Triumph of the Hordes

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Triumph of the Hordes


Until end of turn, creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain trample and infect.

lhetrick13 on Gishath Spared No Expense!!!

18 hours ago

NV_1980 - Thanks for the compliments. As the deck mentions, I have transitioned from MTGO to paper and from primarily playing Modern to Commander so the mana curve and average CMC was something different than what I was used to for sure. Finding that happy medium between dinosaurs that are good to add to the deck and support is pretty key. Lots of Gishath decks out there that are similar, this is just my flavor of it :) I am super excited for the Caverns of Ixalan set scheduled to come out late this year...hoping for some more dinosaurs with Enrage as that really is an underrated ability unique to dinos!

I am aware of the two dinosaurs that came out in the All is One set, Tyrranax Rex being the a very honorable mentioning, but I ultimately decided against it as Infect/Toxic are something I feel like you do not dabble in but go hard into. It would be the only card in the deck that adds poison counters unless I added in Triumph of the Hordes, which I have considered for an easy knockout! There are a several cards I feel that maybe are not carrying their weight like Priest of the Wakening Sun that I am considering changing out for other things. I am not to worried about raising the average CMC to much as the local community I play against tend to be casual commander with many of the decks not hitting a stride until like turn 6ish.

If you have any other thoughts on the deck or a deck you would like some fresh eyes one, let me know! Just nice to have someone else provide some well-thought criticism/feedback AND provide possible solutions/changes. Easy to go nose-blind to some things with brewing...Thanks again!

SpammyV on Has Toxic fixed poison counters?

1 month ago

How much of the issue is Infect as the whole mechanic vs. Triumph of the Hordes specifically? I know that Infect gets a lot of flak, but I think that might be because people primarily interact with Infect when an opponent resolves a Triumph and ends a game before the other players feel like it's gone long enough to reach a conclusion stage, and don't like that. I know EDHREC isn't an absolute measure of how much a card is used, but there's about 16000 more decks with Triumph than the next card with Infect in its text.

Lup3rcal on A blight on the land - The Gitrog Monster

1 month ago

Things I might consider cutting:

Oblivion Crown - discard is nice but this one breaks as soon as the creature on it does - too flimsy.

Elvish Spirit Guide and Dark Ritual - let you do some pop off things if you draw the nuts, but unless you're winning with them I think they're not worth the card slot. Sure you can potentially turn two Gitrog, but unless you're set on that bucket list item, these wouldn't make the cut for me.

Putrid Imp - of your creature discard pieces, this one is the worst: no inherent upside for discard and can't even chump after you hit threshold. (I'm also squinting at Olivia's Dragoon; it's never going to contest anything important in the air so same concerns)

Riftsweeper - a glorified grizzly bear. It assuages the fear of losing a cool card to exile, but that card goes back to the library so you dont gain any card advantage from it. Unless your deck simply cannot function without one of the 99, riftsweeper doesnt help you win

Diabolic Intent and Ashnod's Altar - I don't see much in the way of token generation / reanimation, so these sac effects don't get great value IMO. yes, you can recycle a mana dork, but you may need those dorks to chump, and both cards are dead if your board has been damaged.

Triumph of the Hordes - similar to above, I don't see enough creatures/power in here for the payoff. You could pump the shit out of a Noose Constrictor, but Tainted Strike does the same at cheaper and instant speed. Arguably it lets the eldrazi titans one shot people but trust me, if you're swinging with those you're already winning.

Aetherflux Reservoir - doesn't seem useful outside of the citadel. Maybe you have more infinite combos turning this into a wincon, but I dont see them. But, I would be curious to see this playtested. Expect it to draw some aggro even if you're playing it "fairly".

Treasured Find - actually not awful, just curious why this over Eternal Witness or a similar dork

And suggested additions:

Abundance - let's you do the sick play of putting ALL LANDS IN YOUR DECK into your graveyard with the frog and a discard outlet then you have pure gas, and can reanimate the lands in any number of ways

World Shaper - no love for the land reanimator?

legendofa on Infinite combo too slow

1 month ago

bushido_man96 The current primary win condition right now is Psychic Spiral + Primal Command, shuffling all spells that have been cast so far back into the library and milling people out. This also prevents running out of cards.

I'm going for this angle instead of something like Craterhoof Behemoth + Triumph of the Hordes because those cards only affect creatures in play when they resolve, and I can't guarantee a solid win off that without a critical mass of creatures or looping them several times. (And because it's like $1.50 vs. $50.)

Catpocolypse on The Island Awakened

2 months ago

This deck really values the land recursion, as Titania herself only half counts, as somewhere around 15 of my lands have the ability to end up in the graveyard. I only run 20 Forests, Titania only hits about 50% of my land base and not the "combo" lands. So Conduit and other effects like it are worth doubling up on, especially because I tend to be targeted in my pod simply due to my preference of big threatening decks. Nissa is going to be used as a finisher, similar to Triumph of the Hordes, her other abilities aren't as important because she can insta ult if you play her at 7. This being said, now that there are a possible 3 walkers in the mix, swapping Parallel Lives for Doubling Season isn't off the table, assuming all 3 walkers make it in

Mortlocke on Ixalan Park

2 months ago


I remember when companion was first introduced Lutri, the Spellchaser was the topic of conversation - not companion itself which is a shame. I find the mechanic fairly "meh" as you can only place the companion into your hand once, and most of if not all of the companions aren't necessarily going to turn the tide of a game - if I recall correctly. I'd suggest you reconsider Kaheera, the Orphanguard and companion altogether as it's just a "win more" card/mechanic, also your commander already has Vigilance.

I too am enamored with Tyrranax Rex, it's essentially Phyrexia's answer to Questing Beast that happens to be a badass Dinosaur as well. I intend on getting a copy and putting in one of my own decks as well, but it's very much dedicated to Poison counters and proliferation. I suggest you try and include Poison as a subtheme - Triumph of the Hordes is a start, but also include the recently spoiled/leaked? Tyrranax Alpha: a Phyrexian Dinosaur with haste and Toxic 3 for printed at common. Also there's Grafted Exoskeleton and the recently spoiled Prosthetic Injector as well. Will your Dinos be covering their victims in Glistening Oil, or will it simply be some more of that strange oil?

CardTyrant on Ixalan Park

2 months ago

Ziusdra: I love Three Visits, if I find one, I'll definitely add it. Ask for Ranger's Path, it's mana cost is a bit high for me. I like ramp to be 3 or less as a personal rule now a days. Ask for the hideaway lands and Jetmir, they come in tapped and there is no way around it. Eventually I would like to get my hands on the original dual lands.

Mortlocke: I love Unnatural Growth. I have been thinking about playing it and a few more power increases like Xenagos, God of Revels. But if Ixalan gives me more good dinosaurs, I might not run Xenagos and go with pure dinosaurs so I can run Kaheera, the Orphanguard as my companion. So far nothing from One has really jumped out at me except for Tyrranax Rex. I am gonna get my hands on that. Not being able to be countered really got me since I hate blue and trample and toxic are nice. I eventually want to get Triumph of the Hordes so poison counters could be an alternative win con for me.

youareatrex on Mr. Arcades, tear down this wall!

2 months ago

Whoops, my bad Pyruscreed - just realizing I never responded to this.

So while Serra is a cool card I have never seen before tbh - the way I play the deck - really low to the ground - it doesn't quite make the cut.

1) My wincons are instant wins, and most of them less cmc than Serra. See below. So the play pattern is: I ramp into Arcades, I protect him, I play a bunch of walls and draw a bunch of cards. And then I play one of these on a developed board.

Akroma's Will Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive Tower Defense Triumph of the Hordes

2) I play a bunch of one-sided board-wipes that rely on my walls having low power. So the counters funk these up a bit.

Retribution of the Meek Slaughter the Strong Wave of Reckoning

Thanks very much for commeting!

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