Eldritch Evolution

Eldritch Evolution


As an additional cost to cast Eldritch Evolution, sacrifice a creature.

Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less, where X is 2 plus the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost. Put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. Exile Eldritch Evolution.

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Eldritch Evolution Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Yasharn or Ondu Giant?

1 day ago

griffstick, yes, I played a game recently in which one of my opponents had an Eldritch Evolution in their hand and was not able to cast it, because Yasharn was on the battlefield, so that was a situation in which I was glad to have Yasharn in my deck.

griffstick on Board state getting you down? Try Nukes!

1 month ago

I love it and hate it.

I think you should cut like half the board wipes. And add cards like Village Rites, Burnt Offering, Deadly Dispute, Altar's Reap, Costly Plunder, Diabolic Intent, Tormented Thoughts, Morbid Curiosity, Mind Extraction, Momentous Fall, Natural Order, Life's Legacy, Eldritch Evolution, Metamorphosis, and last consider Bonds of Mortality. All of these cards pair well with your cmdr. Meaning you'll need less board wipes as you will always have it in the command zone.

Scytec on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

1 month ago

Picked up a Rhystic Study put it in over Manifold Insights. Also getting an Oko, Thief of Crowns, Carpet of Flowers, Neoform, and Eldritch Evolution soon. If anyone is still subscribed here, any recommendations on what to pull for them? Thanks!

skibulk on Gilder Bairn and the Superfriends

1 month ago

Might consider Biomancer's Familiar, since it can be tutored with Eldritch Evolution.

Scytec on abby315

1 month ago

I would do Chalice of the Void. Mine is Mirrodin, just fyi. For your Carpet of Flowers, borderless Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Eldritch Evolution. If you had an extra Neoform laying around you wanted to throw on there, I certainly wouldn't complain. Haha

abby315 on Scytec

1 month ago

Hey - sure, I'd be happy to trade for a Chalice. My trade binder is pretty woefully out of date but I have a ton of random cards if you're looking for anything else in the $10-20 range. I have an extra Exploration from Conspiracy, cards from various recent pre-cons, Cursed Totem, a Breeding Pool if you still need it.

Could also do Oko + Carpet for Chalice and something smaller, drop the Nykthos. I have Eldritch Evolution, might have an extra Priest of Titania, etc.

enpc on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

1 month ago

If you want to go down the route of untapping mana dorks, Freed from the Real / Pemmin's Aura are nice tech with the aforementioned BloomTender. There's also Incubation Druid who is good becuase she can net produce blue compared with most of the others who have to consume it to untap. I personally run these and Faeburrow Elder in my Thrasios/Tymna list however I am trialling Kenrith, the Returned King instead since he gives haste (the one weaknesss of the mana dork combos). you can use stuff like Crashing Drawbridge however it means slots dedicated to haste enablers (rahter than more generic utility or mre strict definitions of combo enablers).

You can however run all of the untappers with Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal. If you were going to go down this route, I would recommend considering Thras/Tymna or Kenrith though, as one ofhte big strengths of tasigur is having a commander that effectively costs 1 mana that can be Neoformed/Eldritch Evolutioned into a combo piece. If you're just going for the fastest infinite mana combos though, the other commanders will probably give you more support.

enpc on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

2 months ago

You don't have to make Arixmethes a creature to tap it for mana. From Gatherer: "Arixmethes can tap for mana the turn it enters the battlefield as long as it has slumber counters on it. If you can figure out how to untap it, that is." You can still use it as a land which taps for .

I like the Palinchron line personally, and it gets much stronger with Neoform and Eldritch Evolution with Tasigur who in theory costs 1 mana. And I support overalpping combos. But I would recommend you have a play with it and see how you prefer to play. As a side note, I will leave a link to my old Damia deck (which I did an update for post retiring it on paper and it is definitely not budget) however it might give you a bit of a framework for land based combo: Damia Morgendorffer.

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