Angelic Renewal

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Angelic Renewal


Whenever a creature is put into your graveyard from battlefield, you may sacrifice Angelic Renewal. If you do, return that card to the battlefield.

enpc on Saffi Sratchpad - Stax

1 month ago

Angelic Renewal generally isn't worth it. Saffi covers the on-the-spot reanimation, other creatures cover the after-the-fact reanimation and the combo potential is relatively narrow (only works with rallier and sun titan, both of which Saffi already combos with). it's an ok card if you want to increase your recursion loop density, but usually it's more about finding the sac outlet than needing more creature loops.

Gidgetimer on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

4 months ago

Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment. First I am going to address the questions and then move onto the suggestions.

Gift of Granite is there to combo with Tayam and Devoted Druid. Making her toughness 4 allows you to tap for mana and untap by placing a -1/-1 counter 3 times completely fueling infinite Tayam activations. There are other card that can enable this line, but I like the aura because I can find it off of Lost Auramancers and flash I feel is the most useful of the +0/+2 for a single mana enchantments.

Oblivion Ring is there as a removal that can be returned with Tayam. Returning Eternal Witness to return an Anguished Unmaking might be a slightly stronger play, but would require more mana and more cards to have been milled if we encounter mid-combo permanent based disruption.

Lotus Bloom is there to make 3 mana incase we are able to establish a "counters only" loop with Tayam. You can repeatedly do the loop returning the Lotus Bloom until you are able to find one of the altars, or one of the Druid lines. It enables more varied versions of the engines. I have not taken the time to list them with all the other ones because I feel the primer is long enough at this point, I should probably put it in the line where I mention counters only engines. I'm not sure of another similar card outside of LED (price prohibitive) that would fill a similar role.

Pull from Eternity is because I am paranoid about things getting exiled and the entire fragile machine falling apart. I have never had it happen. I have actually never had a single integral piece exiled. But it is a security blanket for me. I might be making the deck strictly less powerful by doing this, but power level is quite high enough for my meta.

Sun Titan and Angelic Renewal are both good cards, but I'm not sure what I would cut for them. There is just so much redundancy already and i'm not sure that they would make any of the lines more resilient or more compact.

Soul-Guide Lantern is a great suggestion! There are so many new and varied variations of activated graveyard exile effects that I haven't kept up with all of them. I pulled the Tormod's Crypt from a M21 booster when I was intending to order a Nihil Spellbomb for the deck and just slotted it in and left it. I will definitely have to order a Lantern.

Profet93 on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

4 months ago

Very well thought out deck. Great description. Seems like a beast to play against, lowkey a bit scared haha. +1 Good work

A couple of comments....

While not an entirely serious suggestion, have you thought of adding Sun Titan and Angelic Renewal? Both with a sac outlet = infinite gravestorm. You already have so many lines making this unnecessary and 6 cmc is high given bolas citadel, but it's worth mentioning.

What purpose does Gift of Granite serve?

Oblivion Ring - I feel there is better removal in your colors like vindicate, sorin's vengence (I think thats the one), utter end, etc.... Why oblivion ring?

Soul-Guide Lantern > Tomords Crypt IMO. While it does cost slightly more mana, it hits each opponent. Moreover, it can be a cantrip when not needed and an additional (albeit bad) source of draw with your commander.

Lotus Bloom - Unless you get this turn 1 -3, I don't see it providing much impact. Why not replace with jeweled lotus or another ramp, draw or interaction piece?

Pull from Eternity - Meta call given that your entire deck revolves around 2 sac outlets that constantly get exiled? Seems a bit niche

markbeloit on Aurelia's Army

4 months ago

Many suggestions here. Some you should absolutely get, others just worth considering.


Spectator Seating


Mana Crypt Talisman of Conviction Boros Signet Sunforger Worn Powerstone Coalition Relic Akroma's Memorial


Grasp of Fate Stranglehold Aura of Silence True Conviction

Creatures Aven Mindcensor Linvala, Keeper of Silence Drannith Magistrate Esper Sentinel Serra Ascendant Burnished Hart Solemn Simulacrum

Finally a combo in : Sun Titan + Goblin Bombardment + Gift of Immortality / Angelic Renewal = infinite damage. Maybe not your thing, but you're already running Sun Titan, and the other pieces aren't bad.

Profet93 on

5 months ago

Jeweled Lotus > Lotus Bloom IMO

Given that 25% of your deck is artifacts, have you considered adding a Cloud Key/Semblance Anvil or even an Ugin, the Ineffable as a cost reducer? Cost reducers are useful on their own or in the combo below...

Cost Reducer + Sensei's Top + Mystic forge = Draw your entire deck.

What is the purpose of Tomb of the Spirit Dragon? Why not add a different utility land like Kor Haven, another mana fixer or better yet Riptide Laboratory? Riptide allows re-use of snapcaster, trinket mage or save your commander.

Sun Titan + Angelic Renewal + Blasting Station = GG. Angelic renewal is useful on it's own, particularly with ETB effects.

Counterspell > Stoic Rebuttal

Crush Contraband seems too expensive for what it does. Potential swaps include....

  1. Fierce Guardianship - Countering for free and bluffing to do so is powerful
  2. Dig Through Time - Help you dig a little further
  3. Mind Stone - Ramp when you need it, draw when you don't. Bringing your commander a turn earlier is helpful
  4. Mystic Remora - Somewhat redundancy for rhystic study. Not needed, but I'm almost always happy to draw this, even late game.
  5. Ancient Tomb - Can hurt, but ramp is ramp and this help a fair bit

Swap Evolving Wilds + Terramorphic for Prismatic Vista/Fabled Passage.

Let me know what you think of each suggestion.

Necrosis24 on Looking for enchantment graveyard synergy

6 months ago

Besides the cards already mentioned none come to mind but here are some other cards worth considering:

Gift of Immortality gives you repeatable use out of your commander.

Pattern of Rebirth and Angelic Renewal could be pretty good as well.

If you want to sacrifice your enchantments prior you could use cards like Auratog although I think there are only a couple.

Evolution Sage also fits quite well.

Titus7007 on Tolsimir Angels

9 months ago

Cool thanks for the advise, maybe I'll have to dig up some old Angelic Renewal and add Elspeth Conquers Death

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