Fanatical Devotion

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Fanatical Devotion


Sacrifice a creature: Regenerate target creature.

bushido_man96 on First EDH deck: Naya Cheat in Updated

6 months ago

Slice in Twain could be replaced with any number of better removal spells that are cheaper to cast. Like Wilt. Instead of Greater Good, you could run something like Fanatical Devotion or Martyr's Cause, which can double up in protecting a creature on your board, like your commander. You can even sneak a sac outlet into the mana base with a card like High Market. Goblin Bombardment is good, too. Demonmail Hauberk is sneaky useful here too. If you are sacrificing creatures a lot, Fecundity can draw you a ton of cards.

It seems to me that you could use some more eggs in this deck. Changlings are a good way to fill that void, and having more eggs will speed things up and fill your board up faster.

x12721 on First EDH deck: Naya Cheat in Updated

6 months ago

I've found a few cards that may interest you, based on your description. There are a number of enchantments in your colors that function as good sac outlets: Weaponize the Monsters, Barrage of Expendables, and Goblin Bombardment all sacrifice creatures for direct damage, while Fanatical Devotion and Martyr's Cause both provide some sort of protection. If you'd like to stay in green, Evolutionary Leap is about as close as you'll get to Greater Good. As far as other good sac outlets, High Market is an excellent way to crack your eggs, and Spawning Pit is a decent budget Altar effect (as Ashnod's Altar may be a bit expensive. As far as other suggestions, I can't recommend Skullclamp enough (if your budget allows). Changelings are also something to look out for, as they also count as Eggs for your commander. Notably, Maskwood Nexus and Birthing Boughs are both sources of eggs (and the Nexus combos VERY well with your commander) and Mirror Entity is another combo piece for you.

IHATENAMES on Bounce and Ye Shall… Bounce?

8 months ago

Here are some ideas

Angel of the Ruins might be good. Late game Removal with plains cycle

Ambitious Farmhand  Flip tutors a land

Armillary Sphere works well 4 mana draw 2 lands and you have recursion already in the deck. Helps keep a lot more hands off this one card doing work.

Alms Collector staxy card draw

Knight of the White Orchid ramp

Loyal Warhound ramp

Wandering Archaic  Flip More powerful effect than it looks

Expedition Map land tutor

Ondu Inversion  Flip boardwipe that's a land

Emeria, The Sky Ruin recursion late game

Enduring Renewal recursion

Warping Wail multi use preferably counterspell for sorcery

Sigil of the New Dawn recursion

Some sac outlets like Altar of Dementia or Fanatical Devotion or Martyr's Cause

Perhaps Eldrazi Monument orAkroma's Memorial for evasion

Guardian of Faith protection

Field of the Dead tokens

Odric, Lunarch Marshal so you commander has double strike. Your tokens have vigilance. Some rando dorks have flying. It can easily be evasion/threatening in this deck.

Beyond that good Ole elesh norn grand celobite it a powerhouse

This is just a few ideas ramp =card draw kinda so adding more ramp may fix the card draw issue you were talking about.

UltimateRoxas40 on Kathril, Nightmare of Indatha [PRIMER]

8 months ago

bushido_man96 Thanks for checking out my deck!

I've never heard of Fanatical Devotion or Martyr's Cause, so thanks for those suggestions. I also have a Survival of the Fittest in another deck, but I haven't gotten around to making a proxy for this deck yet.

I'm definitely going to snag a copy of Reprocess though. That will help get my Indestructible creatures like Oketra the True get into the graveyard faster. And it does feel on theme with Kathril, Aspect Warper

bushido_man96 on Kathril, Nightmare of Indatha [PRIMER]

8 months ago

I've got a Kathril deck myself. I play him by being selective about the creatures that go to the graveyard (with a few mill effects as well), and I like to use sac outlets to get creatures I've cast into the graveyard. There are some good budget options out there that are quite useful, like Fanatical Devotion and Martyr's Cause to name a few. Spells that reap rewards for sacrifice, like Plumb the Forbidden, Village Rites, and Reprocess are very useful for killing off keyword creatures and refilling the hand. I also run Survival of the Fittest, which is great if money isn't an option, along with Evolutionary Leap.

A newer creature that is worth looking into is Oriq Loremage. Does exactly what you want this deck to do.

Good luck moving forward with this deck. I enjoy playing with Kathril.

multimedia on Dino Breath

8 months ago

Hey, good start, nice Atla Dino version.

When you start to make modifications consider adding more low CMC noncreature ramp? Arcane Signet, Fellwar Stone, Farseek. The Farseek suggestion goes with some budget land upgrade suggestions: Cinder Glade, Canopy Vista and Alpine Meadow. These lands have two different basic land types which can be searched for by Farseek. When land ramp can get a dual land instead of basic land(s), that helps color fixing.

Quartzwood Crasher is one of the best Dinos since it can create an army of Dinos with trample by itself because it has trample and it's $2. Of course if you have more creatures who have trample then Quartzwood becomes much better esepcially with Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Garruk's Uprising gives all creatures you control trample and it also can be repeatable draw since each time a Dino ETB or Dino token that's created that's 4 or more power you draw a card. Uprising is just plain good with Dinos because most of them have 4 or more power.

With Mirror Entity more effects to give Atla a +1/+1 counter are helpful and you can get more just from budget lands: Tyrite Sanctum, Opal Palace, Forge of Heroes. Sanctum is best of these three because it can be repeatable and you don't have to cast Atla with it. When Sanctum has made Atla a God it can be saced to make Atla indestructible which is really helpful against the majority of board wipes and targeted removal. High Market is a land sac outlet. Crop Rotation can instant tutor for one of these lands, put it onto the battlefield or sac a basic land to get Command Tower.

Fanatical Devotion is more protection for Atla and it's a sac outlet for Eggs.

Good luck with your deck.

ShredderTTN86 on Atla's Eldrazi Farm *PRIMER*

10 months ago

canyonrp thank you for the suggestion, I have not had Fanatical Devotion on my radar before. I like it.

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