Eater of the Dead

Eater of the Dead

Creature — Horror

(0): If Eater of the Dead is tapped, untap it and remove target creature card in a graveyard from the game.

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Eater of the Dead Discussion

Lanzo493 on Milling with Defenders

1 month ago

I second Eater of the Dead. It’s great and works even better with Slagwurm Armor on it. Another fun card is Phyrexian Devourer which can get you one big mill at the cost of a portion of your library.

Caerwyn on Using the graveyard as a …

3 months ago


Alpha already had various ways to interact with the graveyard--there might not have been mechanisms to fill your graveyard with relative ease, but it was clear from the very beginning of the game that the graveyard was intended to be useful. Five cards, spread across three colors (though mostly black) specifically allow you to use the graveyard as a resource: Animate Dead, Nether Shadow, Raise Dead, Regrowth, Resurrection.

Alpha also already had exile, though it went by "remove from the game entirely": Swords to Plowshares and Disintegrate.

Arabian Nights skipped over these effects, but they came back very quickly in Antiquities, which also expanded graveyard shenanigans to Blue, and Legends, which had more recursion options.

Then we got The Dark, which is the first real set to focus on using the graveyard as a tool outside of "get my card back"--cards like Eater of the Dead, Frankenstein's Monster, and Grave Robbers, which allowed you to weaponize your graveyard for additional boons. The Dark also saw the introduction of Tormod's Crypt, the first real piece of dedicated graveyard hate.

Even in the initial sets, it is clear that the graveyard was designed to serve as a possible second hand and, by August 1994, it was clear that the graveyard was to be considered a resource in other manners as well. Saying that it was "originally designed to be the modern equivalent of exile" ignores how many early-game effects interacted with the graveyard, as well as ignores the fact that exile has existed since the game's very first set.

BrassLord on MIll IS STILL VALID

8 months ago

Glad someone is also running this guy! I've been on the receiving end of it! Looks like a fun build!

Mind Grind , Reanimate , Sphinx's Tutelage , and Psychic Corrosion are solid possible includes to look at!

Our playgroup ran into the problem of encountering the eldrazi cards and such that dump the graveyard back into the deck when milled. Jester's Cap , Oona, Queen of the Fae , Leyline of the Void , Bitter Ordeal , Praetor's Grasp are ways around that if you start to encounter that, though a timely Eater of the Dead activation in response to the trigger could work as well!

MagicMarc on Halloween Deck Ideas

1 year ago

There's even a Cemetery Gate, Black Carriage and Runaway Carriage. Dawn of the Dead, Eater of the Dead and a Lord of the Undead. There is a creature type called nightmare which even includes a Nightmare. There's Childhood Horror.

scaevola23 on Phenax

1 year ago

I am looking to add Eater of the Dead, Tree of Perdition, Laboratory Maniac, Doomsday, Thassa's Oracle and also some stuff with transmute.

I'm open to all suggestions especially for how to fix the mana and speed.

zandercp11 on Another Phenax Mill Deck

1 year ago

As a side note, I generally don't like using infinate combos, and I know there are two in the deck with Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank and Freed from the Real + King Macar, the Gold-Cursed + Phenax, God of Deception . The first is in there in case, for some reason, it's not possible to mill my opponents out (I.E. They have something like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and I haven't drawn my graveyard removal). The second is effectively a targeted board wipe and won't win me the game. Since my playgroup is rather cut throat and is playing stuff like sliver decks and mind control decks, this is one of the few infinite combos that I'm fine with. Personally, I think Eater of the Dead and Consuming Aberration are way worse with my commander than King Macar, the Gold-Cursed.

Valius on UB Mill

1 year ago

I’ve played Phenax mill for a while, and he works really well as a defensive deck with Wall creatures and milling at the end step. Creatures such as Wall of Frost, Glacial Wall, Guardians of Meletis, Wall of Junk, etc. Slap a Slagwurm Armor on one of those puppies and someone’s deck will be hurting. Illusionist's Bracers then make a creature double mill, which could mean game over if on your Consuming Aberration.

Additionally, Crawlspace and Collective Restraint can keep you safe while you just mill away.

Other cards that get stupid powerful in this kind of deck are Wight of Precinct Six, Mortivore, and Eater of the Dead who can mill potentially infinitely (especially with the aforementioned equipment cards).

And last thing is to turn mill into damage - Duskmantle Guildmage, Bloodchief Ascension are great, and don’t forget about Mindcrank!

Best part is most of these are very affordable, others look like they've gone up in price a bit since I got them, and even adding just a few can beef up Phenax because they all synergize with him alone.

tabernat on Mill U L8r Allygater- Phenax Mill - EDH

1 year ago

Main combos:

Phenax, God of Deception and Eater of the Dead infinite mill as long as creatures in some graveyards.

Hinder then Tunnel Vision or Hinder and knowing a card near the bottom of their library.

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