Containment Construct

Containment Construct

Artifact Creature — Construct

Whenever you discard a card, you may exile that card from your graveyard. If you do, you may play that card this turn.

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Containment Construct Discussion

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on The 6th Color Nemesis

6 days ago

It's tough in colorless, but you could use a little more interaction. Spatial Contortion can deal with small creatures, and Scour from Existence/Introduction to Annihilation are expensive, but all purpose removal spells. Unstable Obelisk is early ramp that can be cashed in for removal later. I am not saying add all of these, but one or two more forms of interaction might be nice.

Containment Construct could be a great add here since you can cast stuff off of Kozilek's discard ability (I believe timing restrictions still apply though). Bag of Holding is another option that lets you store those cards for later.

If you want to get a little mean, I've seen Winter Orb used quite well in a colorless Eldrazi deck at my LGS. The idea is that orb slows down opposing decks long enough to let you build up your mana base to start casting Eldrazi. Your deck won't be impacted as much since you run a ton of artifact/creature ramp. Throw in Inspiring Statuary (another card that could be good in your deck on its own) and you can play Winter Orb with zero downside.

+1 from me!

Doomshlang on Nekusar, the Mindrazer EDH: Drawn to Death

1 week ago

Always love seeing Nekusar lists, he was my first real EDH deck! I had a thought but didn't know if you'd tried it already or not.

With all the wheels, Breathstealer's Crypt, and the potential of drawing too much and not drawing a no maximum hand size card, do you think Containment Construct is a potential add? I have no idea what you'd cut but it would allow you to get around your own discard somewhat.

freezerboy on Can you use card:containment construct …

1 week ago

Makes sense from the use of the phrase "you may play that card" rather than "you may cast that card this turn" which sounds more like a replacement effect, potentially giving it flash. Appreciate it, and sorry Containment Construct, that means you didn't make the cut.

Yesterday on Can you use card:containment construct …

1 week ago

Yep, that works! Because bringing the creature back and attaching Nim Deathmantle to it are all part of the Deathmantle's ability resolving.

Likewise, if it said "Whenever a nontoken creature dies, you may cast it from your graveyard. [When a creature enters the battlefield this way, attach Nim Deathmantle to it,]" then that would likewise ignore the timing restrictions on casting the creature.

But if it were more in line with Containment Construct and read "Whenever a nontoken creature dies, you may cast it from your graveyard this turn ... ," then once the ability has resolved, it'll just have granted you the ability to cast the creature rather than have you cast the creature as part of the ability resolving. So it would not get around timing restrictions. If your creature died on your opponent's turn, you wouldn't be able to cast it unless the creature had flash or you had a Vivien, Champion of the Wilds or something.

freezerboy on Can you use card:containment construct …

1 week ago

Looking to see if you can cast creatures on an opponent's turn using Thrill of Possibility effects to discard a creature and cast it with Containment Construct's ability.

McToters on No Man's Land (Mageta) [[Primer]]

1 month ago

Spell_Slam Sorry I'm late to reply! THANKS for the very thoughtful comment. I appreciate all your recommendations and I think I will add some reanimation spells. In your opinion what would you take out first?

I have never seen Containment Construct before so that's cool, even if it is a creature.

I also agree about the Planeswalkers--the three in already are the best three white ones I own (I think). I would have to see if there are more hiding in some boxes.

Currently, I really love the "plains matter" theme of the deck I've got going on. White has a ton of these ramp spells that bring lands to my hand, so I figure I can discard these for Mageta's ability and bring them back with cards like Scaretiller, Brought Back, Sun Titan, and Second Sunrise. Maybe I should put in Reveillark and/or Vesperlark for some of that creature recursion? Plus a few of your suggestions... hmmm... Definitely willing to hear more feedback.

Spell_Slam on No Man's Land (Mageta) [[Primer]]

1 month ago

You know, you could take advantage of the discard effect further by changing up your strategy a bit. There are plenty of playable reanimation spells in White, for example, that would love a powerful discard outlet like Mageta. Invoke Justice is a very playable card that comes from a long line of no-nonsense reanimation spells: False Defeat, Breath of Life, Resurrection, Late to Dinner, oh and there's Elspeth Conquers Death, of course. I personally really like the idea of Angel of Serenity since it can be a very flexible removal spell, a way to protect creatures from a future board wipe, or a triple reanimation spell. There are tons of other reanimation spells in White, so there is enough for a pretty deep theme here.

Containment Construct also loves discarded cards during your main phase. Too bad it's a creature, but it still has potential.

Planeswalkers probably play really, really well with Mageta as well since they typically flourish on clear boards. Most Elspeth cards make creatures, and many Gideons have indestructible, so they survive board wipes even as creatures. I like Gideon Blackblade in particular because not only does he naturally have indestructible on your turn, but he can give indestructibility to another creature every turn and is also relevant removal.

I hope this is helpful!

laurensvannijvel on Shorikai EDH

1 month ago

Have you considered Containment Construct? It's a cheap body that can crew smaller vehicles, but more importantly you get the choice to essentially keep the card you discard to Shorikai. Pretty good!

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