Felidar Guardian

Felidar Guardian

Creature — Cat Beast

When Felidar Guardian enters the battlefield, you may exile another target permanent you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Felidar Guardian Discussion

freezerboy on Alesha of the Scarlet Chorus

1 week ago

Charming Prince can get some value with this one. I have a few low cost options in my deck The Evil Dead II that could work for your deck. I'd replace Felidar Guardian with it unless you really need the "permanent" option.

mega7777 on Saffi BoonHulk *cEDH Primer*

2 weeks ago

Nice list, I'm also a cEDH Saffi player who really enjoys the deck.

How has Moonsilver Key and Oswald Fiddlebender performed for you? Haven't been able to test with either yet, but they both seem decent tutors.

Also wanted to provide a comment on your primer. Not sure if I'm missing something here, but the Pattern of Rebirth combo with only Saffi on the battlefield can be accomplished with a few less steps without Felidar Guardian. You can just tutor up Reveillark after Karmic guide and accomplish the same loop by returning Saffi & Guide with Reveillark.

I suppose this only really matters if Felidar Guardian is exiled for some reason. The Felidar only line is nice that it combos through a cursed totem :).

Icbrgr on T-1000 Saheeli Rai

1 month ago

I think my thoughts on Karn, the Great Creator is that it's a "win more" card at 4CMC... when casting Felidar Guardian the intent is to combo off and win on the spot; where Karn acts as more of a control tool to hobble the opponents game plan. This deck is built as a glass cannon trying to draw and combo with maybe hitting the opponent with a removal/tempo spell before its over win/lose.

I think For Karn to shine here I would need more lands and more staying power with Snapcaster Mage and overall be more focused on control over combo.

iammute on Heliod, God of the Sun EDH Deck by Keondo

2 months ago

I’ve been thinking of building a Heliod deck and have a ton of questions/thoughts if you don’t mind me asking.

Have you thought about Archon of Sun's Grace? It gives you an extra token for each Heliod activation. A team of vigilant, lifelink fliers has a lot of offensive/defensive potential.

Is Mentor of the Meek an option here or is needing the mana on etb too taxing? It looks like you would have plenty of ways to trigger it.

Felidar Guardian combos with Skybind to loop an enchantment every turn. You don’t really have any payoffs for it at the moment but it seems great with Act of Authority, Elspeth Conquers Death or Exclusion Ritual to get rid of something permanently.

Moon-Blessed Cleric could be great here too. It’s a repeatable tutor effect with Skybind and synergises well with Sun Titan and Recruiter.

enpc on Infinite or not?

2 months ago

Necrosis24 is correct - the first time the Rattlechains enters it enters as a copy of Felidar Guardian, however the subesquent times it enters it is unafected by Mystic Reflection (since its effect has already resolved).

You can make this work by alternating between Felidar Guardian and Restoration Angel instead.

In future, please remember to ask rules questions in the Rules Q&A (which is format independent). Also, please remember to mark the question as answered (by picking one of the answers, I would recommend Necrosis24's in this case) once the question has been closed out.

Necrosis24 on Infinite or not?

2 months ago

If I’m understanding ur set up correctly this does not go infinite. Mystic Reflection states “the next time” so not until the end of turn just the next instance. So what would happen is:

  1. You target Felidar Guardian with Mystic Reflection.
  2. Cast Rattlechains or any other creature and it will enter as a copy of Felidar Guardian.
  3. You target Felidar Guardian with the copy then when it enters the battlefield again you target the copy of Felidar Guardian
  4. When the copy enters the battlefield again it would enter as Rattlechains

So you exiled the original and the copy once each which nets you two tokens. Many other ways you can go infinite.

Junkygoatgibblets on Infinite or not?

2 months ago

I was talking with some friends about a possible infinite loop with Ranar to create infinite spirit tokens. So the combo starts by having Ranar the Ever-Watchful and Felidar Guardian on the field. You then play Mystic Reflection and target your Felidar. After it resolves you flash in Rattlechains and then target felidar guardian. One friend this is NOT infinite and would only net you 2-3 tokens max. The other says that because Felidar and rattlechains are doing this back and forth and repeatedly triggering stack triggers it WOULD go infinite. What do you guys think?

lagotripha on 5c Kiki Value

3 months ago

I've just got it - Imperial Recruiter has been printed into modern, searches out kiki while being a massive value engine with flicker/clone. Swap a single Felidar Guardian in and you have your 3 drop to pin the thing together.

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