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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Destroy all lands.

treeforcorvus on Make this better

3 weeks ago

Cataclysm can work against you based on opponents' picks and though Enter the Infinite is impressive & works with Omniscience, I don't see Thassa's Oracle or Laboratory Maniac, nor do I see Grapeshot. Consider instead Boros Charm + Armageddon which most people will hate & sometimes outright scoop after.

Mana Vault is more of a risk than you might think without untap mechanics (See Derevi, last paragraph). Consider Thought Vessel or even Library of Leng.

Replace Lion's Eye Diamond with Land Tax. The latter also helps offset the pain from Need for Speed, which is a cool find.

Consider Smothering Tithe instead of Mystic Remora: Remora usually only nets a few cards at beginning, and will often slow you down more than it helps. The former performs MUCH more consistently, and will net you more mana to focus on spells and counters.

Concerning your SB: If you want to go maximum lock-stax, I'd recommend Derevi, Empyrial Tactician. Use Winter Orb, Static Orb & Stasis, use Kismet and Loxodon Gatekeeper, maybe even Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines. Use fetches + basic lands, huge ramp, and Back to Basics just to spite opponents. NB: Mana Vault smacks with Derevi.

Aldel on Biblically Accurate Angels, Abzan Edt.

1 month ago

I think I want to slowly begin leaning more on the Angelic theme but Armageddon might be taking it a bit too far lok

plakjekaas on Eminence: Do you like it …

2 months ago

Because the only way a card is problematic is if it's viable in cEDH? That's some ignorant prejudice '^^

Arahbo's eminence is not better than Edgar's. Cats may be powerful, but the ability of Arahbo can be negated by fogs, removal spells, Moat, and does nothing without a target, for which you need to invest in a board presence first. Edgar gives free board presence upon casting spells, which can only be negated by Stifles. You'll cast more vampires in an Edgar deck than you'll have combat phases in an Arahbo deck. To compare the advantage of both eminence abilities and conclude that Arahbo is the more powerful out of the two is frankly delusional.

Eminence changes the rules of the game for the user, without any cost tied to it. It's the same reason Companion is the most problematic mechanic of all time. The reason it's not a real problem like companion was in 1v1 formats, is because competitive formats don't have a command zone. If Inalla's eminence ability was obtainable in legacy, the card would be banned yesteryear.

The only reason it works in commander, is because it's a casual multiplayer format, which can correct overpowered cards with table politics. A lot of other broken cards and mechanics are fine in commander because of that. The infamous Command Zone analysis on t1 Sol Ring success rates proves that powerful effects can be mitigated by the inherent self-balancing of multiplayer formats.

I'm not advocating Eminence cards should be banned, but I will judge you for choosing an eminence commander over the plethora of other options every color has to offer now. If you choose Arahbo over, say, Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist as your cat commander, I will act accordingly because you're trying to exploit free resources I can't interact with. Your deck defines itself with this unfair advantage in the command zone, radiating its privilege from its safehouse. Just own up to that and we'll be fine, but don't deflect and argue eminence isn't that powerful, because it is. People are allowed to feel bad going up against it, just like people are allowed to feel bad when they get Armageddond.

Play unfair commanders, get treated unfairly, is all I'm saying.

Balaam__ on The Land(fall) Before Time

5 months ago

@hiddengibbons Were you able to finish that one? It sounds more feature complete, so I was wondering if you had any issues with the reliability of the wincons.

The problem I had here (with limited playtesting) was that if the opponent(s) weren’t able to prevent the combo where I get all my lands into play (or didn’t anticipate the combo), they would just wait to counter the different wincons I experimented with. That’s why I settled on Banefire in the end. It’s pretty much a win at that point, barring an Armageddon type response. What you’ve described is far beyond the budget I’ve allotted for this, but if the reliability and consistency is on par with the expense, you can’t really complain.

Gidgetimer on Scute Swarm + Scapeshift

7 months ago

There is only one trigger, it just has differing effects dependant on how many lands are on the battlefield. The Scute Swarm trigger checks how many lands you have upon resolution. Assuming that no one Quickened an Armageddon or otherwise reduced the amount of lands you have on the battlefield to below 6 in response to the triggers, you will get Scute Swarm copies.

plakjekaas on Basics matter theme - Mono …

8 months ago

Planar Birth after Armageddon? With Emeria Shepherd in play for some fun.

Max_Hammer on Mono White Ramp/Draw

8 months ago

The thing about white is that it doesn't need to draw and it doesn't need to ramp. White sucks complete ass at both of those things, but it's not meant to do that.

It's meant to Armageddon instead of ramping. White is the color of stax and group hug. Why does it matter that I only have one land if you do too?

I wish they'd lean either more into that or find another way to ramp White, possibly through enchantments. I've always thought that enchanting lands like with Wild Growth was a thing white could totally do. Plus, maybe it's like a sacred ground sorta thing, as far as flavor goes. Idunno, WotC, make it work.

estoner on Doubling Cube instead of Mulligans

9 months ago

A doubling cube also incidentally buffs underpowered cards like Telepathy and Peek and fixes the problem of Stax going to time. Instead of casting Armageddon and your opponent forcing you to attack for ten turns with your 2/1, now you cast Armageddon and your 2/1 and you offer a double with the doubling cube, so your opponent scoops immediately to prevent losing more points.

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