Torment of Hailfire

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Torment of Hailfire


Repeat the following process X times. Each opponent loses 3 life unless that player sacrifices a nonland permanent or discards a card.

glhfJKiHax on Stochastic Terrorism:

3 weeks ago

Hey bbethune93. Yea the main objective was to win via combat damage. Breena and some of the other cards present massive threats with the amount of +1/+1 counters they can build up. There are also cards like Tainted Strike to take out a single player or if you like cards like Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire fit in really well. My experience with the deck so far is that it is really good at kingmaking and not so good at finishing out on top. Still makes for some really fun games

golgarigirl on So...Gates

1 month ago

Well, if you're getting lands onto the battlefield as a main strategy anyways, packing a few large spells that are known closers (Torment of Hailfire and Expropriate come to mind, but you definitely don't have to use those exact cards, since they're expensive, but you get the idea) are a solid backup. Landfall-type strategies is another natural fit, with Scute Swarm, Avenger of Zendikar and Field of the Dead as example closers.

The biggest trick with gates is that they're nonbasic, so a lot of the traditional ramp and landfall-enabling, like fetchlands, doesn't work on them. So I feel the deck would be leaning heavily into drawing a lot of cards (something all three of your colors are really good at), and then getting extra land drops per turn with Azusa, Lost but Seeking- effects. You could even lean into self-mill (which black and blue excell at), and then recur lands with World Shaper, Ramunap Excavator, and Splendid Reclamation. That, however, is risky again from the graveyard-removal angle.

Some of the other posters mentioned a voltron angle for the commander, and I definitely see that as a possibility too! I just wanted to lay out some other options.

wallisface on Balaam__

1 month ago

Balaam__ ahh yeah I had missed that combo. The Army of the Damned/Wildfire Eternal is defiately better than trying to hardcast the Army, though it still feels like a lot of hoops/work for the payoff.

You are right that X would have to be 0, so Torment of Hailfire has no chance of being used in this same way

Balaam__ on Balaam__

1 month ago

wallisface I think that Rakdos zombie person is intending to cast Army of the Damned by way of Wildfire Eternal, and that’s actually why I was asking him about how he intends to cast Torment of Hailfire. Correct me if I’m wrong, but would default to if cast that way and render the spell worthless right? I was…hesitant to say that in my comment though in case I was wrong, or if he had some other way to use the spell I wasn’t aware of.

Balaam__ on Zombie Tribal best Tribal

1 month ago

Had a quick question regarding Torment of Hailfire. Are you hardcasting that?

McToters on Winter is coming Jorn Snow

2 months ago

So I've freshened up my memory on some snow permanents, and I've taken a deeper look at your creature list in particular. I think you can take out Burnished Hart, Rootweaver Druid, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Wolfbriar Elemental, Yavimaya Elder and replace with the following:

Centaur Omenreader cut CMCs instead of ramp

Abominable Treefolk

Berg Strider fits tap theme

Boreal Druid mana dork

Draugr Necromancer

I suggest taking out those other five creatures because I count 8 ramp spells under sorcery and I think those all look great!

Then I'd take out one of your lands for Dark Depths, which is also huge flavor.

And lastly, I do not see any boardwipes besides Torment of Hailfire so Blood on the Snow seems pretty great here!

Sorry if that's a lot to throw on. Your card draw, counters, mana curve and control all seem excellEnt. You know your deck better than I do though so maybe some of my suggestions aren't good. Let me know!

SufferFromEDHD on Sidisi Land Nauseam

2 months ago

Awesome list. I like Skirge Familiar alongside Ad Nauseam and Torment of Hailfire is a good fit. Only suggestion would be a few utility lands. Maybe a mana rock or 2.

Here's my version Sidisi 1CMC storm/glass cannon

TogbusPrime on Super Slaughter

3 months ago

No he would not, NV_1980

Gold and treasure are different so he wouldn't fit for that reason, but mostly I chose my present general because this is an aristocrats deck. It's meant to make things die, not exile them, and profit from doing so. The treasure tokens are secondary and meant to fuel death and destruction like a MASSIVE X cost on Torment of Hailfire or win me the game if Revel in Riches is out. As such a commander that acts as a board wipe or profits off of die triggers is best and thus why Massacre Girl leads this deck.

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