Fanatical Devotion

Fanatical Devotion


Sacrifice a creature: Regenerate target creature.

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Fanatical Devotion Discussion

iammute on [EDH][Primer] Adeline Anthem Beatdown

1 week ago

I really like Fanatical Devotion and Martyr's Cause in white/x token decks. They can really help you be more aggro by mitigating the damage dealt to you/you creatures and only losing half your board to (some) wipes is great.

iammute on Darien, King of Pain

1 month ago

Relic Vial is a good new wincon for Darien given how important clerics are to the game plan

Martyr's Cause and Fanatical Devotion are good ways to trigger the vial and get extra value from your tokens. Idol of Oblivion is good extra value too imo

multimedia on Atla’s Eggs

1 month ago

Hey, nice version, but the manabase hasn't been as upgraded as much as the rest of the deck, you forgot Command Tower.

Because you have Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger do you really need lots of other big creatures? Most creature board wipes are good with Eggs because even if Atla will die to the wipe she will trigger for each Egg that also dies. All your opponents creatures die and you're left with a battlefield of creatures from Eggs. Avacyn and Ulamog have indestructible making them survive board wipes that destroy or do damage.

Vanquish the Horde and Blasphemous Act are powerful creature board wipes in multiplayer Commander because they care about the number of all creatures from all players on the battlefield. Wrath of God and Day of Judgment are the traditional four mana ones and Austere Command is very versatile. Fanatical Devotion is a nice budget sac outlet for Eggs since it can protect Atla from most board wipes.

Consider more ramps sources especially two drop or less ramp that's not creatures can help with Atla?

The manabase here has a few good lands (Mesa, Orchard, Glade, Shrine, Panorama), but most are subpar for much lower budget decks. Temple of the False God is a not a good land; my advice is cut it from all your decks even decks with green which have land ramp. Needing five lands just for Temple to be able to make mana isn't worth it. The Life lands such as Blossoming Sands, etc. are lackluster since 1 life gain is not worth the land always ETB tapped. If you're on a budget for lands then consider these for upgrades?

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on The old bois

2 months ago

Hey, there's not much to say yet as this is just a list of cards you want to play, nice Swordtooth. Most of what you have so far on the low budget is good, but Decree of Savagery is not playable and Sun-Crested Pterodon, Elfhame Palace, Stone Quarry are really lackluster.

Do you own Gishath? I don't see him here, but I do see Atla. If you don't own Gishath then he's really not worth getting for $20 if you're on such a low budget. Atla is a fine Commander for Dinos and you have her. For $20 you could get many budget cards that are good with Atla rather than just Gishath.

Atla and Gishath will play very differently. Gishath is more straight forward, ramp and Dinos. Atla is more complex since you want ramp, sac outlets for Eggs and Dinos. Marauding Raptor is a combo Dino with Atla to kill an Egg right when it ETB. It also triggers enrage when a Dino ETB.

Some budget Dinos to consider adding:

Some budget cards that have good interactions with Atla and/or Dinos or are ramp:

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

Azeworai on [Primer] I'm Darien you to hit me!

4 months ago

Ah, a fellow delver of Mono-White. I, too, have curated some cards for you.

I would just like to note that Wrath of God specifies that the creatures cannot be regenerated whilst Fanatical Devotion favours the ability to do so. Day of Judgment may be an embettered choice in this case, but having special versions of artwork can sway choice.

Selfless Squire seems a little counterintuitive with the strategy, given that you want to take damage to pump out idiots.

Have you seen the card Crackdown? It tends to deconstruct board states so that your deck dominates. Farewell, anyone else at the table.

Save for those, fantastic deck! I have a list in Yomiji, Who Bars the Way. It may be seen here, if you care.


Reported on Legion, Maja EDH

6 months ago

Great list!

I'll include some recommendations if you're interested:

Recursion: Bala Ged Recovery  Flipand Eternal Witness would be helpful I think.

Tokens: Thinking along the lines of MOAR TOKENS, Second Harvest and Rhys the Redeemed . You could also consider Call the Coppercoats , Deploy to the Front , and Nomads' Assembly . Awakening Zone , Giant Adephage is fun.

Trample: I'd recommend Nylea, God of the Hunt if you're willing to shell out the extra bit.

Draw/Card Advantage: Mentor of the Meek is ideal for card draw. Skullclamp . Keeper of the Accord is both ramp and token generation. Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flipis nutty landfall help.

Finishers: Mirror Entity is a good finisher. Beastmaster Ascension , Crescendo of War for pricier options.

Protection: Fanatical Devotion

Removal: Hour of Reckoning Fell the Mighty To avoid your low to the ground creatures.

Landfall: Court of Bounty Ancient Greenwarden if you really want to yeet. Ulvenwald Hydra or Scapeshift to find Field of the Dead and more great landfall triggers.

griffstick on Are there any old cards …

8 months ago

I love statistics though.

I'm picking up copies of all these cards now lol especially these

I just want to mention Gaea's Touch , this card is criminally underplayed.

Abaques on Are there any old cards …

8 months ago

I've found a few cool underused cards that are secretly really cool.

I've got a Kykar deck (Kaw-kaw for Kykar) that has some key enchantments and artifacts that I might need to recur so I found Argivian Find which is just a really efficient and effective recursion spell if you care about artifacts or enchantments. Its also in only 904 decks and is under $2.

Another great card if you are in an aristocrats or a reanimator deck is Dawn of the Dead . You really want to have a sac outlet on board so you don't end up exiling your creature, but that isn't too hard to achieve in the right deck. I suppose this could also work well in a Obeka, Brute Chronologist deck too. Its a bit more expensive at just under $4 but it's in only 738 decks. I run it in my Teysa deck (Estate Tax Increase).

And another great card if you like sacrificing creatures or if you just have a lot of tokens and want to keep one creature alive is Fanatical Devotion . It's a bit more common then the other two cards with 2534 decks but its also still under $2. I use it as a sac outlet in my Teysa deck to keep her alive and I also use it in my Alela deck (Faerie Trucking) to keep the faeries churning.

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