Kaya's Ghostform

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature or planeswalker you control

When enchanted permanent is put into the graveryard or is exiled, return that card to the battlefield under your control.

Lunarbripsaw on Muldrotha - Infinite Combo Monster

2 days ago

how are you liking Command Beacon and Kaya's Ghostform. and why not outland liberator over caustic caterpillar?

Yogei on Yogei

5 days ago

lhetrick13 - Sounds like a sound plan. No need to rush to collect cards. I can recommend CardKingdom, especially for buying entire decks, I've bought all my decks from there. They have a large stock of cards so you don't have to worry about multiple shipment costs stacking up. TCGPlayer seems good as well if you are buying individual or a few cards. Cards like The Ozolith are insanely expensive and not worth the money in my opinion. It's definitely possible to build good decks on a budget. I've built a minotaur deck a while back for a friend (The Minotaur Horde). It's a pretty powerful deck with a 50-50 win rate against pretty much any of my decks, and the entire deck cost less than a single copy of The Ozolith.

I feel like Unearth's CMC makes it hard to beat, but I've actually considered playing more "return from graveyard cards", and Patch Up is a great suggestion. I've also looked at Kaya's Ghostform. It's an aura which means it can be found with Acclaimed Contender and it protects from exile, which is something my friends often use. If I make the switch, I'm dropping Hyena Umbra.

I'm glad to hear that your Haakon decks are improving! And I understand the feeling regarding your vampire decks. I've built many decks that had fun ideas but didn't perform well or consistently when I played them, and it's always a letdown. Both my knight and vampire decks were like that for the longest time, but I managed to turn them around, so keep working on them! For myself, what little time I spend on building right now is mostly spent on tweaking the knights or my new wizard deck.

droslag on Master of Cruelties

2 weeks ago

have you considered Malakir Rebirth  Flip instead of Kaya's Ghostform? might not be as good, but its instant and could be used as a land in a pinch. love the deck

Andramalech on Tighten your Be'lakor in 3 Easy Steps

3 weeks ago

Because I didn't see them, I wanna recommend:

I do appreciate the variety of spells and associated "put demons on board" vibe. In response to your question about Kaya's Ghostform, the value can't be over-stated because no one is gonna Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares that shit.

If protecting your bois is important maybe consider Swiftfoot Boots or Winged Boots.

Best of luck with your build!

sean360 on Be'Lakor's Panoply

3 weeks ago

Had to say your username a few times out loud before I recognized what I knew it from! Not every day you see a DoS2 reference haha. The deck looks like a lot of fun, I like that you went with spells like Kaya's Ghostform instead of just blink spells like I used, how are they working for you?

I just tried my hand at building my own demon deck, would love your thoughts! Tighten your Be'lakor in 3 Easy Steps

GorramScoundrel on Antivax Dragon

3 weeks ago

@Andramalech I think I’ll take you up on the Phyrexian Arena cut, I absolutely love Black Market Connections and as much as I like the arena it’s not as versatile. I love Kaya's Ghostform, I just haven’t seen a chance to add that card to this or Skullbriar, the Walking Moshpit, even though it’d fit in both. Thanks again bud!

Andramalech on Antivax Dragon

3 weeks ago

No Mercy is a fucking bomb of a card, I am infatuated with that inclusion. I also wanted to recommend:

CalebKT on Pod Racing

1 month ago

Hey Venoctus thanks for the comments! Unfortunately I do not own a Lotus Petal but I have definitely considered Kaya's Ghostform

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