Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Twincast Discussion

legendofa on Garth one-eye's "create a copy"

2 weeks ago

For a little more background to my question, the word "create" has always been used in the context of tokens ( Dragon Fodder ), and "copy" is either initially a verb for instants and sorceries ( Twincast ) or a clone for permanents ( Sculpting Steel ). The new phrase "create a copy" doesn't follow either of these definition.

DemonDragonJ on Do These Cards Function the …

4 weeks ago

legendofa, one other difference is that both Reverberate and Twincast can copy spells cast by other players, which could be a major benefit, whereas Teach by Example can copy only spells cast by the same player.

plakjekaas on Fun Commander

4 weeks ago

Of course, but with 1134 legal legendary creatures and 13 planeswalkers that can be your commander in the format, it can be intimidating to start looking from scratch for what you'll find fun. The budget request in the OP narrows it down a slight bit, but still. Learning how other people choose their way to have fun and why, can at least point in a right direction to be inspired.

It's a pretty open-ended request, and I'm having fun learning how others have fun. I'm not much of a budget player, I have a habit of overinvesting in an idea I'm hyped for. Which doesn't mean my decks are the most powerful, I don't get that hyped for cEDH, although I dabbled in that a bit. But usually, I'm making expensive versions of janky archetypes. Mono W +1/+1 counters, with a Cleansing subtheme; mono G storm; Rakdos Magecraft Aristocrats; Temur landfall without ramp spells, just additional lands from hand; they're just ideas that get stuck in my head until I brewed a decently functional deck around them.(I'm a big mtgGoldfish Against The Odds fan)

I especially love hilarious unexpected plays; like yesterday, in a 1v1 cEDH game, I played Naru Meha, Master Wizard against a Tymna the Weaver / Kraum, Ludevic's Opus Thoracle Consultation deck, I was able to Narset's Reversal the first attempt at Ad Nauseam , and when the next turn my opponent tried to Silence me before going again, I had a Twincast ready. We both had a great laugh about that one.

legendofa on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

It's different. Teach by Example can only affect the next spell you cast. It copies a future effect you control. Twincast and Reverberate copy any spell on the stack, i.e. something already cast, that can belong to anyone.

Teach by Example is proactive, the other two are reactive.

DemonDragonJ on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

In Strixhaven, the card Teach by Example was printed, but it has different wording from Reverberate or Twincast , so I am wondering if there is any difference in how the cards function.

What does everyone else say? Does Teach by Example function differently from Reverberate and Twincast , or is it essentially the same, albeit with different wording?

DemonDragonJ on Strixhaven spoiler season

2 months ago

Strixhaven stadium would be nice in my Atraxa deck, but I cannot make any room for it.

I do like multiple choice, but the card’s effects do not scale, so there is no point in putting more than 4 mana into X.

Why does teach by example need to have that wording? Why could it not have used the same wording as Twincast or Reverberate ? Other than that, it is an awesome card.

Manifestation sage could work with “flicker” effects to produce unlimited tokens, but the tokens would need to have haste, which should not be terribly difficult to achieve.

I like Zimone, but she feels too similar to many other blue/green creatures, who are reminding me of how far too many red/white creatures feel similar to each other, as well.

Ecological appreciation is very nice, and could affect the course of a game, if used properly, but why does it say "library and graveyard," rather than "library and/or graveyard?" Is WotC making another change to wording on cards?

The flavor text on teachings of the archaics implies that there are multiple archaics, and I wonder if they are perhaps benevolent relatives of the eldrazi; the similarities are too great to be a coincidence.

Verdant mastery is a very interesting effect; if the player cannot or is not willing to spend additional mana, their opponent benefits, so I would like to see further cards in the future that have the option for reduced costs at the expense of an opponent benefiting.

Dragon’s approach is the first non-permanent card of which a player can have any number in their deck, but it does not scale in effect by having more copies, so why does it even have that ability?

Why is it that Eladamri's Call is an instant that costs 2 mana, while solve the equation is a sorcery that costs 3 mana? Are instants and sorceries more powerful than are creatures?

enpc on Redirect in EDH?

2 months ago

Depends on the kind of spells that you're expecting to go up against, but Misdirection is a nice choice. Not having to keep double blue up is helpful and means that your opponent is less likely to see it coming (since double blue up screams some sort of countermagic).

You also have Twincast , which can copy a counterspell, but can also copy extra turn spells, big mana Exsanguinate s and the like and since you're adding a spell to the stack, yours will resolve first. It's a pretty good feeling to win off somebody else's Exsanguinate .

Archetypezero on orvar, the BEAST!!

2 months ago

Stolen Identity might be a bit expensive, but could go crazy in a deck like this.

Redirect and Twincast have a lot of utility here. Opponent buffing their creature? mine now, and you get to make a token copy. Opponent countering your spell? copy or redirect the counterspell.

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