Ruinous Ultimatum

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Ruinous Ultimatum


Destroy all nonland permanents your opponents control.

Bakterius on The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

2 weeks ago

So, after many more enjoyable plastests, I can say that the defensive variant will become my definite Ur-Dragon deck irl. It still somewhat lacks protection because I don't feel like spending about 100 € on a few MtG cards right now, but it feels already way more balanced. Ruinous Ultimatum has proven playable after all. Aside from that, the new Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea has shown itself to be very useful. Also I can recommend using at least some triomes, since there are many situations where you don't need the fetched land immediately but profit from the additional colour fix.

Votecat on Sliver Commander v. 1.4

1 month ago

You are correct in that you must target an artifact or enchantment even if yours are the only ones in play. In practice I’ve found that I can almost always remove it through targeted removal or a sacrifice outlet such as Basal Sliver or Ashnod's Altar both of which are combo pieces that you’d be searching for anyways. Overall the value in synergy offsets the drawbacks, at least for me. Have you thought about using Ruinous Ultimatum rather than Terminus? Some targeted removal such as Swords to Plowshares and protection such as Heroic Intervention or Teferi's Protection would probably be good

IHATENAMES on Tariel wrecker of holes

2 months ago

For decent salt but fun game I'd focus run some staxy type card.

Archfiend of Depravity weep tokens decks

Sepulchral Primordial steal 3 creature at once

Molten Primordial steal 3 creatures

Tymaret, Chosen from Deathgrave hate that works well with commander to limit the randomness

Altar of Dementia free sac plus many more upsides

Syr Konrad, the Grim with cards entering and leaving graves a decent wincon

Hofri Ghostforge double use etbs with other upside

Sire Of Insanity especially in a low budget slowing down the game works well in your favor. Also a blue players nightmare

Burnished Hart ramp

Ruinous Ultimatum sorcery speed mardu Cyclonic Rift

Tragic Arrogance you choose kinda boardwipe

Command the Dreadhorde Greatness at any cost

Victimize 1 bad guy fir 2 good guys. Seems legit

Dread Return 4 mana Reanimate you can cast for free* the 2nd time.

Painful Truths draw 3

Skullclamp for all the dorks out there. Let's make them useful

Helm of Possession trade your borrowed creature for a newer model

Smothering Tithe do you pay the tax?

Leonin Arbiter did you pay that tax

Wayfarer's Bauble ramp

Ruthless Technomancer ramp reanimation

Hoarding Ogre budget ramp

Persist reanimation

Fracture flexible removal

Stinging Study good with commander

Archon of Emeria 1 spell per turn

Rule of Law 1 spell per turn

Any of the Fleshbag Marauder effects

Visions of Ruin ramp kinda but mostly removal

Thrilling Discovery card draw

Echo Chamber fun card

Spreading Plague neat includes not great

Grave Betrayal steal creatures

These are just a few ideas. You'll have to mess with it from there.

Another deck to take ideas from

kookoo on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Joe, the Ultimate Spellshaper

Legendary Creature - Spellshaper Human {RARE}

, , discard a card: You win the game if you control a land of each basic type and a creature of each color.

Make another ultimatum (Emergent Ultimatum, Ruinous Ultimatum, Brilliant Ultimatum etc.)

ILuvMtg on Woah, where did THAT come from??? (Jodah EDH)

4 months ago

I considered that, but if I were to Jegantha as a companion I wouldn't be able to use 40% of the non-land cards in my deck, including many of the best ones, because I wouldn't be allowed to use cards with more than one of the same mana symbol in it's mana cost. No Omniscience, Enter the Infinite, Progenitus, Ruinous Ultimatum, ect.

LunchBox1211 on dragon tribal is glorious

8 months ago

Some more cards to consider (as per your request): Old Gnawbone. Read the card. That's a lot of treasure when all your creatures have a ton of power. | Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund. Gives your dragons haste, untaps them, and (in the odd case you are playing a Dragon ditto), steals your opponent's dragons. Forever. | Dragon's Hoard, if you want another mana rock that works well with dragons. I also like Component Pouch, especially in a deck where your commander in all 5 colours, but that's mostly just me. | Rishkar's Expertise. Refill your hand, cast something for free. Genesis Ultimatum allows you to cheat in more stuff, but doesn't allow you to refill your hand, and it costs more to cast. | Farseek, especially if you decide to run the Tri-cycle lands (which I recommend). I'm going to avoid talking about lands, but cards like Spara's Headquarters and Raugrin Triome are really nice, especially for 5-colour decks. And, yes, Farseek can find Spara's Headquarters. Headquarters is both a plains, and an island. Rampant Growth and Nature's Lore can also fill this "2-mana sorcery that ramps" slot, depending on what you can find (if this is paper). Three Visits is just Nature's Lore, but Lore's name communicates the mechanics of the card better. | Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile. Exile a creature, for 1 mana, at instant speed. I like Swords better for commander because I find that life is less of an advantage than an extra land. Other removal options include - and are not limited to - (and I may have mentioned some of these already, so sorry if I did) Beast Within, Generous Gift, Anguished Unmaking, Assassin's Trophy, Despark, Chaos Warp, Wear / Tear, Hide / Seek, Bedevil, Vindicate, Baleful Mastery, and Vanishing Verse. | Patriarch's Bidding, if you want some mass reanimation. | I didn't see very many board wipes. Granted, you want more pin-point removal than board wipes, but you still might want a few. I'll recommend Farewell (6 mana to get around indestructible, and nuke many different target, AND act as graveyard hate), Merciless Eviction (for planeswalkers), Cleansing Nova (cheaper than Farewll, and probably easier to find, but less flexible), Cyclonic Rift (7 mana to get all of your opponents permanents off the board, and set them back a few turns as they reset), Supreme Verdict (only hits creatures, but uncounterable, and cheap to cast) and/or Vanquish the Horde (for token decks). You do have Ruinous Ultimatum and Descent of the Dragons (or Crux of Fate, if you happen to get it), and I like to run 3-4 total, so choose the ones that most effectively clear the table in your playgroup. Although I have seen and heard some people run as low as 2.

For both the removal and board wipe sections, choose whatever quantities and options are working best at removing the threats you frequently go up against. If you are building this in paper (specially if the deck is sleeved), I'd recommend asking your playgroup if it is OK for you to print out proxy copies of cards for playtesting, then (once you have decided what options you like) buying those cards. Ask your friends first, though, I know not everyone is OK with proxies.

These are all just suggestions to get your mind thinking. You don't have to run all of these, but they are here if you need inspiration or help.

If you want, I can link some of the dragon/tribal decks I've made on tappedout, just as a reference point for what I like.

Epicurus on Good Cards That You Just …

8 months ago

I agree with Guerric on the whole idea of combo pieces that are trash on their own. That's one of the reasons I refuse to run infinite combos in any deck, unless they end up in there by accident.

I'll also add my voice to the Thoracle hate on this thread. As SpammyV implied, it's just not at all creative.

But the one card that really rashes my rear is Cyclonic Rift. It's basically like "here's a couple more turns worth of boredom for the rest of y'all, whilst I sit here with my perfectly intact board state and pick you all off one by one."

Now, I will (and do) play cards like In Garruk's Wake and Ruinous Ultimatum, so maybe I shouldn't judge. I suppose it could be simply that CyRif is so common to encounter. Like hating The Beatles because they're overplayed. But I think it's more annoying somehow to have everything bounced rather than destroyed, because then everyone has to take the extra time to try to figure out what to recast, only to just lose anyway because they're too far behind.

DankMagicianD on Die, Snowflake!

8 months ago

First, the new additions. Florian, Voldaren Scion and Laelia, the Blade Reforged are both creatures that reward us for attacking with more cards to play, and don't mind being mutate targets. Orzhov Signet, Boros Signet, and Rakdos Signet are here because I needed more ramp. Showdown of the Skalds pulls double duty, giving me more cards while buffing my creatures with counters that work well with Snapdax. Manabarbs is just plain evil. I couldn't resist. Damn is versatile, wiping the board when I'm behind or picking off a select target when I'm not. Blasphemous Act is often a one mana sweeper. Enough said. Ruinous Ultimatum has a hefty mana cost, but can easily win the game on the spot. Finally, the manabase was rebalanced to better cast my spells.

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