Patriarch's Bidding

Patriarch's Bidding


Each player chooses a creature type. Each player returns all creature cards of a type chosen this way from their graveyard to the battlefield.

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Patriarch's Bidding Discussion

VampRamped on What is a Man? (a hyper aggro Edgar Markov EDH)

3 days ago


Very Nice Aggro Edgar Markov list especially for a deck that is your first foray into commander. The Main problem I see you running into with this deck is that it is very soft to board wipes, and you will almost certainly lose the game if one resolves. I would recommend including Teferi's Protection , Flawless Maneuver , Boros Charm , Make a Stand , Unbreakable Formation , and Patriarch's Bidding . While these cards are skillful to utilize and require an understanding of your opponent's decks to know when to leave up mana to utilize them you will find you will be grateful to have them and win more often because of them.

Necropotence is an insanely strong card advantage engine especially in Edgar Markov that I would highly recommend as it allows the deck to continue to have the steam it needs going into midgame and mid-late game. In fact, when I am going for the aggressive strategy in my own deck it is the first card I tutor for if I can. Champion of Dusk , Pact of the Serpent , and Stinging Study are almost as good and serves the same purpose.

Stromkirk Condemned Is a pretty strong lord that most games you should have the land to pitch to it to boost your board, especially if you include some of the card advantage I recommended.

Reconnaissance Is also an amazing card for an aggressive strategy as it essentially gives all your creatures vigilance and you can remove any unfavorable blocks in combat.

For cards to remove to play them I will suggest cutting cards in different area's that I think have their advantages but probably benefit your decks aggro plan the least

Zealous Persecution and Vampiric Fury are not very necessary for yours deck. If you have not seen it already in time you will find that your anthem affects lords Shared Animosity , and Sanctum Seeker will be more than sufficient to win the game. Additionally, the card is quite soft to fog effects which are not too uncommon in commanders.

Anointed Procession is simply a card that is too slow for what an aggressive Edgar Markov deck wants to be doing and is much more suited to midrange aristocrat lists. Spending 4 mana for an effect that does not do anything is too slow and you would much rather want to be playing things like Sanctum Seeker , Vampire Nocturnus , and Bloodline Keeper  Flip

Abrade , Dismember , and Nameless Inversion have two main problems. For one when you are playing an aggressive Edgar Markov deck you are committing to winning the early mid-game so spending the time you need to kill your opponents interacting with their board states is not doing you any favors. Secondly, as an aggro deck the only permanents that are outright going to stop you are Magus of the Tabernacle , Windborn Muse , Propaganda , Ghostly Prison , Collective Restraint , Sphere of Safety , and Humility so if your going to play removal spells in your aggro deck the spell at a minimum should target enchantments though creatures as well can be valuable.

Obelisk of Urd Is ok but is probably to expensive on mana and you would rather be punching with creatures than using them to convoke this spell out.

Bloodcrazed Paladin is really only good when there is a board wipe and that is the last thing you want to happen to your board so would not recommend playing a creature that's only strength is to give you a measly benefit in the worst-case scenario.

Bloodthrone Vampire is not very good in aggro since you want to have as many creatures around as possible for all of your tribal payoffs and since your deck is not particularly geared towards and Edgar Markov Aristocrats Strat.

Stoneforge Mystic and Steelshaper's Gift help you get Skullclamp but you probably don't want to be looking for that card too hard especially if you play Necropotence , or Champion of Dusk as I recommended as you don't have to sacrifice your board state to get card advantage when a wide board state is exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, you are not playing too many sacrifice effects anyway so when you play a lord it effectively turns off your Skullclamp .

Those would be my additions and removals for your removals but your the one who gets to play the deck so make adjustments to suit your playgroup and what you want to get out of the deck. Feel free to check out my own Edgar Markov Deck A Vampire Storm *Primer*, not the exact same strategy as your deck, but you may find some useful advice in my section on my mindset of how I play Edgar Markov aggressively. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on my suggestions as well as what you think of my own deck.

babydaggers on Rise of the Humans

6 days ago

I am such a fan of this partner matchup, I'm interested to see other takes on it.

What role are the wheels playing in the deck Magus of the Wheel Wheel of Fortune ? I see Alesha but no real recursion engines that might want a full graveyard. If you're keeping the wheels, it might make sense to add some tribal reanimation like Haunting Voyage or Patriarch's Bidding ...

For Silvar to come in for big bops, add Vorrac Battlehorns which make him unblockable for a small mana investment...

Might make sense to add some additional mana rocks, you might stall out with just two signets and a Sol ring, but might be more valuable to add even more draw since you've got a low CMC.

FounderX on Lathril's Dark Elfball

2 weeks ago

Hi There, Patriarch's Bidding and Quirion Ranger are spoiled for Modern Horizons 2, these are nice reprints (Original prints from 2002 and 1997 respectively) and much, much more affordable than the current versions. Keep an eye out for those, they are really good in the 99.

Draknoz on Big Daddy

2 weeks ago

Have u considered Patriarch's Bidding or Living Death ? I have used both to great effect in my Ur-Dragon deck.

DrValium on Rattle Me Bones!!

1 month ago

This deck is amazing! Consider running Urza's Incubator , Patriarch's Bidding , Blood for Bones , or Ward of Bones ?

klaudiohmm on Gods

1 month ago

Hey! I have some suggestions, hope they'll help:

RA_HORAKHTE on The True Danger Noodles

2 months ago


Very awesome deck! I saw your video deck tech in Youtube, very well explained.

I'm also been collecting slivers from a long time, and whe the First Sliver came out I decided to build the EDH deck with him as commander. (My still unfinished deck: THE FIRST SLIVER EVOLUTION)

Now I'm studying how other players have been building and playing EDH sliver decks to try to improve mine, so thanks for sharing yours!

By the way, what do you think about Kindred Discovery as a draw engine similar to Vanquisher's Banner, but giving you even more card draw, and Patriarch's Bidding as a back-up plan mass reanimation effect?

TheSlowestBro on Wait, more Slivers?!?!

2 months ago

Patriarch's Bidding / Living Death would be pretty crazy in here! Cool deck though, I like your commander choice. +1

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