Genesis Wave

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Genesis Wave


Reveal the top X cards of your library. You may put any number of permanent cards with converted mana cost/mana value X or less from among them onto the battlefield. Then put all cards revealed this way that weren't put onto the battlefield into your graveyard.

wallisface on Genesis Surge

2 weeks ago

Just looking at the updates, some further thoughts:

  • firstly, on Unbound Flourishing, it’s only going to double the value of X for Genesis Hydra, as that is a ”permanent spell”. For Genesis Wave it’s only going to copy that spell, but leave the value of X unchanged (because its a sorcery, not a permanent-spell), which is severely more underwhelming.

  • I would suggest either going down the route of your genesis cards OR the Tooth and Nail strategy - but not both, as this just makes it harder to enact your plan. Specifically the genesis spells play poorly with the eldrazi titans because you miss-out on all those cast triggers (the genesis spells don’t cast the card you put into play), but also those Eldrazi titans have very high mana costs - needing 12-13 mana is a very tall ask.

  • Whichever path you go down, I think you need to aim to speed your deck up. Turn 6 is too slow. You want to be representing a winning boardstate by turn 4-5 at the very latest. If you go down the Tooth&Nail path, this deck here is one a friend has played a lot and done very well with. He hasn’t updated the list on this site so it’s a bit out of date, but should give you an idea of the build, it can win as early as turn 3. If you’re sticking to the Genesis build then I suggest lowering your mana curve a bunch so that you can get out a decently-powerful threat asap… you probably don’t want any card costing more than 8 mana and you want to ensure you can reliably put one of these cards onto the board by turn 3-4.

Renegadespider on Help improve my deck pls

3 weeks ago

So I'm trying to make the ulimate Genesis Deck that focuses on cheating out Creatures and producing lots of mana to activate Spawnsire, Avacyn, Angel of Hope is for boardwipe protection Archetype of Endurance is for targeting Exile protection, Nylea's Disciple is for life gain from using The One Ring for draw and all the Genesis Cards to cheat my Board state out, except Gelatinous Genesis which for an alt win con. I've managed to get everything out by turn 4 before...but it just doesn't feel fast enough, I brick way too often, by either drawing way too much mana or not drawing enough mana, any advice?

king-saproling on Sultai Landfall

1 month ago

Looks like a solid list so far. Personally I would make these swaps:

Muldrotha, the Gravetide -> Kodama of the East Tree
Notion Thief -> Stone-Seeder Hierophant
Ramunap Excavator -> Awaken the Woods
Courser of Kruphix -> Tireless Provisioner
Doubling Season -> Spark Double
Roil Elemental -> Quantum Misalignment
Parallel Lives -> Irenicus's Vile Duplication
Crucible of Worlds -> Sakura-Tribe Scout
Harrow -> Elvish Rejuvenator
Roiling Regrowth -> Sporocyst
Cultivate -> Farhaven Elf
1x Island -> Field of the Dead
Meloku the Clouded Mirror -> Animist's Awakening
Trade Routes -> Genesis Wave
Life from the Loam -> Nissa, Resurgent Animist
Zuran Orb -> Squandered Resources

legendofa on Moon's 1st Elves

4 months ago

Welcome to the club, Moonsteel!

Priest of Titania gives you massive amounts of green mana, which can lead into an equally massive Genesis Wave or similar effect. Since Meren of Clan Nel Toth wants creatures to die, and Elf decks are excellent at generating lots of creatures, look for some more sacrifice effects that let you control when and how creatures die.

Above all, have fun!

artaud21 on Azusa goes Turbo(land)

6 months ago

Did not update the list for long so it's time to look through few cards from latest sets at least:

Cityscape Leveler - artifact version of Ulamog. It's cheaper and repeatable (attack trigger) but being artifacts makes it die from collateral Bane of Progress

Green Sun's Twilight - mini-Genesis Wave is... mini even if it's 2 mana cheaper. Choice to put into hand can be useful for Eldrazis though.

Invasion of Ixalan  Flip - minor searching effect plus minor beater if you can spare 4 combat damage. I think I pass.

Invasion of Ikoria  Flip - powerful card which has to compete with better searching effects in Green Sun's Zenith and Chord of Calling though. Possibility to have 8/8 beater is tempting but gives opponent 6 life first and that may be relevant.

Tranquil Frillback - another variation of Reclamation Sage effects. Versatile but requires for than 3 mana to compete.

The Shire - funny land for Food-based builds. No real use here especially when Ouphe and Bane are around.

Blossoming Tortoise - it ramps (repeatedly) and lower costs of a number of our lands but takes 4CMC slot which is one of the most crowded. Clearly better when using Rude Awakening.

Bramble Familiar - mana dorks do not really fit into Azusa but this one can turn into quasi-seach effect with some for of buyback. Too slow in my opinion.

Feral Encounter - despite being 2CMC it is designed to be cast on Turn 4 or later. Disqualified.

Flayer of Loyalties - this one is interesting. I'm going to swap second Kozilek for it and test how aggressive/oppressive it can be.

hypotheek on Lathril's Dark Elfball

6 months ago

Hi Romer! I know! I run the same deck and making cuts is so hard, just too many good elf cards.

One question I don't really know which is better and also myself am struggling with. Maybe it's an idea to take Joraga Warcaller out for Galadhrim Brigade. I use Joraga only with a kicker so paying 3 mana, what is the same cost of Galadhrim (then both will give +1/+1). The kicker has the same price as the squad (2 mana). Shouldn't Galadhrim's squad ability give us copies which will count as elfs? This would give a little bit more advantage for Circle of Dreams Druid, Elvish Archdruid, Priest of Titania or Wirewood Channeler. Or won't they count as elfs?

Also Collected Company and Genesis Wave are worth watching, gives me a great advantage now and then. Especially the last one when I have a lot of mana on the table. I'm def gonna follow your deck cause it gave me some cool new cards for my deck!

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