, I removed one of these yawgmoth's in place of Surrak, the Hunt Caller. This lead to a number of issues. The first of which is drawing either of these cards, especially drawing Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. A lot of what makes Eldritch Evolution so good is the ability to basically play these cards for three mana. If you draw either or you already cast one, or the card was even discarded to a spell, you lose access to playing these cards off of Eldritch Evolution, which just makes it so much worse. This pretty much forced the deck into playing the two Yawgmoth, Thran Physician over other four drops. If you were to make this deck and go that route however, I would recommend looking at Questing Beast as a potential option for this slot as well.

Two changes for the deck however have stuck: Blood Artist over Zulaport Cutthroat: There are some matchups where you start to stabilize with Retribution of the Ancients, but cannot get to a stable position because you are low on life. This is part of the reason for playing Zulaport Cutthroat, but I have had more than a few games where not being able to gain life off of killing an opponent's creature would have been much more relevant than that one power. I think that playing Blood Artist also plays more into why the deck wants this effect: as mainboard lifegain and reach if needed.

The fourth Village Rites: This card has felt very good, and it feels like you cant really get flooded with this card surprisingly. cut a Viscera Seer, and it has felt good.

Anyways, that's what I got for now. I will be updating the list accordingly. I think that at this point the main deck feels really solid. I think that the sideboard needs work, but I am on the right track. Still, if you have suggestions, I will certainly love to hear them!

MindAblaze on Sidisi EDH

3 weeks ago

One other thing I’ve found about Sidisi, since I like to actually attack with her for the triggers, is that she gets outclassed fairly quickly. I usually Birthing Pod or Eldritch Evolution her away at that point, but I’ve also been looking at Demonic Embrace. What are your thoughts?

Snowmen1 on Undying Retribution

3 weeks ago

Xica, Thank you for the comment!

On your first point, I completely agree with you about decks getting underneath the strategy. I do think think that it is hard to find an elegant solution to this problem though. While I have heard suggestions of playing additional cards like Fatal Push, which certainly helps the deck to stabilize in situations where that early interaction is a must, you don't want to dilute the deck too much by playing too many. I think if you try to lean into the route of jamming in more removal, you will end up with wrong half issues that mid-range and rock decks face (like only drawing beaters, or creature removal, or discard spells). I think that solving this problem comes down to evaluating what matchups specifically this issue, and seeing if there are cards that address those specific issues while still playing more into the deck's core gameplan (such as having a one of Plague Engineer to search up off of Eldritch Evolution in the sideboard). I do think I will have to do more testing before I can make an informed change to the deck though.

About what you said about Eldritch Evolution, this card has a lot of the same curve problems that I mentioned earlier when discussing the card Liliana of the Veil. That alongside the introduction of Village Rites was the driving force for playing down to two copies. This change has felt really good, but when I reflect on this decision and what drove me to make it, I realized a few things: Eldritch Evolution is only as good as the creatures in you're deck, and I think that I was doing the card a disservice in playing the mainboard toolbox cards that I did. To explain what I mean, I play Scavenging Ooze as a search target, but it is so bad to search up, and I really only cast the card if I draw it, and it doesn't have immediate impact unless I have Mana to dump into it. This brings me to your suggestion if playing Surrak, the Hunt Caller, I think playing this card makes Eldritch Evolution so much better. In the past, Eldritch Evolution has felt anemic, and really only helped if I was fetching for a silver bullet or a Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. Playing surrak gives the deck more mobility in choosing between going fast or playing the long game, additionally, this just gives Eldritch Evolution a lot of potential to just have a lot of raw power to tap into whenever you want. This was a great suggestion, and I will try this out!

On your point about Life's Legacy, I 100% plan on going to four village rites, but I don't think I will be running Life's Legacy. I think that Life's Legacy gets easily outperformed by Village Rites because the card not being instant speed and being two mana as opposed to one means it can't really perform the same function that village rites does. Being able to sacrifice creatures in response to removal at the cost of leaving up only one untapped land is a huge feature of this card. With the ability to do this, you can use this card very effectively even without even depending solely on undying creatures. I think that Life's Legacy's inability to let you do that is the biggest hindrance for the card. I also do not think you can reasonably expect to draw more than three cards off of life's legacy, which doesn't really seem that good when compared to Village Rites. Definitely adding in the last Village Rites though.

Once again, thanks for the comment!

As for SynergyBuild, I can't believe I didn't know that! I guess I have been playing against this card wrong for years. Don't think I ever targeted one with an ability, so I guess it never came up. As for the actual matchup against eldrazi tron, I keep going between thinking it is entirely beatable and it will be near impossible, so I'm just going to see how my first match against it goes and let you know how the current list feels against it. With that, I'd like to ask a question. Should I keep a log of matches I play and add them into the deck tech? I keep a log of wins/losses along with some notes about games just to inform decisions on the list, and I think it may be helpful for people who may be interested in looking into it.

Anyways, thanks for the comment!

Daedalus19876 on Budget League Hapatra

3 weeks ago

bushido_man96: With a few edits, I'm at 54.99 right now. If I cut all the color-fixing lands, I'd be down to 54.09 -- the only cards in the list which are over 1.09 are Black Sun's Zenith, Eldrazi Monument, Skullclamp, Blowfly Infestation, Sol Ring, Phyrexian Reclamation, Eldritch Evolution, Animate Dead, Victimize, Generous Patron, Devoted Druid, Soul Snuffers, and Shared Summons. I think I want all of those over Bastion, but I'm not certain. Or maybe something will drop in price over the next week, who knows.

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