Splinter Twin

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has ": Put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield. That token has haste. Exile it at the beginning of your next end step."

Splinter Twin Discussion

SideBae on Elsha

1 week ago

Hey man! I have a few thoughts... I’m by no means an expert, but I have played this general and I’ve found a few things...

  1. Monastery Mentor : This thing is a dumb card that should have never been printed. But it was, and we can play it. Pairing this with a Sensei's Divining Top is how I win half the time with this general. (The other half is a Splinter Twin combo.)

  2. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Foundry Inspector style combo with top. I get it goes infinite, but without a payoff that’s it; drawing your deck is fine, but you still have to win. I think just including cards like Monastery Mentor or ways to get your general to slip past blockers will mean that a finite number of activations will be all you need. Then you can use the slot for tutors, card draw, etc.

  3. Speaking of tutors: Whir of Invention is a great way to nab your Sensei's Divining Top our of your deck. Reshape , Transmute Artifact and Enlightened Tutor are all also great, though they can be pricy. Mystical Tutor also synergies well with your general.

  4. I think you should run Preordain in addition to your Brainstorm and Ponder .

  5. Windfall and (if you’ve got $100) to blow) Wheel of Fortune both go well with Narset, Parter of Veils .

Good luck!

RNR_Gaming on Copy Cat

2 weeks ago

Splinter Twin with Deceiver Exarch are cards I'd include if your goal is to make it more competitive.

tllegion01 on Izzet Infinite

2 weeks ago

If you can believe it, when I got back into MTG, I had a somewhat similar build to this deck as one of my first decks that did pretty well in my local meta, even against the 15 guys that played Splinter Twin . I like the Desperate Ritual + Lava Spike b/c you don't need the Training Grounds to go infinte.

My one suggestion is Manamorphose , and I'll even tell you the right way to play it, just in case Splinter Twin comes back.

With the guildmage and the grounds out on the battlefield, cast Manamorphose and then copy it while it's on the stack. Let the copy resolve, but DO NOT let the original resolve. Use the 1 of the 2 mana from the copy to copy the original again. You're drawing a card and netting 1 mana of your choice each time. Rinse and repeat 40 times or so, until you have your Lightning Bolt . Then blast your opponent in the face.

The beautiful thing about Manamorphose is it's an Instant. So doing this on your opponent's attack phase, when they have that smirk on their face with an Emerakul or whatever on the battlefield, and watching all of the color leave their face when they realize what just happened...those are good times

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Upcoming B&R Announcement

3 weeks ago

I play 4 color (no green) midrange. Usually I play Grixis, but can't play without path to exile right now.

I want to see Manamorphose and Hogaak banned. Manamorphose is how we see Arclight Phoenix in play turn 2. and losing manamorphose wouldn't actually kill archetypes besides storm. It would bring looting decks into check, in my opinion. I do NOT want to see Ancient Stirrings , Allosaurus Rider , or Lotus Field banned. Ancient Stirrings decks have not caused problems recently. Yes, I see that Stirrings decks COULD take over the meta post-Hogaak, but out of fairness, we need to let them sin before punishing them. Neobrand and Twiddle Storm need to become tier 1 before you consider banning them. If they're not tier 1 then they're bad decks and don't matter.

I want to see stoneforge mystic unbanned. I certainly wouldn't mind Preordain, but hadn't considered it until OP suggested it. I don't think it will happen, but I want Splinter Twin back.

I predict Hogaak will be banned with no other changes. I give stoneforge 40/60, and will be shocked if something else is banned or unbanned. But someone from wizards (I think it was Maro) said Hogaak was a mistake. It's 100% getting banned.

StopShot on [COMMUNITY] What cards do you ...

3 weeks ago

@Tyrant-Thanatos, By the same token Iona, Shield of Emeria costs 9 mana and is still on the banlist. In fact if you read the Official Format Philosophy Document of July 2019, nowhere does it mention that a card can only be ban-worthy if it's CMC is low. On the contrary the banlist change of July 2019 states how presuming a card should not be put onto the banlist due to its high casting cost is erroneous thinking in of itself as there are ways to cheat high cost cards into play as well as the fact that a high casting cost alone is not enough of a downside if its effect heavily warps the game in detrimental ways.

I digress, commander does hold a plethora of 2-to-3 card infinite combos, but that doesn't justify every card combo to ever exist. So what if Griselbrand can draw your library with one of any number of cards in deck? Enter the Infinite exists and yet that card isn't banned. Well, the issue is you can't have Enter the Infinite as your commander, nor does it give you a 7/7 flying, lifelink, blocker who can give you said draw power at instant speed when it would be most convenient to do so. If that card draw enabler happens to be Ivory Tower you're going to be gaining absurd amounts of life on top of that. Enter the Infinite doesn't offer any level of protection when it comes to putting your whole deck in your hand while also offering each opponent a turn to respond. Even if you have another card in deck that makes Enter the Infinite even more broken like Quicken it will not ever reach the same level of bustedness as the Griselbrand + Ivory Tower synnergy. Furthermore that would require finding two specific cards in deck whereas Griselbrand already starts in your command zone.

While Yawgmoth's Bargain can still give you the same level of card advantage with Ivory Tower or Venser's Journal it can not be used as your commander nor does it give you an effective chump-blocker to help protect you. On the contrary however in addition to being a potential infinite card draw engine it can also be an oppressive lock-down engine with Words of Waste . It would be one thing if this synergy had you out-right win the game as any game-winning combo piece that can literally draw up it's other half is already problematic in itself. This synergy however is worse as it just flat out denies all opponents from playing the game at an extremely cost-effective rate. If I lose the game to Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin I can at least play another game right away, whereas with this combo no one gets to play this game or the next game for an extended period of time unless everyone agrees to give-up their already established board-state and concede. Having one single card with the potential to both create infinite draw and permanently lockdown the game and be able to dig for either of those enablers while taking advantage of your already high starting life total is simply too strong and can not be easily compared to any run-of-the-mill two-card synergy.

EmEcks on K&T Group Hug and Splinter Twin [Primer-ish]

1 month ago

So, after a couple of games against the new Stax deck, my pod has informed me that they'd rather play against the previous iteration of the deck with the Splinter Twin win-con suite than deal with my current iteration of my " 'Ask your dad.' - Dad" deck. It seems they didn't understand that the splinter twin shenanigans was for THEIR good, not mine.

I'll try your version with them and see how it goes. There's a general dislike in the pods for Group Hug decks, stemming from a buddy running an incredibly hard to beat Thrasios/Kydele Group Hug that would NOT win because it couldn't, but because whomever made his life easier to go infinite would get targeted with multiple iterations of 'Target Player Takes an Extra Turn'. It devolved to two people always ganging up on the GH deck while one tried to turn it into a 2v2 at that point.

DeathBySprnkles on If a permanent becomes a ...

1 month ago

I probably already know the answers but just want to be sure.

1.) If a creature is already on the field and is changed into another, for example, a myr token being changed by Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer to a copy of Thopter Engineer due to Splinter Twin or Flameshadow Conjuring , would the effect go off making new thopters?

2.) If a permanent becomes an artifact like using Liquimetal Coating , would Reckless Fireweaver deal damage from the new artifact?

I do have this feeling that none of the effects will go off since they were already on the field but the only thing that happened is a new appearance

Demarge on Budget Mono blue pili pala

1 month ago

I will say this now, but the combo is entirely too weak on it's own to go with the Splinter Twin style protect combo plan, you also don't exactly have access to a tutor for architect, maybe you want to go with a mono blue creature aggro style deck or affinity blue style deck, now in either case I would say you probably want to cut into your budget for Walking Ballista in any strategy, or at least something more like a Banefire over the Pyromatics it is at least stronger vs Flusterstorm while only be weaker to Narset's Reversal (which is a lot more fringe in modern than the storm).

though yeah you could run creatures like Cursecatcher and Judge's Familiar with many other rather sweet 1-2 cmc blue creatures to really use architect, many which fly, draw you cards, or scry.

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Splinter Twin occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%