Auratouched Mage

Auratouched Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

When Auratouched Mage enters the battlefield, search your library for an Aura card that could enchant it. If Auratouched Mage is still in play, attach that Aura to it. Otherwise, reveal the Aura card and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Auratouched Mage Discussion

prettyjesus on Winota $100 Budget - That's Boros Baby!

2 months ago

27JUL2021 changes


  1. Memnite relatively vanilla, and somehow quite expensive towards our budget (~$5). Instead Legion Loyalist which can also trigger (even on a top deck), and gives us much-needed evasion.
  2. Phyrexian Walker also pretty vanilla, replacing with Grim Initiate . Why? Grim gives us something on a board wipe, to help us recover
  3. Auratouched Mage (which also comes out with the next card).. it isn't quite as broken as it may seem. Gets chump blocked and doesn't do quite much. Add in Goblin Rabblemaster to give us more dudes
  4. Breath of Fury comes out if Aura Mage does, it's a combo that isn't too great. Let's add in Anax, Hardened in the Forge to give us more board wipe survivability
  5. Victory's Envoy is a tough cut, but is a bit slow. Only is very good if we have gobs of tokens. Add in Mother of Runes for obvious reasons

theindigoeffect on Winota Cedh

5 months ago

Aside from the Auratouched Mage and Breath of Fury combo, are there any other combos in this list?

SynergyBuild on Fixing White in EDH

1 year ago

enpc And with newer colorless card draw becoming much better, modern playable Mazemind Tome, EDH specific Endless Atlas, and older Sensei's Divining Top/Scroll Rack always being powerful options!

Things that synergize with white's effects like counters with Mindless Automaton, lifegain with Well of Lost Dreams, and tokens or small dudes with Skullclamp, that or Sword of Fire and Ice for equipment strategies, Smuggler's Copter and Bonders' Enclave for other strategies.

And in white, after looking it up for Omniscience_is_life, here is my new, semi-educated package:

Land Tax, Mangara, the Diplomat, Alms Collector, Weathered Wayfarer, Mesa Enchantress, Kor Spiritdancer, Sram, Senior Edificer, Stonehewer Giant, Dawn of Hope, Puresteel Paladin, Mentor of the Meek, Bygone Bishop, Luminarch Ascension, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Sun Titan, Sevinne's Reclamation, Ranger of Eos, and Castle Ardenvale

Not to mention tutors being Weathered Wayfarer/Ranger of Eos being tutors, alongside Steelshaper's Gift, Open the Armory, Recruiter of the Guard, Ranger-Captain of Eos, Academy Rector, Arena Rector, Call the Gatewatch, Idyllic Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Heliod's Pilgrim, Quest for the Holy Relic, Three Dreams, Boonweaver Giant, Auratouched Mage, Djeru, With Eyes Open, Taj-Nar Swordsmith, Thalia's Lancers, Totem-Guide Hartebeest, Relic Seeker, Priest of the Wakening Sun, Forerunner of the Legion, Ignite the Beacon, Plea for Guidance, Kithkin Harbinger, etc.

Oh, and there is more, just look!

casual_competitive on March of the Fist Sun

1 year ago

you can craft your own eldrazi with Auratouched Mage and Eldrazi Conscription

TheCardPool on Beast Mode (Winota EDH)

1 year ago

kpres Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm happy to hear you enjoy the deck! I really do think Winota is a legitimate contender for a mid-power aggro deck in commander, because once the ball gets rolling on the value train, unless your opponents have a ton of interaction it's really difficult to stop. I've leaned away from Academy Rector and Arena Rector for the time being because both of them require abilities to sacrifice them as well to tutor. If I'm just relying on attacking or blocking, that can be difficult to do. Auratouched Mage was actually in the first draft of the deck exactly for the reason you mentioned: to tutor up Breath of Fury and potentially get infinite combats with Winota. However, I found Breath of Fury wasn't reliable enough after testing (you basically have to make sure your opponents' boards are clear first or they'll just block you). The Godo/Helm combo is much more reliable IMO. However, as the deck keeps evolving, there's a good chance one or more of these will become good options!

kpres on Beast Mode (Winota EDH)

1 year ago

Looking for two-human combos:

Academy Rector could search for the Possibility Storm

Arena Rector is the same but gets you a planeswalker.

Auratouched Mage tutors up an aura -- maybe Breath of Fury?

The list is long, but I found some good humans above.![B]+![G]+![U]&subtype=+[%22Human%22]

lagotripha on Win-ota, (Boros) Unity Squad

1 year ago

I like this idea, but have you considered a soldier tribal subtheme with Preeminent Captain, Catapult Master, Darien, King of Kjeldor, Squad Captain , Stormfront Riders, Assemble the Legion Knight-Captain of Eos etc? It offers another cheat and has decent commander synergy.

On another note, Auratouched Mage with Eldrazi Conscription is a thing, or just Knightly Valor/Commander's Authority.

Lovisa Coldeyes has that warrior synergy. Allies have a few options in Resolute Blademaster and Murasa Pyromancer. Reverent Hoplite and Evangel of Heliod like white devotion. Zealous Conscripts threatens to a combo.

Have fun tinkering with the list.

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